Chapter 320 – Creating trouble

When the tutor presiding over the event took the stage, the gazes of the entire room converged, and the noisy atmosphere calmed down while everyone waited for the results of the test.


The presiding mentor first approached the refining table where Han Shik was, and Han Shik took a step back with a smile on his face, stretching out his hand to signal the other party to take the test.


The mentor nodded, took the bottle of spiritual water that Han Shik had prepared, and inserted the tempering needle into it.


He waited a few seconds.


Everyone stayed quiet as they waited for the result.


Finally, the tutor presiding over the session showed a grateful smile and said loudly, “Han Shik of House Da Ze, the spiritual water you made has an extinguishing power of… Sixty-six percent.”


When this voice was heard, it immediately caused a stir, and many people who knew what they were doing nodded their heads slightly.


Of course, Han Shik was able to reach this level of tempering power because he was a fifth grade tempering master, and if it had been a third grade tempering master who had refined it, his tempering power would have ended up in the range from 60% to 63%.


This is also the middle level of the "Brown Dust Spiritual Water" produced by the House.


After all, not even the House could send a fifth-grade temperer like Han Shik to refine third-grade spiritual water all the time, as it would not be cost-effective.


"If there are no surprises, I think Han Shik will be the one with the greatest tempering power." In the Heavenly Palace House, the middle-aged man named Xu smiled before addressing the Eldest Princess.


There were no waves on the princess's heavenly face, she only nodded her head slightly. But it was a little impossible to tell.


"What will Li Luo's score be?" She asked, her red lips slightly parted.


Old Man Xu looked at the Eldest Princess, he noticed that she seemed to be a little more worried about Li Luo, was this somehow related to the other side?


Tortoise Xu pondered for a moment and said: "The bottom of the Xi Yang House is thin, the only bright spot is the top seventh grade purity of the secret spring water, if Li Luo is refining a three-star recipe, then Even if it is outstanding, the spiritual water that will be refined from that will not exceed 60%."


"Because the limit of the tempering power of a three-star recipe is around sixty percent."


The Eldest Princess's eyes flickered slightly as she said, "What if Li Luo is refining a four-star recipe?"


Gui Xu was stunned and said, “I have never heard of a four-star recipe in the Xi Yang House.”


The eldest princess smiled lightly: "Just because there wasn't before doesn't mean there isn't now... Li Luo he can suddenly come with top seventh grade purity secret spring water, so it's not impossible to suddenly have one." bonus four-star recipe, right?"


Gui Xu felt a little helpless, the Princess still did not fully understand the Spiritual Water industry, the recipes were worth millions of gold, and every four-star recipe that appeared caused great concern within the kingdom, how could the Xi Yang House suddenly produce a four star recipe?


However, since the Eldest Princess had assumed it, she could not refute her face and could only analyze: "Although what Li Luo is refining now is also a four-star recipe, but with his third-grade tempering master skill." , the final tempering power should only be at the level of 60% to 62%."


"That's still a considerable distance from Han Shik and the rest of them, the fifth grade tempering masters."


"Hehe, this match, in fact, if Li Luo could reach sixty-three percent tempering power, I think he would be a big winner, because he only lost at the top of the gap between tempering master ranks, once he reaches the fourth grade of tempering masters, then he would not be inferior to Han Shik, these fifth grade tempering masters, in the refinement of the third grade of spiritual water, and the tempering masters who can reach this step, are "basically a tempering master who can achieve this is basically a tempering genius." Finally, Gui Xu added.


The Eldest Princess nodded her head and then looked towards the field.


On the stage, the presiding tutor smiled at Han Shik: "Congratulations."


This presiding tutor was also a tempering master, so his eyesight was quite high. Although he had not yet tested the other few fifth grade tempering masters, he could already sense that the odds were that Han Shik was the highest.


With a smile on his face, Han Shik gave thanks and watched the host mentor walk towards the next fifth grade tempering master, before his eyes turned to Li Luo.


At this moment, Li Luo was stretching his back, as if the previous refinement had not been easy.


Noticing Han Shik's gaze, Li Luo also raised his head to meet her, and then his mouth moved, the shape of the mouth was: "Cut yourself to death!"


Han Shik's smile faltered slightly and anger surged in his eyes as he let out a cold snort.


All the eyes in the room were also moving along with the presiding tutor, who then went on to taste the Spiritual Water of the other four fifth grade teachers, one after another.


"House of Blue Light, Huangfu Shuo, tempering power: 64%."


"Northern Mountains House of Ice and Snow, Ling, tempering power: sixty-five percent."


"Ink House, Refiner, Mo Tai, tempering power: sixty-four percent."




When the results of the other four fifths were announced, sighs of relief were heard among the public.


With a tempering rate of 66%, he was proud of the course.


After testing the five fifth-grade tempering, the presiding instructor approached the refining platform where Li Luo was, and all the eyes in the room converged at that moment.


Everyone knew that the next test, I'm afraid, was the highlight of the competition.


Did House President Xi Yang really have any certainty, or was he simply young and impetuous and wanted to go on stage to be noticed?


If the former is the case, Xiyang House will probably become a sensation today and become the best in the competition, but if the latter is the case... After all, if you don't know the occasion, you will not show your value, you will lose face.


"Mentor, please."


Li Luo looked at the tutor who came to him and handed him the "Mengmeng Butterfly Spiritual Water" in his hand.


The tutor looked at Li Luo and said, "Don't feel pressured, just think that you are experiencing the skill of a fifth grade tempering master."


Li Luo smiled and nodded.


The tutor took the "Mengmeng Butterfly Spiritual Water", and after feeling the faint light emerging from it, his eyes suddenly changed, and a look of astonishment arose in his eyes.


The reason was that when he put it in his hand, he felt that there was something different about this bottle of spirit water.


The smell that came out was pure and strong, something you can't get with a three-star recipe!


The host tutor quickly inserted the tempering needle into the spirit water bottle, and after a few breaths, his eyes rounded as he saw the rapidly rising scale on it.


63%... 64%... 65% percent!


The escalation began to slow, but did not stop.


Finally, the scale struggled to rise to sixty-six percent.


This is already the same extinction power as Han Shik!


How is it possible?


The first thing he thought was that the tempering needle had been damaged, but reason made him reject it, because the tempering needle he had prepared had been rigorously tested before going on stage.


The tempering needles were specially made and it was impossible for them to go wrong.


That meant that Li Luo's satiety in this bottle of Wonderful Spiritual Water had actually reached 60%!


It was definitely not a three star formula.


From his own professional level, he decided at the beginning that the Spiritual Water that Li Luo had refined was definitely not a three-star recipe, it was an authentic four-star recipe!


Li Luo had truly come prepared.


Even if it was a four-star formula, it was impossible for Li Luo to refine a spiritual water with a 60% tempering power with the strength of a third-grade temperer.


The five fifth grade tempering masters on stage all had four-star recipes, but only Han Shik had finally reached 60%, and what was Li Luo's strength?


The host mentor was a little confused and was lost in thought for a while.


It was Li Luo who gently woke him up and said with a smile: "Tutor, everyone is waiting for you to announce it."


The mentor came to his senses and looked deeply at the teenager in front of him.


'Young man, I can see that you are up to something.'

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