Chapter 317 – Beating to death

In the midst of the stunned voices of that plenary session, Li Luo also stood up.


"It seems that none of them think well of my House Xi Yang." Sensing the numerous stunned gazes coming from the field, Li Luo smiled at Jiang Qing'e, Yan Lingqing, and the girls.




Yan Lingqing was about to die of worry, sighing and no longer in the mood to pay attention to Li Luo.


Jiang Qing'e instead nodded to Li Luo and said, "Go for it."


He was aware that Li Luo had the four-star recipe that Bai Mengmeng had researched, but this could only be said to have closed the gap between him and those other Spiritual Light Water Houses, but it was still unlikely if it were said that he would be able to achieve it completely.


After all, those other people who were on stage were all fifth grade tempering masters, and with a grade like theirs to refine a third grade Spiritual Water again, it would be inherently much easier and the final product refined. would have better results.


But Li Luo was only a third grade teacher, so how could he bridge the gap?


Cai Wei waved her fan, although she didn't say anything, he could see that she was also very worried, after all, now that the Xi Yang House had easily gained a bit of reputation, the situation was much better than before, but today's fiasco , if there was no good result, it would really be a laughing stock.


After all, it was Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e who were in charge of the house, and if both of them were determined to do so, then no one could change it.


Of course, the most important thing was that she knew Jiang Qing'e and Li Luo, they valued House Luolan and House Xi Yang more than she did, so it was impossible for them not to know the implications of today's invitation, and already If they still decided to do it, they most likely had some preparations.


As for what it was... One can only say that we will have to wait and see.


Li Luo left where the Xi Yang House was, and then, under the attention of many eyes, he headed towards the tall white jade platform in the middle of the square, where a refinement platform had already been prepared.


In a part of the square, where the "Heavenly Palace House" team was located, the Princess was also looking at Li Luo's figure, and her thin eyebrows raised.


Is that too arrogant?


The Eldest Princess tilted her head and looked at a middle-aged man with gray hair next to her and asked, "Master Gui Xu, do you think a third-grade tempering master can compete with a group of fifth-grade tempering masters?" degree on these types of occasions?"


The middle-aged man known as Turtle Xu smiled upon hearing his words and said, “Your Highness is referring to that President Li Luo of the Xi Yang House, right?”




Without waiting for the Eldest Princess to nod, she shook her head and said, “The foundation of the Xi Yang House is too thin, compared to these top Spiritual Light Water Houses of the Daze House, both the base and the scale are too thin.” late."


"There are three main elements in the refinement of Spiritual Light Water, the tempering resonance master, the recipe, and the secret source."


"First of all, on the point of tempering resonance masters, the Xi Yang House is far behind, third grade vs. fifth grade."


"At the point of the recipe, the Xi Yang House has never reached the four stars, while on the contrary, several other Spiritual Water Houses will participate in the third grade field, this is because the Spiritual Light Water third grade is considered one of their signatures, and all of them have a four-star recipe."


"As for the Secret Water Fountain, it is said that the Xi Yang House has recently had a top seventh grade Secret Water Fountain, which is the only advantage they have, because the purity of the Secret Water Fountain from the others five houses is only at the lower seventh grade, so at this point, the Xi Yang House was able to move back one point..."


"But that's it, the difference between upper seventh grade purity and lower seventh grade purity is not enough to reverse the situation."


The teacher laughed: “So… This President Li Luo, he shouldn’t have a chance.”


The Eldest Princess gave a slight crack, this was a professional comment from the master in gray, which was considered very weighty, but she did not totally agree with him, because she knew that both Jiang Qing'e and Li Luo must be very clear about it, Both of them were very intelligent, if it were a complete lack of opportunity, they would not risk the reputation of the Xi Yang House.


So what was it that gave Li Luo so much confidence?


A small curiosity arose in the heart of the Eldest Princess.


After experiencing the Calamity Level crisis in the Dark Cave, he no longer underestimated Li Luo, who was normally low-key and seemed to be completely hidden under Jiang Qing'e's light. But intuitively, the Princess felt that Jiang Qing'e was not the only one from House Luolan who deserved serious treatment...


This Li Luo was a bit deep and hidden.


When Li Luo entered the stage, he happened to bump into Han Shik, who smiled kindly at him.


This time, however, Li Luo only gave him a weak glance and said, "Han Shik."


"Does Young Prefect Li Luo want to say anything else?" Han Shik smiled.


Li Luo said indifferently: "If I have the chance, I will find someone to beat you to death, so in the future, when you go out, ask the Duze House to give you more guards."


The smile on Han Shik's face wavered slightly. He didn't expect Li Luo to be so forceful this time and did not hide his killing intent towards him.


Furthermore, this was too rebellious!


Han Shik put on a slightly ugly look as he said, “Young Master Li Luo, if you break the rules like this, the Duze House might also adopt that form to hit back at your Xi Yang House temperer.”


"When you burned down the Xi Yang House's research room, you didn't talk about the rules anymore."


Li Luo gave a light laugh and without further ado, he directly turned around and headed towards one of the pre-arranged refining stations.


Han Shik looked at his back, his face gloomy, and finally let out a cold snort, now the situation in the Luolan House was unstable, and he could barely protect himself, this Li Luo still wanted to threaten him, he was really naive.


Did he really think he would be scared because of that?


The first time I saw you, I didn't have a chance, but this time you took the initiative to go up, so I will have to take the opportunity.


The drama of the former president of the Xi Yang House crushing the current president will undoubtedly interest many people, and by then the little reputation that the Xi Yang House has managed to accumulate recently will once again fall to the bottom.


Li Luo didn't care too much about what Han Shik thought, but he did have a deeper killing intent towards this person, because not only had this person betrayed the House of Luo Lan, but the fire in the research room had also set furious at Li Luo.


The House of Luo Lan had been kind to Han Shik, and he had received a lot of support from the House of Luo Lan to become a fifth grade tempering master, but now, seeing that the House of Luo Lan was weak, he did not Not only had he defected to the rival of the House of Luo Lan, but he had also done something as evil as burning down the research laboratory to win the heart of the House of Du Ze.


As I had said before, this, then, was outside the rules.


Previously, Li Luo had not paid much attention to this matter because there were too many things to do and this Han Shik had kept a low profile after entering the Duze House, but he did not expect that this low profile was just an illusion, this guy now He dared to go out and trample Xiyang House, since this was the case, he couldn't turn a blind eye.


Therefore, what Li Luo said before was not a simple threat, if he really found the opportunity, he would not mind using the power of the Luo Lan House to get rid of this Han Shik.


With these thoughts in mind, Li Luo had already arrived at the refining platform, and standing here, he looked up to see countless gazes on the square, which gave people great pressure.


However, Li Luo seemed calm, he knew that not many people were optimistic about him, but he needed this kind of doubt, because the deeper his doubt was now, when the results came out, the more deeply they would also remember the Xi Yang House.


He believed that after this invitational meeting, although the Xi Yang House would not directly rank in the top ten of Grand Xia, its rise would be unstoppable.




It was at this moment that the tapping of golden jade rang sharply, and the loud shout of the House of Tempering Resonance tutor presiding over the order echoed throughout the hall.


"Third Grade Invitation Meeting, officially begins!"

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