Chapter 335 – The Secret Technique of Existence Resonance

During the next few days of waiting in the Golden Dragon Dojo, Li Luo did not rest, but instead devoted all his time to cultivation.


It was not an easy task to help Lu Qing'er obtain a “Golden Dragon Mountain Worship Seal” in the Golden Dragon Dojo , as the three of them did not have any advantage in terms of equipment setup.


Li Luo wasn't sure how the other teams in the Golden Dragon Treasure House division would fare, but the team consisting of Ning Zhao, Zhu Xuan, and Lin Suo was already stronger than them.


This showed how difficult it was to stand out among the many strong teams.


However, Li Luo obviously couldn't blame Lu Qing'er for choosing him, since he was able to enter the Golden Dragon Dojo for a chance, also thanks to Lu Qing'er, plus Lu Qing'er had helped him a lot, and now he could return the favor, which was also considered a courtesy.


Therefore, in order to face the competition from the Golden Dragon Dao Field, Li Luo cultivated like crazy these days, and even invited Jiang Qing'e, who was idle in the Luo Lan Mansion, to be his companion to improve. His strenght.




Luo Lan Mansion headquarters, training room.


Li Luo's figure shot out like lightning, holding his twin swords, his resonance power flowing on the surface of his body, and then his twin swords poured out like a storm, slashing at Jiang Qing'e who was holding a sword of black wood in front of him.


With a flick of his wrist, the tip of his sword seemed to flow with light, slightly deflecting all of Li Luo's attacks, and the wave impact of the resonance power did not make Jiang Qing'e's body tremble.


The exchange lasted for a few breaths, and Li Luo's eyes suddenly flashed as their twin swords stabbed each other, the power of the two resonances in his body instantly merged, and at that moment, it was as if the sound of waves resonated. of the water roaring and the trees shaking.




The twin swords stabbed at Jiang Qing'e's sword, and a shockwave of resonance power swept through the air, causing Jiang Qing'e's delicate body to tremble slightly, while Li Luo's figure was shaken back an instant. dozen steps.


Li Luo was drenched in sweat and spat out, "You're too perverted, right? I've poured all my strength into the power of double resonance, but could you at least give me the face to take a step back?"


Jiang Qing'e smiled, "Actually, I wanted to receive it directly with my hands, don't underestimate the General Realm of the Fury Body, my body strength is much stronger than yours."


Li Luo was crying, didn't this mean that he couldn't even break Jiang Qing'e's defense with his full strength? What game.


He sat down angrily on the floor.


Jiang Qing'e walked over and took out a handkerchief with a warm and faint fragrance from her chest and handed it to Li Luo, gesturing for him to put on the sweat.


Li Luo picked it up, put it on his face and applied the sweat, then inhaled the subtle body aroma and closed his eyes in ecstasy.


"To be honest, it's okay for your team to get by in the Golden Dragon Dojo, but if you want to compete for the 'Mountain Worship Seal', it's really difficult." Jiang Qing'e didn't notice his appearance, but he said something very true.


"When Lu Qing'er chooses someone like that, she's not actually going for the mountain worship seal."


He smiled and glanced at Li Luo and said, "He's going on a trip to the mountains."


Li Luo sighed helplessly. He really felt that Lu Qing'er was not very interested in the "Golden Dragon Mountain Seal", otherwise, if she really wanted it, she would have chosen Zhu Xuan and Lin Suo, but in the end she chose him and Qin Qiglu.


No wonder it took Ye Hongxi a little while to get the idea, because the configuration Lu Qing'er chose was really the touring team.


"But Lu Qing'er is also a smart person, she may have also deliberately made you feel this way, in that case, it also implies that you don't have to fight too hard in the Golden Dragon Dojo, just mix up some opportunities easily." Jiang Qing'e was analyzing again.


Li Luo nodded, Lu Qing'er was always smart, so it couldn't be ruled out that she had this kind of ideas, but...


"Although she is not interested in the 'Mountain Worship Seal', I can't think of mixing some opportunities with her, that President Ye has already beaten me, if I do that, I'm afraid I will be bad to her, and that would also be irresponsible towards Qing'er." Li Luo said seriously.


Jiang Qing'e smiled, she agreed with Li Luo's words, after all, it was thanks to Lu Qing'er that she went to the Golden Dragon Dojo, if she just ate the benefits and didn't contribute, it would seem too classless. , this was not Li Luo's character either.


Of course, the most important thing is that offending Ye Hongxi was also not a smart move, as one of the most powerful women in this Great Xia currently, although the Golden Dragon Treasure House was always neutral, the power it possessed was not. could be ignored.


"In that case, then you are going to be under a lot of pressure." She said.


Li Luo nodded and said spontaneously: "Didn't I have a mental preparation for this a long time ago, and even if the pressure is greater, I don't think I can still be greater than that Heavenly Calamity-level alien in the Dark Cave?"


Jiang Qing'e heard that and said nothing more, but began to consider for Li Luo the improvement of his strength.


“Your Dual Resonance Power is actually quite domineering, if it is a situation where the difference in strength is not too great, that instantaneous burst is truly surprising and enough to reverse the situation.”


"However, this dual resonance power also has a rather obvious drawback, that is, the lasting power is not good, which is normal, after all, you are still only at the Birth Pattern strength stage, the power "Resonance power is not considered that strong, and fusion of dual resonance power requires a large amount of resonance power to be consumed."


Li Luo nodded helplessly, there was no other way, the dual resonance power was too high, that was originally a power that only a strong marquis could control, the quality of this power was high, but it also needed some foundation as support, so Otherwise the duration of throwing it was too short, if the moment could not be accurately captured, it would be a bit wasted.


Furthermore, he is still in the most superficial first stage of the three realms of double resonance power, that is, small fusion, unification, and spirit formation.


"My resonance power is quite weak now, can I make some improvements here with the help of some special methods?" Li Luo suddenly said.


"Are you talking about that kind of secret technique that temporarily increases resonance power? This kind of secret technique is more harmful to oneself and is usually used to fight for one's life in life and death situations, for you, I'm afraid." which is not particularly suitable." Jiang Qing'e pondered.


Li Luo sighed regretfully.




Jiang Qing'e seemed to remember something and said, "This kind of secret technique that stimulates explosion potential to fight for one's life is not suitable, there is another secret technique that might be more suitable."


"That?" Li Luo's spirit lifted.


Jiang Qing'e said: "There is a relatively rare secret art that can temporarily store some resonance power in your body in a special way, this type is known as the stored resonance secret art, if you can cultivate one, you can instead "Store a little more resonance power in one way, once you want to execute double resonance power to explode, you can use this stored resonance power, and then achieve the strongest explosion."


"The advantage of this secret technique is that it will not damage one's underlying potential, it is not as extreme as that kind of secret technique that stimulates potential."


Li Luo was overjoyed, this was simply a secret technique tailor-made for him!


"Not bad, this is good!" Li Luo clapped his hands in joy.


When Jiang Qing'e saw this joyful look on his face, she stretched out her hands somewhat innocently.


"Although it is good, there is no such secret technique in the book collection of our Luo Lan Mansion."


Li Luo gaped and then slapped the ground indignantly: “No, there is no such thing, what did you tell me for then?”


“If you really want him, you can go to the Golden Dragon Treasure House and ask about him, anyway, you still have a good relationship with them lately, so you can ask that President Ye to contact you.”


Li Luo sighed, going to find Ye Hongxi again, this was really not a light, every time he saw her, Li Luo felt no small amount of pressure, this one was much more powerful than the Eldest Princess.


It was not possible to do without her.


“You should also ask again in passing about the origins of that newcomer Lin Suo, I have heard you describe him before, this person might not be too simple, you have to pay some attention too.” Jiang Qing'e said again.


"What do you mean?"


Li Luo was stunned, and then said with a slight frown, “Do you think he is coming for me?”


Jiang Qing'e said indifferently: "It may not be impossible, the Golden Dragon Dojo is not within the Great Xia country, and it is a good place to kill someone there."


"As for who sent it, I don't know, maybe it's Pei Hao, or maybe it's House Du Ze, House Yan Extreme, anyway, House Luo Lan has quite a few rivals, it's only natural that it would get rid of "You, the orthodox young master, first if you have the opportunity."


"So, no matter what, it's always good to be careful."


Li Luo's face was slightly gloomy, had he really come for him?


After a moment of silence, he stood up helplessly.


Forget it, let's take another trip to the Golden Dragon Treasure House.

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