Chapter 310 – Mengmeng Butterfly Spiritual Water

In the refining room, the result of that first refinement had plunged Li Luo and Bai Mengmeng into a state of surprise.


And just as Li Luo had thought, the young lady before him, with her talent for researching Spiritual Light Water, was definitely considered a rare and great treasure.


The value of this four-star formula, even if it was only a third grade spiritual water, was already extremely impressive.


Six months ago, the Xi Yang House was barely ranked among the Spiritual Light Water Houses in the entire Great Xia, but with the addition of Li Luo, the quality of the Xi Yang House's Spiritual Light Water has finally improved under the high purity. of the secret source, and is barely qualified to compete with some of the stronger Spiritual Light Water Houses.


But this does not ignore the thin foundation of House Xi Yang, especially with the previous mutiny of House Xi Yang headquarters president Han Shik, House Xi Yang was hit hard, and if it weren't for Li Luo giving a step forward to save the day, I fear that the Xi Yang House would have faced closure.


However, Li Luo also understood that if the Xi Yang House wanted to become the main spiritual water house of Great Xia, it was not enough for it to use the secret source water to sustain itself.


But both were considered unattainable, especially the latter.


It's just that Li Luo had never thought that he would be so lucky to be assigned a genius who was researching a formula for Spiritual Light Water right after entering the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy.


Right now, I just wanted to sincerely say to Tutor Xi Chan who made this squad possible, Professor, thank you for your love!


At the same time, Bai Mengmeng's gaze became extraordinarily "affectionate".


The lively Bai Mengmeng also noticed his gaze and immediately became shy, hurriedly letting go of her small hand and whispering, "Captain, put some paint in your mouth."


Li Luo smiled and hurriedly touched the corner of his mouth. Did his face look like he was eating? It was too embarrassing, right?


However, when he touched it, it was nothing. He immediately understood that he had been deceived by Bai Mengmeng and couldn't help but look at her.


Bai Mengmeng hid her mouth and giggled, then said with some confusion: "Captain, how come your tempering power is so high the first time you refined this spiritual water? This is not even using the secret source water." still".


Although this was a four-star recipe for her, it was also the first time that Li Luo had managed to refine it and there must still be many flaws, so she originally thought that it would be good if the tempering power could reach around fifty-eight . percent, but it turned out that he did not expect Li Luo to reach sixty percent.


"You'll know later."


Li Luo smiled, where he did not use the secret source water, it was only because he was able to condense the secret source water himself, so he naturally added it in the refining.




Li Luo remembered something and said with some embarrassment: "I haven't made that 'Flavor Return Spiritual Water' yet."


He had previously agreed with Bai Mengmeng that when she made the four-star recipe, he would also solve the taste problem for her, but what he didn't expect was that Bai Mengmeng would be so efficient.


Bai Mengmeng smiled playfully: "There is no rush, anyway, after all these years, there is no lack of this moment."


"Don't worry, the Flavor Return Spiritual Water should also arrive soon, I will finish it as soon as possible." Li Luo assured.


Bai Mengmeng nodded, then handed that recipe to Li Luo solemnly and said, "Captain, this four-star recipe will be yours from now on."


His eyes looked at that recipe with extra tenderness, as it was his heart and soul throughout the years.


Li Luo also took it with extra solemnity, then carefully put it away and said: "Meng Meng, don't worry, I won't waste your hard work, in the future, this spiritual water will definitely occupy the most dazzling position in the third-grade spiritual water." of Great Xia."


As far as he knew, in the third grade spiritual water market of the entire Great Xia, even those among the top ten Spiritual Light Water Houses only possessed a four-star recipe.


And when he evolved his own Light Water Resonance to the seventh grade in the coming days and produced a stronger version of the Secret Source Water, the two combined would definitely be able to make this Spiritual Water a success.


At that time, in the third grade spirit water market, the Xi Yang House would also have the qualifications to compete with those top ten ranked spirit water houses.


Bai Mengmeng smiled and said, "Captain, you haven't named him yet."


Li Luo thought about it and said, “Let’s call it “Mengmeng Butterfly Spiritual Water.”


Bai Mengmeng was stunned, had this been taken from her name and water nightmare butterfly resonance?


She said, a little sheepishly, "It's not very good, is it?"


Li Luo said seriously: "This was originally your idea, and I want everyone in Great Xia to know that this spiritual water was developed by a girl named Bai Mengmeng."


Bai Mengmeng's big, watery eyes looked at Li Luo for a moment, and then she nodded gently with a smile on her lips.


The two talked again for a while, and then Li Luo began to tidy up the table. When he finished tidying up everything, he suddenly felt that the refining room had become much quieter, so he glanced at Bai Mengmeng, but was surprised to find the young woman sitting on a chair, lying on the table, and falling asleep.


The green silk hung down, half covering the innocent white face.


Li Luo looked at Bai Mengmeng's faint circles under her eyes, it was obvious that yesterday's night investigation had consumed a lot of her energy, it was not simply staying up late, because under that high load of deduction, it was a huge drain on her mind. and spirit.


Previously, he had leaned on his excitement, but now that the dust had settled, he naturally couldn't hold on.


Li Luo was somewhat moved, the other party's four-star recipe had helped him a lot.


He walked over and knocked softly twice, but found that Bai Mengmeng was motionless, seemingly going straight into a deep sleep, and this was not a place to sleep, so after a moment of hesitation, he stretched out his arms and lifted the girl up. young man horizontally, ready to send her back to her room.


"How light."


Feeling the soft, boneless weight of the young girl in his arms, Li Luo said, and then carried her out of the refining room.


As Li Luo was carrying Bai Mengmeng to the living room downstairs, there was a sudden knock on the bedroom door.


Li Luo didn't have time right now, so he called casually: "Xin Fu, open the door."


A voice came from the shadows of the room: "Are you sure?"


Li Luo was stunned: "I told you to open the door, what the hell are you sure about?"


Immediately, he said, “Nonsense.”




For some reason, Li Luo heard some excitement and excitement in Xin Fu's voice.


He thought for a few seconds, and suddenly regained a little common sense, looked at Bai Mengmeng, who was asleep in his arms, and then looked at the door of the room, and hurriedly said: "Holy crap , wait!".




The shadows were saved and the door to the room opened immediately.


At the door, sunlight spread across the door, and then only shone on Li Luo's body, and at the door, there were two slender silhouettes standing in a pavilion, their eyes projected along the sunlight.


Finally, they saw Li Luo, who was holding Bai Mengmeng behind his back.


Li Luo also saw the two women.


Jiang Qing'e, Lu Qing'er...


The atmosphere then seemed to freeze a little at this point.

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