Chapter 302 – The second division arrives

"Li Luo?!"


Tutor Xi Chan and Shen Jinxiao almost spoke at the same time, both voices were filled with disbelief, if it weren't for the fact that the Eldest Princess in front of them had an extremely good reputation within the academy, I think even they would have thought that the other party He was joking, and right now was clearly not a good occasion to joke.


But even though they knew it, they still couldn't come to their senses.


Seeing the incredulous looks of the two Purple Glory tutors, a bit of mischief arose in the Eldest Princess's heart, but she still nodded gently and said, "The two tutors heard correctly, the problem here is not something we have resolved, strictly speaking, was Li Luo."


"By the time I arrived, the situation was almost under their control."


"So if we have to take credit, Li Luo has the most to do, while we, at most, take credit for the rush."


Tutor Xi Chan gradually came back to her senses, but her eyes were still full of doubts, and her eyes again looked at Gong Shenjun next to him, who laughed bitterly. "I arrived even later than Luan Yu, and when I arrived, that Great Essence Beast had already been sealed."


"Great Essence Beast?!"


Xi Chan and Shen Jinxiao were surprised again, especially the latter, whose gaze couldn't help but flicker, what was going on? Wasn't he a Great Heavenly Calamity level alien? How did it become a Great Essence Beast again? What the hell is happening here?


Seeing this, the Eldest Princess again recounted in detail what had happened here, including how Li Luo had lured the Three-Tailed Giant Beast from the Forbidden Zone to relieve the siege, and the two tigers fought, and finally sealed the Three-Tailed Giant Beast with the help of the Dean's Seal.


When the Eldest Princess finished her speech, there was a certain silence inside the tall tower, not only Xi Chan and Shen Jinxiao fell into silence, but those rescue instructors who followed after him also looked at each other in disbelief.


Can you continue playing like this?


How could Li Luo think of luring that big elite beast out of the forbidden zone for the two Heavenly General level tigers to fight?


Wasn't he afraid that the two tigers would turn against him?


How daring would that be?


Besides, it was too lucky, wasn't it, to be able to get the support of the dean's seal... This is something that had never occurred to them.


The most terrifying thing was that this had actually ended up being done by Li Luo.


He had defused this massive crisis almost single-handedly, and if it weren't for these plans of his, I'm afraid by now they would have only arrived to see a fortress that had been breached by the aliens, and there would have been no survivors.


The numerous rescue instructors couldn't help but exclaim their admiration.


Tutor Xi Chan's tightly closed willow eyebrows finally relaxed at this moment, with a slight smile between her brows, this result was beyond her expectations.


Li Luo, this boy, has given him a long face.


Shen Jinxiao also came back to his senses and let out an exclamation: “I really didn't expect it, Li Luo has achieved a great achievement this time.”


“Take us to see the sealed Great Essence Beast, this is a fortress after all, we still have to be cautious.”


The Eldest Princess and Gong Shenjun agreed, and then the group left the tower and, amid much cheering, passed through the fortress and arrived at the seal outside the fortress.


The first thing Shen Jinxiao and Xi Chan saw was the stone sculpture of the three-tailed beast.


“Indeed, it is that Great Essence Beast from the Forbidden Zone, the Three-Tailed Heavenly Wolf.”


"It is said that this great beast of essence has even begun to explore the path for the marquis, if it succeeds in its exploration, I am afraid that the academy will choose to give up the scope of this 13th stronghold, it is good that it has been sealed in advance now". Tutor Xi Chan recognized him at a glance, he obviously knew him quite well.


Shen Jinxiao, on the other hand, was looking at those complex light patterns on the top of the three-tailed stone sculpture with a deep gaze, that was really a sealing wonder formation, and the power in it was not unknown, Vast and majestic, was the power of the dean.


Shen Jinxiao's eyes flashed and he suddenly took a step forward, with incredible resonance power flowing from his body, as he said: "This Three-Tailed Heavenly Wolf is quite cunning, out of caution, I think it is best to take this opportunity to release him, and then you and I will join hands to kill him."


Shen Jinxiao's sudden movement caused the surrounding apprentices to jump and back away in fright.


Although there were two purple glory tutors here, once that Three-Tailed Heavenly Wolf was released, they were afraid that it would inevitably go crazy, and it would be bad for it to overflow into the pond then.


Tutor Xi Chan was also stunned, she subconsciously wanted to object, but thinking about it, this was indeed an opportunity to kill the Three-Tailed Heavenly Wolf, after all, leaving such a guy near the fortress was not very reassuring.


Thinking of this, he didn't stop.




But although he didn't make a sound, a roaring voice emerged from the crowd, followed by the crowd separating and Xi Chan seeing Li Luo, Jiang Qing'e and the rest.


The one who spoke was none other than Li Luo.


Shen Jinxiao's gaze turned and swept a glance at Li Luo, Jiang Qing'e and said with a faint smile, "Student Li Luo, we are going to kill this three-tailed giant wolf in advance, do you have any objections?"


Li Luo first gave a salute to mentor Xi Chan, and then his eyes turned to Shen Jinxiao with a smile, "Master Shen don't be so impulsive, this seal can't move."


"Oh!, why?" Shen Jinxiao laughed.


"Ah Li Luo, I know that you have made a great achievement this time, and this seal is also considered your masterpiece, it's just that this three-tailed giant beast staying here is a hidden danger after all, the most appropriate way to get rid of it is to have the opportunity to put an end to it right now.


The other apprentices also nodded their heads, expressing their utmost approval to this statement, after all, the Three-Tailed Heavenly Wolf was so terrifying that even though it was currently sealed, they felt weak in the heels just by being here, so which would be reassuring if it could be removed completely.


Li Luo cursed in his heart, there was no Three-Tailed Heavenly Wolf inside this seal at all, if it was really opened by Shen Jinxiao, then how would he explain it?


When the time comes, someone might guess something, and inevitably there will be twists and turns.


This dog, really looking for trouble everywhere, disgusting to the core, later when I have the strength, I will trample you to death.


Li Luo cursed angrily in his heart, while the surface was low-key, while calmly saying: "Because this is what the dean said, as for why, I don't know, go ask the dean."


He didn't bother to explain anything else, anyway he threw all the pots at the dean, this Shen Jinxiao couldn't run to the dean to corroborate it, and even if he did, the dean would surely help him cover it up.


The dean's name is still very useful, at least those around the students did not say anything, after all, the dean in their hearts like a god, Li Luo previously communicated with the dean's city seal, the dean will leave you no reminder is also a very normal thing.


Shen Jinxiao frowned slightly, Li Luo displaced the dean, this really made him a little speechless, after all, compared to the authority, he obviously couldn't compare with the dean.


He just couldn't think of a reason for the dean to say that.


On the side, tutor Xi Chan glanced at Li Luo before saying, "Since the dean has said so, then let's not move for now."


Although she was also a bit strange, she obviously had to be by her student's side when Shen Jinxiao and Li Luo were arguing, and she felt equally uncomfortable with Shen Jinxiao.


Seeing Xi Chan speak, Shen Jinxiao's face didn't look very good, but after a little thought, he lowered his emotions and nodded: "As you wish."


He didn't think too much about it, he just thought that Li Luo was young and arrogant and felt that this was his masterpiece, wanting to leave the seal here for the other apprentices to admire and worship.


“Where did that big Heavenly Calamity level alien die?” Shen Jinxiao asked again.


"What's wrong again?" Li Luo asked impatiently.


This time it was mentor Xi Chan who spoke: "Normally, even if an alien of this level dies, he will leave behind evil thoughts that will contaminate him, this time he needs to be purified of all the evil thoughts left behind, this place is too close to the strength after all, so it needs to be completely purified."


"It's like this..."


Only then did Li Luo nod and point to a place, not that he was in a bad mood, but for some reason, once he saw Shen Jinxiao here, he couldn't help but think about it more.


Maybe he was too sensitive.


Shen Jinxiao did not pay attention to Li Luo, his figure appeared directly at the place Li Luo pointed, and then there was an astonishing resonance power that came out of his body, the resonance power swept the ground inch by inch, followed by what seemed like a faint black fog rising.


Shen Jinxiao looked at these black mists, with cold eyes, and then blew out a breath, as if burning flames were rolling, directly clearing these black mists.


Li Luo in the background watched this scene, not knowing why, he always had the feeling that this bastard was destroying the corpse.


Only after Shen Jinxiao had done this, did he turn around and return.


Li Luo looked at his face and suddenly asked, “Master Shen, isn't it a little strange that this Great Heavenly Calamity-level alien has inexplicably appeared on the periphery?”


"I wonder if we can find out something. For example, could it be that someone secretly shook things up and released him from the inner perimeter?"


Shen Jinxiao looked indifferent, put a hand behind his back, and said noncommittally: "Young people shouldn't be thinking about nonsense all day, although the appearance of large calamity-level aliens outside the Dark Cave is rare, no "It's unheard of."


"There are many problems within the Dark Cave right now, and no one has the patience and time to investigate those rootless issues."


His gaze swept all directions and his weak voice rang.


"Everyone in this fortress must prepare, your current purification mission is over for now, then you can return to the academy with us to rest and recover."


After saying this, he turned around and headed towards the fortress.


The students around him burst into thunderous applause.


Those cheers were interspersed with the shouting of Li Luo's name.


This made the corners of Shen Jinxiao's eyes twitch slightly, and there was a surge of depressed anger in his heart. This time, not only had he failed to achieve his goal, but he had also made this Li Luo's reputation. Inside the academy there will be shots.


It was a bit annoying.

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