Chapter 321 – Shock

And while the presiding tutor was lost in thought for that brief moment, the field was already in an uproar, with everyone looking bewildered, wondering why that tutor had suddenly lost his voice.


"Could it be that the tempering power is too low to report?" In the stands, Mei Xuan'er smiled and said.


Some of the surrounding Resonance Tempering Academy students gasped, it shouldn't be that serious, right?


Li Bi was also a little puzzled, what had that mentor seen to take so long? She knew the quality and capability of the Resonance Tempering Academy's tutors very well, so if they hadn't seen something too shocking, they wouldn't have behaved like this.


But what had been seen?


Was it too bad or too good?


Li Bi knew that there were only two options.


"Do you think it may be that Li Luo has gone too far?" He asked Bing Tao, who was next to him.


Bing Tao hesitated for a moment and said, “Even if I surpassed, I couldn’t surpass the other five fifth grade tempering masters… That just doesn’t make sense.”


Li Bi nodded, she was a fifth grade tempering master herself, so she understood very well that if she had to compete with a third grade tempering master under the same conditions, then she would absolutely crush the other party.


Furthermore… The current Li Luo and the other five fifth grade tempering masters were not in the same condition.


This is because the Xi Yang House only had one three-star recipe, while the other five top Spiritual Water Houses all possessed four-star recipes.


There was already a huge gap between each other's strength, and now this recipe was being dismantled, how could this continue?


But if it wasn't too good, was it too bad? It wasn't that Li Luo had spit out a tube of saliva, the tutor didn't have to be so surprised, right?


Not only were they bewildered, in the Xi Yang House, Yan Lingqing, Cai Wei, Tang Miao and the others were also so nervous that they even suppressed their breathing.


Cai Wei clenched her jade hand tightly around her fan and complained, "What is this tutor up to, deliberately whetting people's appetites?"


"It should be something that happens." Yan Lingqing said uncertainly.


Tang Miao sighed sadly, she didn't say anything, but she guessed that she felt that what was happening was not good...


On the contrary, Jiang Qing'e was still calm, just silently looking at the refining table, waiting for the answer to be revealed.


And their wait did not last long, as the tutor came to his senses and raised the tempering test needle high in his hand, while a complex voice sounded.


“Xi Yang Li Luo House, tempering power…66%!”


Although his voice rang out, what he got in return was silence from the entire room.


Everyone's eyes were staring at him in shock, their expressions seemed to be out of control at this moment, they couldn't believe what they had heard one bit...


Sixty percent and sixty percent?


The third grade spirit water that Li Luo had refined had reached a tempering power of sixty-six percent.


Wouldn't he be on par with Han Shik?


How is it possible?


How is it possible?


"How is it possible?"


T he numerous heads of the Wonderful Spiritual Light Water Houses present were stunned and lost their voices, they were people who knew what they were doing, but it was because they knew what they were doing that they understood how incredible this was.


Across the Heavenly Palace House, Master Gui Xu was also filled with dismay as he muttered, “Is there a mistake?”


The Eldest Princess sat elegantly on her chair, her long jade fingers crossed, her phoenix eyes narrowed as she looked at Li Luo's figure on the field.


Li Luo had truly come prepared.


He did not believe that the tutor had made a mistake, because as a member of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, he also understood the level of these Resonance Tempering Academy tutors, and such a low-level mistake could not have occurred.


The others seemed so surprised only because they hadn't even thought that Li Luo would achieve such an achievement, while here, she had a higher opinion of Li Luo because of that major natural disaster incident in the Dark Cave, so it was easier to accept it. .


However… Still, the Eldest Princess couldn't help but sigh in her heart, this Li Luo, you really don't know until you come into contact with him, but when you do, he always surprises you.


It was as if there were endless treasures in his body that you couldn't stop searching for.


Although the House of Luo Lan has lost both of its heads, the two remaining young leaders are slowly maintaining the unstable situation. If given enough time, the Princess believes that the House of Luo Lan will regain its glory in the future.


But time is something... Perhaps it was what they lacked the most.


The Eldest Princess frowned slightly, six months... Although her uncle held most of the power and authority in the King's Court, as the Eldest Princess and sister of the King himself, she naturally had some information networks, so He knew a little about the situation of the Luolan House.


The House of Luo Lan possessed the greatest treasure, something that even powerful lord marquises coveted, but currently the House of Luo Lan did not have a true powerful lord marquis sitting in the city, and could only rely on the strange formation to guard their headquarters, which inevitably attracted many greedy people.


Even she was alarmed by the depth of this greed.


Therefore, even she was not able to guess how the Luo Lan Mansion would end up in half a year.




"Sixty-six percent?! You're kidding."


At the Duze House location, Duze Beixuan almost fell off the top of his chair, his face was blue and he couldn't help but curse as he stood up, "This bastard Li Luo cheated, right?!"


"That tutor was bought by him..."


There was also a momentary loss of concentration in Duze Honglian's mind, but he quickly composed himself and swept his cold eyes: "Shut up!"


This stupid brother, how could he bring up the tutor of the Resonance Tempering Academy? If this angered the Tempering Resonance Academy, how could they recruit Tempering Masters here in the future?


Duze Beixuan was reprimanded and only then came to his senses, his face changing as he sat in his chair and gritted his teeth. “That Li Luo is only a third grade tempering master, and Xi Yang House does not have a four-star formula, how can his tempering power compare to Han Shik?!”


Duze HongLian took a deep breath and said with an expressionless face, “I don’t know why, but you better put aside your anger for now, because that won’t do any good.”


"As I said before, this boy is very demonic, so you must always be on your guard."


Duze Beixuan's heart was suffocated, even if he was demonic there should be a limit, right? He was a third grade tempering master with a three star formula, why should he compare himself to Han Shik who was a fifth grade tempering master and also had a four star formula from his Da Ze House?


There was no fucking logic to this?


The crowd resounded in the room, and the atmosphere became increasingly boiling.


Yu Long stood up, wiped his hair, crossed his arms, and roared loudly at the audience: "All of you, be shocked! Don't hold back your emotions."


The public in the arena: "..."


He's a psychopath, right?


On that high platform, Tutor Xi Chan stared at the field for a moment, her veil seeming to tremble slightly before she looked at Ling Zhaoying and smiled: "How was it? Was it beyond your expectations?"


A smile appeared on Ling Zhaoying's charming and beautiful cheeks as she spoke slowly.




"This Luo Lan Mansion, how come there are always demons?"

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