Chapter 319 – Successful Refinement



As the sun rose, the atmosphere of the arena became increasingly hotter and, above all, when a clear sound like a strike of golden jade came from one of the refining platforms, all eyes in the room They converged.


Because that was the sound of the end of refinement.


When many eyes looked over, they realized that the first person to finish refining was, as expected, Han Shik of House Da Ze.


At that moment, he, with a smile on his face, raised a glass tube in his hand, inside of which a dark gray liquid was flowing, which was viscous and seemed to be dust flying out of the liquid, fluttering inside the glass tube. in a rather splendid way.


Many people who knew the Spiritual Light Water recognized it at a glance, it was the third-rate Spiritual Water, the Brown Dust Spiritual Water, which the Daze House used to compete with the other most important Spiritual Light Water houses in Great Britain. Xia.


It was also the only recipe that had reached the fourth star level among the many third grade spiritual waters of the House of Daze.


There was applause from the audience, this Han Shik's performance was undoubtedly the most eye-catching among the six stage temperers. Not only did he not make a single mistake in the refinement, but he also refined the final product at the fastest speed.


On the other side of the Da Ze House, Duze Hong Lian and Duze Bei Xuan were also smiling, obviously satisfied with the result.


After finishing the refinement, Han Shik put on his hands with a calm expression, and then looked at Li Luo, who was so concentrated that he didn't seem to have heard the end of his refinement, and looking at the spiritual water he had made, it was obvious that He was still a long way from success.


He smiled slightly at this, after all, he was only a third grade tempering master, even if the other party was incredibly talented, he couldn't really compare to a fifth grade tempering master like him.


Of course, the speed of refining is not important here, what matters is the tempering power of the final product.


Han Shik was quite satisfied with the bottle of spiritual water he had refined today, so he was confident of being the most brilliant in this three-grade field.


This was a good way to deliver.


Shortly after Han Shik finished refining, the other four fifth-grade temperers also finished refining one after another, smiling at each other, but also with great poise.


All eyes then turned to Li Luo, who had not finished yet.


The latter seemed concentrated, methodically completing the fusion step by step, without being affected in the slightest by the outside world.


On the Xi Yang House side, Yan Lingqing and Cai Wei had a nervous look that could not be hidden, even Jiang Qing'e was straightening her upper body slightly, her golden eyes staring intently at Li Luo's figure.


"Go ahead, Li Luo!"


In the stands, Yu Long, Zhao Gao and the others were cheering and shouting.


Lu Qing'er and Bai Mengmeng were also clasping their hands, looking extraordinarily nervous.


After all, they were just here to watch the fun, and Li Luo's recent activities in the Dark Cave had aroused the admiration of many students, so they didn't mind helping out by shouting and cheering at this time.


So the cheers gradually increased, causing some astonishment in the Spiritual Light Water Houses of the various parties who came to the invitation meeting, none of whom had expected Li Luo to have such a reputation within the Xuanxing Sacred Academy.


Didn't Li Luo enter the Xuanxing Sacred Academy for more than half a year?


The screams from outside did not reach Li Luo's ears, as his refinement had also reached its most critical moment at this moment, as all kinds of complex medicinal properties began to fuse together.


A crystal tube was suspended around it under the burden of resonance power. He seemed calm, with his long fingers pointing into the air, and every time he landed, a watery resonance power shot out and fell into the crystal tube, gradually fusing the resonance power with the numerous refined medicinal properties, while eliminating the impurities they contained.


At this moment, Li Luo looked like a virtuoso, his fingers tapped downwards, and musical notes came out of the glass tube.


Little by little, there was a sensation of flowing water in the way he moved his hands and feet.


The fusion material inside the crystal tubes gradually became purer and purer, and the daylight shone on them as if they were fine crystals.


On the high platform of the square, Ling Zhaoying, who had been observing Li Luo's refining part, suddenly raised her eyebrows slightly and said, "This guy's resonance power seems a little strange."


Tutor Xi Chan said: "Li Luo has a double resonance, it is normal for his resonance power to be different from someone else."


Ling Zhaoying hesitated for a moment and said with a little uncertainty: “It’s not double resonance energy… I mean, the materials tempered by its resonance power seem to be extraordinarily pure.”


"This kind of purity is actually not weaker than the other few fifth-grade resonance temperers in the field, which is strange..."


Mentor Xi Chan was also stunned by his words: "Is that so...? His first resonance is the water resonance and his second resonance is the wood resonance, and the power of the wood resonance should not have an increase." special for refining Spiritual Light Water, right?"


Ling Zhaoying also felt a little strange, but she still didn't think much about it, and just said: "This guy is still quite solid in resonance tempering, although he made some mistakes at the beginning, he adjusted quickly, and this time, the refinement should be considered a success."


“As I expected, the Wonderful Spiritual Water you refined is indeed a four-star recipe.”


Tutor Xi Chan was not surprised by this, Li Luo was already a third grade tempering master, so refining a third grade Spiritual Light Water was within his ability, so it was only fair that the refinement was successful. .


However, it was not enough to refine it successfully.


In the end, it is the tempering power of the refined Spiritual Water that is the only indicator of their respective abilities and the strength of the House of Spiritual Water behind them.


Generally speaking, if both of them were four-star recipes, and Li Luo himself was only a third-grade tempering master, the third-grade Spiritual Light Water he refined would definitely be weaker than the other fifth-grade tempering masters.


After all, the gap between the ranks should not be ignored.


As for the seventh grade purity of the secret source water, the other five fifth grade tempering masters also had the Spiritual Water House behind them, so how should Li Luo close this gap?


As Tutor Xi Chan pondered, the time began to gradually approach the end of the refinement time.


And amidst the increasingly loud and loud cheers of support from the entire audience, the resonance power within Li Luo's body blossomed abruptly, only to see the fused liquids within the many crystal tubes shoot out abruptly and They crossed in front of him, forming a whirlpool of water.


The power of resonance stirred within him, and little by little starlight poured out of him.


Finally, a drop of the magical liquid, shining with starlight, fell and precisely landed on a crystal jar in Li Luo's hand, which also contained the secret water fountain that Li Luo had already prepared.




A subtle smoke rose, and it was as if starlight were emerging from it.


The Mengmeng Butterfly Spiritual Water had finally been refined.


The applause sounded like thunder from the entire audience.


At this moment, Li Luo finally returned from that state of concentration, and hearing the cheers that filled the room, he couldn't help but smile, the academy students were really supportive.


"It's just a third-grade spirit water that was successfully refined."


Mei Xuan'er, in the stands, shook her head and laughed: "With this noise, those who don't understand him would think that his tempering power surpassed that of several other fifth-grade temperers."


"The results aren't out yet, so you should stop this nonsense." Li Bi frowned, this Mei Xuan'er wouldn't stop chattering, it was also annoying.


"Does it make sense for the results to come out or not?" Mei Xuan'er said.


Li Bi didn't say anything else, he just turned his gaze towards the refining stage, while Li Luo finished refining, a tutor had already started walking towards the stage, it was time to start the final step.


It was also the most important step.


The test of tempering power.

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