Chapter 34 – Li Luo's Water Mirror Technique

"How is it possible...? Li Luo actually blocked Song Yunfeng's full power blow?!"


The battle platform was surrounded by shocked clamor, and everyone's faces were covered in disbelief.


Those present were not too unfamiliar with the Water Mirror Technique, and some of them who possessed the Water Resonance had also practiced this Resonance technique, but to say that the Water Mirror Technique could block Song Yunfeng's full force attack was just nonsense.


But, by chance, this incredible thing has happened before your eyes.


Tifa Qing's beautiful eyes rounded and her small mouth couldn't help but open.


"To hell with that?!" That Bei Kun even cursed, dumbfounded.


Not far away, Lu Qing'er's thin willow eyebrows rose gently at this moment, and her almond-shaped eyes burned as she looked at Li Luo, in fact, her guess was correct, Li Luo really had the means to check and balance Song Yunfeng!


Such incredible things he was able to do.


In the midst of that bustle, Li Luo shook off the stinging pain in his arms before his feet left the edge of the battle stage, and he stared at the gloomy and ferocious Song Yunfeng, showing him a subtle smile.


And a wave of pleasure spread through his heart.


Thanks to his experiment, it really worked.


The Resonance technique he had performed before was apparently a water mirror technique, but there was a mystery in it, that is, Li Luo had used his own Light Resonance power to superimpose a mid-grade Light Resonance technique called Folding Shadow Technique.


The Water Mirror Technique bounces the incoming force, and the Folding Shadow Technique reflects the incoming enemy. The two special features stack to form a reinforced version of the Water Mirror Technique, capable of bouncing even more power.


Even according to Li Luo's prediction, in the future, when these two powerhouses operate to the extreme, they might be able to directly wipe out all the enemies that attack them.


Attack the enemy with the enemy.


This improved and enhanced Water Mirror Technique, which Li Luo called "Light Water Magic Mirror".


"Pretending to be a god, do you think you can change anything today?"


While Li Luo's heart rejoiced, Song Yunfeng's face was gloomy as his figure shot out again, his five fingers forming a claw, and faintly, a sharp and unmatched crimson claw shadow emerged, tearing through the air.


Without the slightest hesitation, he continued charging.


Seeing this, Li Luo cast his improved and empowered Water Mirror Technique again, and a thin curtain of water took shape in front of him like a mirror.




Song Yunfeng launched a fierce punch, but as the tempering sound sounded, he and Li Luo were thrown backwards at the same time.


This time, Song Yunfeng had some preparation and was not in such a big mess, but his face became more and more ugly because he found that Li Luo's "Water Mirror Technique" was too strange and every time he made contact , seemed to make him feel like he was hitting himself.


Is this still a damn water mirror technique?!


Song Yunfeng's attack was once again blocked by Li Luo, and around the battle platform, everyone swallowed their mouths, once for something like this was luck, twice it was obvious that they really had something to offer.


Of course, not to mention them, even the old dean on the high platform, Xu Shanyue, Lin Feng and the others all had some dismayed expressions appearing on their faces.


"This Li Luo's water mirror technique seems to be somewhat unusual." The old dean said in surprise.


All the other instructors nodded in agreement; It was impossible for a normal water mirror technique to mess up Song Yunfeng this much.


“The strength of this rebound is quite similar to the General Rank Resonance Art “Xuan Shui Mirror.” A tutor analyzed.


However, this soon attracted a rebuttal: “A General Rank Resonance Technique is something that Li Luo, a Sixth Seal Realm, can perform?”


The previous tutor then gaped, having difficulty answering that the Resonance power required for a general rank Resonance technique, let alone six seals, was not enough, even if it was ten.


"That was, in effect, a water mirror technique."


Xu Shanyue stared at him for a long time and then said, "But it might have been improved by Li Luo."


The other instructors looked at each other in disbelief, improving the art of resonance? Although everyone knew that Li Luo possessed an extremely high level of understanding and talent in resonance arts, but improving the arts was not something someone of his level could do, right?


But beyond that, there doesn't seem to be any other explanation.


"Worthy of being the son of those two..." In the end, that was all they could say in the form of an exclamation.


The tutor, Lin Feng, on the other hand, said nothing from the beginning to the end, his face black as a pot, because the situation was not at all what he had thought.


Around the fighting platform, the clamor spread in waves like a tidal wave.


Song Yunfeng's face on the stage was terribly gloomy as he stared fiercely at Li Luo, wanting to pounce again, but stopped when he thought of the strange 'Water Mirror Technique'.


"Li Luo, do you dare to attack?" Song Yunfeng gritted his teeth and said.


He also realized that Li Luo only seemed to use this "Water Mirror Technique" to control and balance him, and as long as he did not attack with all his strength, Li Luo's Water Mirror Technique would be of little use.


Li Luo smiled at that and shook his head: "I wouldn't dare, you do it."


Song Yunfeng was shaking with rage, he really experienced what it meant to be suffocated as well as angry, obviously Li Luo's strength was far inferior to his, but he used that strange water mirror technique like a prickly turtle shell, binding his hands. and feet here.


However, Song Yunfeng was not a fool after all. Little by little he calmed his anger, he reflected for a few breaths, and suddenly he fired his Resonance power again.


But this time, he made a suppression of his own Resonance power.


"This Water Mirror Technique is a high-level Resonance technique, after all, and it consumes a lot of Resonance power to perform it. If I can force him to use it constantly, then Li Luo will soon run out of Resonance power, and by then Without the Water Mirror Technique, Li Luo is just a hunting dog without claws or teeth, not enough to be feared."


Song Yunfeng attacked, but Li Luo also felt the suppression of his power and knew what he was thinking with a turn of his mind.


"That's smart."


"But with the power of Resonance suppressed, am I still afraid of you?"


Li Luo laughed, Song Yunfeng was strong because his own Resonance power was strong, but now that he had tied his hands, what did Li Luo have to fear?


So this time, instead, he took the initiative to confront them, and the two figures collided with each other, their fists and feet wrapped in the force of Resonance, causing the sound of wind breaking.


The two were entangled in a fierce fight, but Song Yunfeng's face was turning gloomy as he saw that after suppressing his Resonance power, he was unable to suppress Li Luo.


The anger in Song Yunfeng's eyes grew stronger and stronger, and in the next moment, the suppressed Resonance power in his body abruptly exploded, and a fierce fist wrapped in crimson Resonance power mercilessly slammed into Li Luo.


But just as his fist slammed down, a curtain of water unfolded in front of Li Luo, and the Water Mirror Technique, which had been secretly prepared long ago, was released.




Song Yunfeng's fist slammed into the water curtain and the strong force quickly rebounded, shaking him so hard that his chest tightened and he took several sharp steps back.


Li Luo also shivered and rubbed his fist, staring at Song Yunfeng with a laughing expression.


"Li Luo, I'm going to see how many times you can continue performing the Water Mirror Technique with this Sixth Seal Resonance power!" Song Yunfeng's face was iron blue as his Crimson Resonance power gushed out, attacking directly with all his might.


Since Li Luo's strength was only this Water Mirror Technique, he would use the most stupid way to force Li Luo to exhaust his Resonance power!


Song Yunfeng did not rest halfway, executing his Resonance power and charging with renewed ferocity.


Seeing this, Li Luo continued to cast the "Water Mirror Technique".




The familiar scene reappeared as both men were shaken at the same time.


And for the rest of this time, everyone watched coldly as the two men repeated such actions.


As Song Yunfeng charged like a brute bull, Li Luo released a water mirror technique and with a punch, the two fell backwards.


But no one felt bored, because everyone knew that it was now up to Li Luo to see how long he could maintain his Resonance power…


This repetitive operation continued until Li Luo had cast the Water Mirror Technique for the umpteenth time.


Then, the power of the Blue Water Resonance surging from Li Luo's body gradually dimmed as much as it could.


That is a sign that the power of the Resonance is exhausted.


Around the battle platform, some wailing voices could be heard.


And a cold smile appeared on Song Yunfeng's gloomy face as he gritted his teeth and said, “Li Luo, what can you do now?!”




His figure swooped down, his Crimson Resonance power surged, his eyes turning red like a vicious eagle swooping down in search of food.


Facing Song Yunfeng's furious punch, Li Luo did not make any other defense, but stood still in place, letting the fierce shadow of his fist quickly enlarge in his pupils.


The fiery fist wind swept over him, but just as Song Yunfeng's bare fist was about to approach Li Luo's face, it was as if his fist froze.


Because at that moment, a palm grabbed his wrist as firmly as an eagle's claw, preventing him from moving another centimeter.


Song Yunfeng looked away angrily and found that the war watcher was standing, and it was his punch that stopped his attack.


"What are you doing?!" Song Yunfeng said angrily.


The spectator, expressionless, pointed to a stone pillar on the edge of the battle platform, on which there was an hourglass on one side, and no one noticed at that moment that the grains of sand in the hourglass were already They were running out.


Li Luo rubbed his sore arm and smiled softly at a stunned Song Yunfeng.


"It's time, fool... Or do you still want to add the clock?"

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