Chapter 309 – Big Baby Bai Mengmeng

But what Li Luo didn't expect was that the shame would come sooner than he thought.


The next morning, while he was still sleeping, he was awakened by a loud knock on the door, and he hurriedly got up to open it, looking sleepily at the young woman who was at the door.


It was Bai Mengmeng.


At this moment, she was wearing a bag under her eyes, but her pure and beautiful little face was full of excitement and enthusiasm, she looked at Li Luo who opened the door, and said excitedly: "Team, captain... I've done it!"


Li Luo didn't react at first and was a little confused: "What has succeeded?"


"The recipe for four-star Spiritual Water!" Bai Mengmeng's little face turned red.


He looked at Bai Mengmeng in surprise: "Did it work?"




Bai Mengmeng nodded vigorously.


"Wait until I change my clothes." Li Luo was ecstatic, then dragged the somewhat unsuspecting Bai Mengmeng into the room and closed the door with his hand.


At the same time, on that balcony, Xin Fu, who was sunbathing, looked at this scene with slightly narrowed eyes, and was suddenly inspired to create again.




But the closed door soon opened again, only to see a red-faced Bai Mengmeng come out, this time burning to the roots of her ears.


His little face twisted as he muttered: "Really captain, what's the point of dragging me to change?..."




"The captain has a nice figure."


The door of the room opened again, and Li Luo, who had changed his clothes, walked out, gave a somewhat embarrassed smile to Bai Mengmeng at the door, and said, "I'm sorry, I was too excited just now."


The sympathetic young woman shook her head, as she was equally excited, and Li Luo's excitement only surpassed her own.


"Come on, go to the refining room, let's try our hand at refining." Li Luo was so impatient that he pulled Bai Mengmeng and took a quick step towards the basement below, while his gaze shifted to the balcony when he saw Xin Fu who had been observing this path.


Xin Fu gave him a soft smile.


Seeing his smile, Li Luo felt that this boy was showing signs of being a demon, but right now he really didn't have the heart to deal with him, so he could only hope that this teammate wouldn't go further and further. on the path of being a demon.


Li Luo dragged Bai Mengmeng into the refining room.


And then Bai Mengmeng took out a piece of paper made of a special material, which was impervious to water and fire and very resistant to preservation, while on the top of the paper many beautiful words were carefully engraved.


Bai Mengmeng preciously handed it to Li Luo and said with some pride, “Captain, this is a four-star recipe for a third-grade spiritual water.”


Li Luo carefully took this recipe of exaggerated value, and his eyes looked at it carefully. It was a variety of information about the fusion process of many ingredients and their reactions, which involved the deduction of many details and changes.


The more Li Luo looked at her, the more amazed he became. After all, he was also a third grade tempering master now and had come into contact with many Spiritual Light Water recipes, so he could tell with the naked eye the rarity and subtlety of this Bai Mengmeng recipe.


Each of these fusion processes required an unknown number of attempts, as well as extremely deep knowledge of the characteristics of those countless materials, before they could strip them of their characteristics and fuse them with multiple variations, finally obtaining some of the products they desired.


"Not bad for a four-star recipe..."


Li Luo sighed, in the Great Xia, the Spiritual Light Water recipe is divided into five stars, the higher the star rating, the more rare and powerful the recipe, and simply put, the higher the star rating of the recipe, the cooling power limit of the finished product will also be higher.


For example, for the same third-grade spiritual water, the limit of the tempering power of a two-star recipe can reach 60%.


With a three-star recipe, the tempering power can reach 65%.


The four-star recipe has an additional increase, the tempering power reaches a staggering 70%!


In other words, the level of the Spiritual Light Water recipe will determine the limit of the Tempering power of the finished product.


If it were a low-star recipe, even if it were a high-grade tempering master itself, supplemented with secret spring water of extremely high purity, I'm afraid it would still be difficult to surpass its limit value.


This is how a smart woman can't cook without rice.


No matter how strong your ability is, no matter how pure the water of the secret magic spring is, but the grade of the recipe limits your gameplay, so what difference can there be in the final result?


This is the fundamental reason why all major Spiritual Light Water Houses consider the grade of the recipe so important.


Previously, in the Xi Yang House, Li Luo competed with Tang Miao to refine the Hong Mud Spiritual Water, which was only a third-grade two-star spiritual water, and its final tempering power value should be 60%. , but even with the help of Li Luo's own secret water source, the final product was only 58%.


Although this was also due to Li Luo's initial promotion as a third-grade tempering master, it was also evident that it was not so easy to reach the limit value of a recipe, even if it was only a second-star recipe.


"This is a third-grade spiritual water recipe, and I happen to be a third-grade tempering master now, so I can refine it and see." Li Luo was a little impatient.


Bai Mengmeng nodded, her skill was more to study the recipe, in fact her own tempering resonance skill was not too high, so after studying this recipe, she had not really refined it.


In short... the formation of the recipe is only theoretical, the final practice is still missing.


Of course, the general recipe for this step will be 90% success.


The refining room contains a bunch of materials left over from Bai Mengmeng's previous research, among which is exactly what is needed for this four-star spiritual water recipe.


So Li Luo began to refine it directly.


It wasn't that they didn't have a third-rate spiritual water recipe, but the complexity of that recipe was more than one grade weaker than the one Bai Mengmeng had researched.


One can only say that it is worthy of a four-star recipe.


Therefore, in the beginning, Li Luo had failed a dozen times.


Failing so many times made even Li Luo's face look a little unsightly, so he showed an awkward smile at Bai Mengmeng, who had been watching him with bated breath, "It's the first time I've encountered such a high-quality recipe." star, understand."


He wanted to cry, at least he was the young master of Luo Lan Mansion, how could he be so miserable?


"Go for it, captain." The young woman encouraged.


Li Luo nodded vigorously, then gathered his mind, suppressed his nervousness and impatience, and continued to bury his head in hard work with this four-star recipe.


And this time, it was finally much smoother.


After a full hour of heavy fusion, Li Luo had almost burned the ingredients in the refining room when his refinement finally reached the end.


In front of him, eighteen crystal tubes stood silently, each of which was condensed with hundreds of matter crystals.


Li Luo took a deep breath, let out a low cry, raised his palms, and waved his resonance power.


The materials from the eighteen crystal tubes shot out and converged in the air in front of him, as if forming a whirlpool of water.


The whirlpool flowed and the power of resonance floated and sank.


After a few minutes, the whirlpool began to dissipate and a drop of liquid with faint starlight quickly fell into a glass jar in front of Li Luo.


When the last drop of liquid fell, Li Luo picked up the glass bottle and an expression of unspeakable ecstasy appeared on his face.


"It worked!"


Bai Mengmeng beside him also became excited and quickly handed him a tempering test needle.


Li Luo put it into the glass jar.


The two people's gazes were incomparably tense as they looked at each other.


Then they saw the tempering test needle instantly rise to the 60% mark.


Li Luo sucked in a breath of cold air, so terrifying, only the first time he refined it, his tempering power had reached the limit value of the Xi Yang House's Mud Spiritual Water!


When he later became skilled in refining, wouldn't the tempering power be even greater?


With such explosive results, he was completely sure that this recipe Bai Mengmeng had researched was definitely a genuine four-star.


"Wow! I did it."


Bai Mengmeng incomparably grabbed Li Luo's hands with excitement, unable to help but rejoice as it was also her first time researching a four-star recipe.


Li Luo looked at the cheerful young woman before him and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.


This was truly a great treasure!

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