Chapter 305 – Li Bi

A cool breeze blew in the Xuanxing Sacred Academy at night.


A tavern in the school building.


The only product sold in the restaurant is called "Green Ants." Green ants are a species of resonance power tree ant insects, whose sap is collected and made into this product.


Sitting at the restaurant window are Li Luo, Jiang Qing'e and Yan Lingqing.


Li Luo held the pot, and the green wine concoction fell from the spout, filling it for the two women, and then he himself took a shallow sip from his cup, feeling the strange sensation and exhaling gently.


The tense spirit caused in the dark cave also eased slightly.


“I heard that a Great Heavenly Calamity level alien had appeared in your thirteenth stronghold this time, I was very worried before.” Beside Yan Lingqing, she was pulling Jiang Qing'e's hand, full of worry.


Jiang Qing'e smiled and calmed down.


“Sister Lingqing, which high-level person from the Tempering Resonance Academy have you invited?” Li Luo asked with a smile the purpose of tonight's meeting.


"Senior Sister Li Bi, in the current Resonance Tempering Academy, she is one of the few fifth-grade Resonance Tempering Masters, and she has a good reputation in the Resonance Tempering Academy, if you can pull her to one to the Xi Yang House, I think there will be many people following her." Yan Lingqing smiled.


"A fifth grade tempering master..."


Li Luo couldn't help but smile with his lips, worthy of the House of Tempering Resonance, a fifth grade Tempering Master could even reach one, knowing that a Tempering Resonance Master of this rank was definitely a complete recruitment item. by the major Spiritual Light Water Houses, no matter where they were in Grand Xia.


“If you are willing to come to the Xi Yang House, I will even hand over this presidency to you.” Li Luo did not hide his greed for the other party in the slightest.


After all, the previous president of the Xi Yang House, Han Shik, who had been tricked by the Daze House into defecting, was only of the fifth rank.


A resonance master of this rank would be able to sneak into the top ranks even among the top ten Spiritual Light Water Houses of Grand Xia.


"I'm just afraid that people won't be able to see this position of House President Xi Yang." Jiang Qing'e tasted some of the green wine infusion and smiled lightly.


"Hey, to be honest, this size of the Xi Yang House is not really attractive to others."


Yan Lingqing was forceful and said, “Senior Sister Li Bi also just promised me that she will come to chat, and I feel that the only thing that interests her a bit about the Xi Yang House is probably that upper seventh grade purity of the fountain water.” secret magic of our Xi Yang House."


"But although this level of Mystic Source Water is rare, it's not like there aren't any in those ten higher-rank Spiritual Light Water houses, so..."


He did not say the words that followed, but Li Luo could also hear and understand that, to put it bluntly, it was still the case that their Xi Yang House temple was too small, and it was really unknown if they could support this great Buddha.


After all, other people were not related to them and could not risk their future to stay in their Xiyang House.


On the contrary, in the higher Spiritual Light Water Houses, they can interact with higher-ranked temperers to improve, and there are also higher-ranked recipes there, giving them more opportunities to learn.


Compared to that, the Xi Yang House lacked appeal.


"Do what you can". That was all Jiang Qing'e could say, after all, if the other party was truly not interested, he could not prevail.


"It's all your fault." Yan Lingqing grumbled at Jiang Qing'e.


"Blame me for what?" Jiang Qing'e said amusedly.


“This Ninth Grade Light Resonance of yours, if you were to also become a Tempering Resonance Master, you could even be a Sixth Grade now, and be appointed as the number one Tempering Resonance Master in the Great Xia in the future, "At that time, would you still be worried that the Xi Yang House would not be revitalized? You are simply wasting your tempering resonance talent." Yan Lingqing looked somewhat hateful.


Jiang Qing'e smiled, but did not argue with Yan Lingqing, what could a sixth grade tempering resonance master do? Can the critical situation of House Luolan change? And although a tempering master had status, in terms of power, it was still not as good as one's own cultivation.


What she wanted was absolute power, not to immobilize people by virtue of the Spiritual Light Water, which did not suit her character.


Therefore, even though he was carrying the Ninth Grade Light Resonance, he decided to focus on his own cultivation without hesitation.


Li Luo didn't say anything, because he understood the reason why Jiang Qing'e chose that path. If nothing had happened to her father and mother, and she was still in the Luolan Mansion, perhaps Jiang Qing'e would have chosen to try to cultivate the tempering resonance on her side, but since they had disappeared, the burden on the Manor Luolan had fallen on his shoulders, after all, at that time, Li Luo passed from the void resonance, and he couldn't afford to carry that burden at all.


Under those circumstances, it was even more unlikely that Jiang Qing'e would have the time and energy to attempt more tempering masters.


The reason he had taken the path of a tempering master was actually more because of his own acquired special resonance, and if it weren't for that reason, he most likely wouldn't have touched a tempering resonance master either.


And while they were talking, Li Luo suddenly saw a tall figure walking up the stairs, it was a girl in a blue dress, the girl had a pretty face and her short hair looked somewhat competent.


When she appeared, Yan Lingqing also saw her and immediately stood up and saluted.


Yan Lingqing smiled and took her arm to lead her to her seat.


"This is Miss Li Bi."


"No, there is no need to introduce Jiang Qing'e, right? This is Li Luo." Yan Lingqing briefly introduced herself to both parties.


Li Bi first showed a smile at Jiang Qing'e, nodded and said, "Junior Sister Jiang's name is like lightning."


"Senior Sister Li is very kind." Jiang Qing'e also smiled back, as Li Bi was considered a student of the Four Star Academy, one level above her.


Only then did Li Bi look at Li Luo and nod lightly: “Junior Brother Li Luo.”


The attitude was neither cold nor very warm.


"Senior Sister Li Bi." Li Luo did not worry and showed a bright smile, since he had come to seek virtue, his attitude naturally had to be good.


Not to mention whether there was any effect or not, but at the end of the day what had to be done had to be done.


Both sides took their seats, and with Yan Lingqing livening up the atmosphere, there was harmony.


After chatting for a while, Li Bi finally brought up the topic again, his eyes looked at Jiang Qing'e, Li Luo, and asked, "I have heard that Xi Yang House has a secret source of seventh-grade purity water?" superior?"


Jiang Qing'e looked at Li Luo who nodded gently and took out a bottle of Mystic Spring Water from her chest, brought it to Li Bi and smiled: "What Sister Libi said is true, so it's not really a secret." ".


Li Bi picked up the bottle of Secret Source Water, opened it, enveloped a drop of Secret Source Water with his resonance power, perceived it carefully for a moment, and then said with some surprise: "Sure enough, it is Secret Source Water that has reached "The upper seventh grade of purity, I guess it is the secret weapon of the Xi Yang House, this item is crucial for the Xi Yang House to have the momentum to ascend in this half year."


He put down the bottle and looked towards Li Luo, saying, "However, the Xi Yang House's disadvantage is too obvious, without a high-grade tempering master sitting in the city and without a high-star spiritual water formula, even “With this single secret water source, it would be difficult for the Xi Yang House to compete with those high-ranking Grand Xia Spiritual Light Water Houses.”


“After all, there is no shortage of Mystic Secret Waters of top seventh grade purity for the top ten Spiritual Light Water Houses, so I am actually not too optimistic about the future of the Xi Yang House, and even if it were to Xi Yang House, I wouldn't be much help to you."


He said it bluntly, there was nothing to hide, and then he smiled apologetically at Jiang Qing'e and Yan Lingqing.


"I know what Senior Sister Lingqing is doing today, I'm really sorry."


He shook his head.


"I shouldn't be able to join the Xi Yang House."

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