Chapter 315 – Han Shik

In response to Han Shik's seemingly benign but actually malicious exhortation, Li Luo just smiled and shook his head, not flinching in the slightest, after all, the happier he danced now, the more wonderful his face would be when the final result came out . , and more worthy of being appreciated and savored properly.


"Come on, let's go to our house."


He calmed down Tang Miao and the others, who were still angry, before joining Jiang Qing'e and entering the crowded plaza to find their assigned position in the Xi Yang House.


On his way to find his places, Li Luo encountered a group of students from the Resonance Tempering Academy led by Li Bi, most of whom belonged to the type of Resonance Tempering Masters who were about to graduate, which was evident by the confidence they carried in their expressions.


"Senior Sister Li Bi!"


Yan Lingqing took the lead and waved at Li Bi.


Hearing the voice, Li Bi also stopped in his tracks and greeted Yan Lingqing with a smile before his eyes looked towards Li Luo: “Junior Brother Li Luo, your House Xi Yang has really come to attend this meeting of invitation".


"It's thanks to big sister for pointing it out." Li Luo laughed.


Li Bi smiled helplessly, he didn't know if this guidance was a good thing or not, the Spiritual Light Water House that came to this invitation meeting were almost all at the upper level of Great Xia, and the Xi Yang House was really too inadequate compared to them.


"Who are you planning to send? Lingqing?" Li Bi asked, as far as she knew, there was no fifth grade Tempering Master in the Xi Yang House right now, so the highest one would be a fourth grade Tempering Master like Yan Lingqing.


Yan Lingqing hesitated for a moment before pointing at Li Luo, who also revealed a smile: “Senior Sister Li Bi, this time I will be the one to take the stage of the Xi Yang House.”


Li Bi couldn't help but widen his eyes slightly, stared at Li Luo for a few seconds, and then couldn't help but said, "Do you really know what you are doing?"


He really couldn't understand it, the Xi Yang House was almost considered the weakest Spiritual Light Water House in the hall, and yet they didn't give their best, and let Li Luo, a third grade tempering master , would you go on stage?


Was it a plan to become the laughingstock of the entire audience?


"Senior Sister Li Bi, I know what I'm doing, please believe me too, I'm not going to joke with the reputation of the Xi Yang House." Li Luo said seriously.


Believe me... Take your head and believe it.


With the Xi Yang House's ability, they most likely participated in refining third-grade Spiritual Light Water, but the other Spiritual Light Water Houses sent at least fifth-grade temperers, and they also had high-grade recipes. star, the only notable thing about the Xi Yang House was the top seventh grade purity secret source water , but it was also said before that those top Spiritual Light Water Houses also possessed secret source water.


Under such circumstances, how could Li Luo, a third-grade tempering master with a low-star recipe, go and compare himself with others?


When the result was too poor, he would directly become the laughing stock of the entire public, then would there still be students from the Resonance Tempering Academy who would admire the Xi Yang House?


Li Bi let out a soft sigh with a bit of disappointment in his eyes and said, "As you wish."


After saying that, it was to directly drive people away.


Earlier, in the restaurant, this Li Luo had spoken with conviction, but now, he was still young and impetuous.


Only when he had walked away did the Resonance Tempering Academy students standing next to Li Bi curiously say, "Is that Li Luo? He has been very famous within the academy recently."


"Yes, I heard that his performance in the Dark Cave was so outstanding that the Academy had to give him a mention." The other tempering masters also said one after another.


A delicate-looking school sister smiled and said, "He's not bad-looking either, in fact, for his looks, when he goes to the Xi Yang House, he's at least eye candy."


She said this and made some sisters laugh: "Bing Tao is impressed, but there is Jiang Qing'e next to her, don't make waves and be careful of getting hit."


The sister named Bing Tao spat, then shook her head and said: "But being handsome is not a meal, Xi Yang House is too weak, the future is bleak after going there."


He then looked at Li Bi: "You seemed to be a little worried about Xiyang House two days ago? I think it was Yan Lingqing who convinced you to do it, right? But I think we should be more cautious."


Li Bi sighed, Bing Tao was also her best friend within the academy, and she was now a fourth grade tempering teacher, although she was a level weaker than her, she was still considered excellent, so two days ago she also revealed a little of his concern for the Xi Yang House to the other party, only the other party apparently just scoffed and didn't care.


After knowing that Li Luo would represent House Xiyang, he no longer had any expectations for House Xiyang.


If Li Luo was determined to do it, what could she do?


And on the other side.


"It's over, Senior Sister Li Bi seems to be very disappointed."


Yan Lingqing looked at the figure of Li Bi's group and gave a bitter smile before looking at Li Luo: "It's all your fault for insisting on showing up."


Li Luo couldn't help but say in front of so many people, she has a lot of babies now, please have faith in me, right?


"Let's talk about the results."


That was all he could say, then the group entered the field and found the position that was assigned to the Xi Yang House, then he heard some familiar voices coming from the direction of the back stands.


Li Luo's eyes followed the voices and saw a group of familiar figures shouting over there.


Yu Lang, Lu Qing'er, Zhao Gao and Bai Mengmeng, Xin Fu and a bunch of others were obviously everywhere to shout and cheer for him.


Li Luo smiled at them and greeted them.


In the stands, Yu Long waved his hand and said, "Brothers, show your signs."


Zhao Gao and the others immediately took out the banner they had prepared upon hearing his words, which read: “Li Luo is brave and flies, Li Luo fans will always be with you!”


Yan Lingqing couldn't help but cover her face and said, "Can we ask you to keep him? It's very humiliating."


Li Luo, for his part, with a look of admiration, said: "I think it's not bad, it can boost morale."


Yan Lingqing blurted out, “If you are so eye-catching now, what if you lose later?”


"This shows that Yu Lang is confident, better than you guys." Li Luo educated.


Yan Lingqing did not have the strength to even spit.


And in the stands, Lu Qing'er also frowned a little and said, "You are putting on a big show now, what if the Xi Yang House doesn't perform well afterwards? It won't make people laugh."


Yu Long, for his part, appeared calm and collected, saying, "I have confidence in Li Luo!"


"Besides, it's not that I don't have a setback."


After saying that, he waved his hand at Zhao Gao and the others again.


Then Lu Qing'er saw Zhao Gao and the others silently unfurling another banner they had long prepared towards her, which read: "Li Luo don't be scared, come back next time!"


Lu Qing'er was slightly speechless and then burst into tears and laughter.


It was even written next time.


You have a lot of faith in Li Luo.

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