Chapter 339 – Such a situation

“It may be a fortuitous situation, if Dao Gold really were that easy to obtain, it would be too flooded.”


After a moment of silence, Li Luo took the lead in cautious analysis: "Although the Golden Dragon Treasure House is rich and powerful, it's not like it's a loose cannon, how can it be given away for nothing like that?"


Lu Qing'er and Qin Qiglu agreed, logically, "Dao Gold" was the same as academy points, it must be difficult to obtain, otherwise it would be meaningless if it was too easy.


Maybe it was just good luck.


"Keep going, this is just the beginning, I am afraid that the difficult times ahead are yet to come."


Li Luo smiled and waved his hand, and then the three of them stepped onto the snowy mountains and forests, moving forward little by little.


About a stick of incense later, Lu Qing'er, who was walking through the snow, suddenly felt like she had stepped on something, so she crouched down and dug through the snow and ice, and then she saw a crystal-like Lingzhi plant. ice, emitting fragrance, lying within the snow and ice.


He bent down to pick it up and said, “Is this also a rare spirit plant?”


Li Luo looked dumbfounded for a second, shook his head and said, "Do you think it's cabbage, that there is anything on the roadside?"


"Taste the sacrificial flame and see." Qin Qiglu said in a dull voice, then he nimbly took out the golden incense and lit it, and after a series of familiar steps, the ice crystal lingzhi was enveloped in smoke, then disappeared, and three golden coins rolled from the air and landed inside. Of snow.


The silence lasted then.


The three of them looked at the three pieces of Dao gold with some disbelief, and only after a moment did Lu Qing'er bend down to pick them up, saying with some uncertainty: "It seems that the Dao gold within this Golden Dragon Dao Field does not seem to be Very important, huh?"


“Could it be that the amount of Dao Gold required in the background is huge, like when you go to that Multiple Treasure Pond to exchange for treasure tools, everything requires thousands of Dao Gold?” Qin Qiglu scratched his head and asked.


Li Luo was also a little confused and muttered, "But this kind of rare spirit plant must also require time to accumulate before it can grow, right? Even if it is the Golden Dragon Dojo, it can't be born so easily, right?"


“Could it really be that I am too ignorant and simply do not understand the depths of this sacred cultivation land?”


Faced with Li Luo's doubt, both Lu Qing'er and Qin Qiglu were unable to respond. After all, they had also never been outside the Great Xia Kingdom, nor did they know how incredible things in this world were.


Maybe, it was really them who were sitting on the fence and watching the sky.


With this thought in mind, they continued on their way, and as expected, for the next half day of running, they continued to encounter rare spiritual plants one after another, and after half a day they had not encountered any crisis, but the amount of Dao gold in his hands he had reached more than fifty...


Since there was no comparison, they were not sure whether those fifty dao gold pieces were considered a lot or a little.


"We have probably landed in an area where spirit plants are more abundant." Regarding this type of harvest, Li Luo once again came to a conclusion after careful consideration.


However, this conclusion was accompanied by a heavily injured elite beast suddenly walking out of the jungle, but before Li Luo could make a move, the three of them were slightly speechless after the elite beast painted a long trail. on top of the snow and will separate directly.


"Why do I feel like something is not right?" If he had been at his peak, the three of them would have had to fight hard even if they had joined forces, but now, somehow, he had died in front of them.


If this was also luck, Qin Qiglu felt that it was a small insult to his intelligence.


How can you give it as a gift?


"I understand".


Hearing Li Luo's low voice, Qin Qiglu and Lu Qing'er made surprised faces.


Li Luo stroked the dead elite beast in front of him and said, “There is only one reason to explain this situation, and that is… It could be the legendary Son of Heavenly Fate.”


Qin Binglu said in a sullen voice: "What does it have to do with you? Has he picked up any rare spiritual plants along the way? If I were to say the Son of Heavenly Fate, it wouldn't be you..."


Then the two men's gazes slowly turned to Lu Qing'er, who was a little lost.


When she met the couple's gaze, Lu Qing'er's eyes widened and her slender jade finger pointed at herself: "Because of me? How is it possible?"


Li Luo and Qin Qiglu also thought it was impossible, but that was the truth, almost all the spirit plants had been obtained by Lu Qing'er in various ways during this trip.


There was also an elite beast in front of him that had rushed to die on its own.


Li Luo heaved a sigh, but his face began to turn a little gloomy as he said, “Why do I feel a bad premonition?”


Although it was possible to obtain Dao Gold in a way that was as easy as it was inexplicable, from Li Luo's experience, the more one boasts about it in this type of adventure, the more problems it will cause.


"Suddenly it seems to be getting more and more interesting!" Qin Qiglu suddenly became excited, his face flushed red, and a fierce aura surged in his eyes.


Li Luo was helpless to spit out, this is really a battle-hungry devil, but big brother also has to be clear about the occasion ah, this Golden Dragon Dojo is basically for people in the strength of the resonance stage. transformation, the three of us are in the birth pattern stage, too high profile is not good.


Lu Qing'er pulled Li Luo's sleeve and whispered, "Why don't we stay in this area and not go anywhere else, so that the risk of being targeted will be much lower?"


She wasn't really interested in the Golden Dragon Mountain cult post in the first place, this ice and snow mountain range was a pleasant environment, so if she just wandered around here, it would actually be quite pleasant.


By the way, it was easy to earn some dao gold and get a wave of baptism when it ran out.


Li Luo smiled and said helplessly: “Really, if we stay here with you until the end, when we come back your mother may destroy me.”


One could imagine how angry Ye Hongxi would be by then: “I paid you to be my daughter’s bodyguard, but you ended up taking my daughter to visit the Golden Dragon Dojo?


Lu Qing'er hurriedly said, "I will explain it to him when the time comes, and I won't let him take it out on you."


Li Luo was about to speak when his expression suddenly moved, and Qin Qiglu's eyes on the side also stared as a heavy spear appeared directly in his hand.


Li Luo turned around and looked to the right in the ice and snow jungle and laughed: "Don't hide, come out."


Lu Qing'er was startled upon hearing his words, and immediately the power of ice resonance surged in her delicate body, and her eyes coldly swept in that direction.


As the three of them watched, the ice and snow there suddenly began to flow, and then transformed into three figures.


The three of them were young men who looked at Li Luo and then the one in the middle, who looked like a captain, smiled and said with a peculiar look: "To accidentally approach and be detected, they are quite perceptive."


"Looks like he's been spending some time with us." Li Luo said calmly.


The green-robed captain on the other side nodded with a smile and said, "It's true that we have been following them for some time, so this friend, I wonder if you can explain to us why you have come here and done nothing, and "Yet you have been able to mix dozens of Dao gold."


"And we..."


He laughed helplessly and said, "It's a bit embarrassing to say, we've been in this area for just over half a day, but now, we have nothing."


Li Luo nodded sympathetically: "It's a real shame."


The captain in green laughed and nodded: "So I wanted to come and ask, how did you manage to walk all the way and collect dao gold along the way? What exactly is the situation here?"


Li Luo's face was thoughtful as he said, "The situation is indeed such, but we still have to see what the situation is."


The atmosphere was a little calmer.


The green-robed captain's smile grew even bigger: "This friend still has a little humor."


"If you don't want to talk about it..."


He slowly unsheathed a willow sword from his waist, with a slender and sharp body, as a strong wind resonance power slowly surged from within him, rolling the remains of snow under his feet.


“Then I ask the three of you to use the Dao gold you obtained earlier to give us some relief…”

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