Chapter 324 – The Xiyang Fragrant House

Li Luo's voice caused some low laughter in the room, but those laughter did not have any hint of ridiculousness, on the contrary, many of the older students who were about to graduate from the Resonance Tempering Academy felt a little encouraged.


It is true that the size and heritage of the Xi Yang House were much weaker than the other top Spiritual Water Houses, but that was only before, and now with the four-star recipe and eight-grade purity of the secret water source, it was only a matter of time before the Xi Yang House rose to prominence.


And also as Li Luo said, Xi Yang House is not big and there are not many tempering masters at the moment, so coming here you can have enough secret magic spring water of eighth grade purity.


This was the most attractive point.


After all, why did they, the tempering masters, like to go to those top Spiritual Water Houses? It was because they were strong and had a secret water source, allowing them to improve their tempering techniques faster and higher.


But there are many quenchers in those huge Spiritual Water Houses, so you can't go in and assign a newcomer the best resources, and a newcomer who enters such a place will first have to stay awake for a while.


But at this time, if you enter the Xi Yang House, this boiling stage can be skipped immediately.


How can it not excite people?


At that moment, all the apprentices realized that the Xi Yang House was no longer the small, ramshackle house that had nothing…




Li Bi let out a long sigh, finally sobered by the shock of the series.


He had really done it.


Previously, when Li Luo was going to go out into the field by himself, she felt doubly disappointed, thinking that Li Luo was joking with the reputation of the Xi Yang House, however, now this result made her cheeks burn a little, it turned out that It wasn't Li Luo who was joking, but rather she was too shortsighted.


And while Li Bi was in a complicated state of mind, suddenly a figure next to her pounced on her and hugged her.


Li Bi was startled and her eyes peeked out to see that it was her best friend Bing Tao, whose cheeks were full of excitement and excitement at that moment.


"That?". Libi looked at her blankly.


Bing Tao excitedly grabbed Li Bi's hand and said, "Wow, Bi, what a good eye you have, right? You've been able to discover the potential of the Xi Yang House in advance?! That Li Luo said all this?!"


Surprised looks were also cast around him by some of his friends.


When Li Bi was looked at by them, his heart was a little weak, but on the surface he seemed calm and said, "So, that junior Li Luo who came to me, he must have still revealed some information ah."


He hadn't actually lied, Li Luo had told him that the Xi Yang House possessed a secret source of water of eighth grade purity, but... He didn't believe it.


In fact, no one would believe it, after all, in the entire Great Xia Spiritual Water Realm, the only one that possessed the eighth grade purity of secret source water was the Heavenly Palace House, so it didn't matter how you looked at it. , it was not the Xi Yang House's turn.


"Li Bi, you are joining the Xi Yang House, right?" Bing Tao said with a smile.


Li Bi was even more vain, although she had not rejected Li Luo before, nor had she agreed, before this competition, she could still expect a price, but now the Xi Yang House had instantly flipped, although she was a tempering master of fifth grade, but she was not the only one among the seniors graduating from Temple Academy this time, and with the current conditions of the Xi Yang House, those other fifth grade tempering masters would surely be transferred as well.


So the question now was not whether she would join the Xi Yang House, but whether they would want her…


Although he believed that the other party would probably accept it based on his brief contact with Li Luo, he didn't dare to boast before this kind of thing was confirmed, otherwise, how awkward would it be if the talks fell apart?


"I guess so". Li Bi could only say vaguely.


"Hey, then help us talk to that student Li Luo, we are also interested in joining the Xi Yang House." Bing Tao hugged Li Bi and laughed.


"Yes Yes!" Some other students who knew each other also nodded, their eyes looking at Li Bi with hope.


Looking at the expectant eyes of these friends, Li Bi felt a little headache, I haven't even settled here yet, how can I care about you?


"You don't have to do that... There are a lot of good options out there." He was reluctantly convinced.


“Hey, what better option than the Xi Yang House, even the Heavenly Palace House, even though it is the strongest, you still have to crawl underneath and be oppressed by some elders when you enter, while the Xi Yang House I heard that Now the tallest one is a fourth grade Temple Master, so we won't be bullied in the head if we enter, at least?" Bing Tao said.


“We would take the Heavenly Palace House as the first choice, not because it has a secret source of water of eighth grade purity, and now that the Xi Yang House also has it, why bother being a worker.”


The others nodded in agreement.


Li Bi laughed bitterly, you all couldn't look at each other before, but now you want to come in with a timid face, but this is also human nature, she believed that before the tournament, she was afraid that not many people could have guessed that this would be the result, including herself.


"I'll ask for you, but don't blame me if you get turned away." He let out a sigh and could only say that.


Bing Tao and the others also nodded in agreement, they didn't know Li Luo well, while Li Bi had at least made contact and previously accepted the invitation, it was better to have Li Bi's help to ask than to find the point. on your own.


Li Bi sighed a little, the world was really fickle, who would have thought that the Xiyang House, which was uninvited a few moments ago, would now be a hot commodity.


She looked at the young man in the field, who was tall and handsome, with a smile as bright as the sun, and couldn't help but think that it would be a good choice to work under him in the future.


With this in mind, he looked at Mei Xuan'er, who had been teasing Xi Yang's house not far away.


The gazes of some of the Tempering Academy students surrounding Mei Xuan'er were also strange and they laughed as they looked at her.


This might really be how awkward it was to tease before.


Li Bi wondered if it were her, the shame she felt right now could make her smash a two-story mansion with her toes on the ground.


However, he didn't have a good feeling about Mei Xuan'er either. Although the other party was mocking the Xi Yang House earlier, he also intended to attack it, so seeing the other party in such embarrassment right now, he also carried some pleasure in his heart.


He really deserved it.


Inside the refinery, after Li Luo finished promoting his own Xi Yang House and saw the reactions of those apprentice tempering masters at the venue, he understood that the mission of this invitation meeting had been successfully completed.


He was relieved that the publicity effect should be in place this time, and the Xi Yang House would see a true expansion of scale, and it was not an expansion that could be compared to the previous effect when Tang Miao and the others had joined.


Although it was a bit cruel to say it, compared to these highly talented students from the Tempering Academy, Tang Miao and the others… Indeed, they were considered poor students.


Only in the future, the supply of water from the secret spring to the Xi Yang House would also be more frequent and substantial.


The smile on Li Luo's face showed signs of fading at the thought of this, and he couldn't help but reach out to support her waist.


'Old dad and mom, I really suspect that they ran out on purpose and left this mess for me and Qing'e...'


Li Luo sighed and walked down from the high platform.


He still had to speed up his time to improve his strength, otherwise, if he continued like this, his body would not be able to keep up with the development of the Xi Yang House, and that would result in exhaustion to the point of dryness.

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