Chapter 341 – Ji Sun Emotionally Complicated

Xu Ling was defeated, he was directly beaten hard by Li Luo to the point of losing his sanity.


Therefore, at Li Luo's exclamation, he was unable to give a response, otherwise he would have inevitably had another attack of anger and blood.


It was not because he was too weak, but because he had underestimated Li Luo, an opponent with the same third pattern as him, who was probably new to society and did not yet know that there was a big difference between people.


This was in line with the style of the Golden Dragon Treasure House, which was to make money from peace and not make unnecessary disputes and killings, after all, these people who came to help the fighters had some backgrounds and identities, and actually dying in the Golden Dragon Dojo would cause some business damage.


While Li Luo's side was finishing the match at an alarming speed, on the other side, the young man named Guo Xiang had just arrived in front of Lu Qing'er.


He showed what he thought was a relatively attractive smile to the latter and said softly: "This girl, if you can't hold on anymore, you can admit defeat sooner, I am a person who is still very good at showing mercy to jade."


Lu Qing'er said coldly, "I think that fellow of yours, might as well take a step further first."


Guo Xiang frowned, and only then realized that Xu Ling's side had suddenly lost his voice, and he was immediately shocked.


Behind him was Xu Ling, who had fallen into a pool of blood.


A look of stupefaction appeared on Guo Xiang's face and he was in a trance for a while, how could Xu Ling be gone after just a few steps?


Did this guy do it?


But isn't it just the third pattern of the Birth Pattern Stage?


Damn, Xu Ling, have you seen me playing with a girl and playing with me on purpose?


Just as Guo Xiang gaped, a cold suddenly penetrated in front of him, as Lu Qing'er struck out with her palm, cold air rushed in and caused the air to freeze.


The thin palm directly hit Guo Xiang's chest, but it was at that instant that his body abruptly exploded, turning into snowflakes flying in the sky.


"Snow Resonance?"


Lu Qing'er raised her eyebrows, this Guo Xiang was actually a Snow Resonance, in this kind of ice and snow place, he was like a tiger with wings.


He stood in place and looked around, but found that Guo Xiang's figure had completely disappeared, and even the energy fluctuations of the resonance could not be perceived. With the help of snow and ice, such Guo Xiang was directly hidden.


Li Luo also arrived at this time and laughed: "The snow resonance is a bit weird."


Lu Qing'er snorted coldly and said, "Do you really think you can hide? Don't forget that between snow and ice there is also ice."


The power of ice resonance within his body surged at that moment, blooming at the tips of his slender fingers, before summoning ice and snow in all directions.


"Ice Crystal Link!"


A few breaths later, Li Luo's gaze swept to a certain direction on the right, only to see countless ice crystals condensing there, gradually transforming into a human figure.


It was that Guo Xiang.


At this moment, the latter's face was somewhat ugly as he looked at the ice crystals covering his body, and his body's resonance power surged, quickly melting the ice crystals.


However, although he had dissolved the ice crystals, his figure was already exposed, and Li Luo, with a smile on his face, approached with his twin swords in his hands.


"I'd like to see if you're really that perverted!"


Seeing Li Luo entering, Guo Xiang's face changed, then he let out a furious roar, his body's resonance power exploded without reservation, his double palms waved as if there were snowflakes gathering in the sky.


"General Tiger Technique, Great Snow Leopard!"


The snowflakes gathered together, seemingly forming a snow leopard, enveloped in an icy aura, and slammed head-on into Li Luo.


Li Luo's expression was calm, and there was no finesse, he directly slashed downwards, the force of water light resonance forming a mane of high-speed flowing water on the blade.


It was still the Water Manifestation Technique.


However, when Li Luo's Water and Light Resonance evolved to the seventh grade, his Water and Light Resonance Power also became purer, and the resonance power that reached the seventh grade had its own spirit born, making it more pure. which made Li Luo's Water Light Resonance Power now more than one level stronger than before.


Likewise, this Water Manifestation Technique, which had once increased, became so again.


Li Luo called it Perverted Grade Water Manifestation Technique.


extremely strong confusion effect , before Xu Ling was directly decapitated with a single slash because he had taken his Water Manifestation Technique to the light one.


I'm afraid that in the end, this guy was wondering in his heart why a most ordinary Water Manifestation Technique could possess such terrifying power.


No one could have imagined that the fusion of water resonance and light resonance power could explode with such a simple and indestructible power.


As the blade descended, the water mantra flowed over the blade and directly collided with the approaching snow leopard, which shattered into snowflakes in the next instant.


In the next instant, the snow leopard shattered and turned into snowflakes. Li Luo slashed his sword towards Guo Xiang from behind.


But just before the blade fell, he directly knelt down and held his head, saying loudly: "Big brother I think, don't cut me!"




The sword stopped when it was still inches away from him, and Li Luo also looked at the other party with a bit of surprise, this boy was also a talent, he just played a good man to not eat a loss in front of him until the extreme.


Li Luo smiled, his sword deflected and hit the other party's head heavily, directly causing him to faint.


"This is too powerful for you, a normal Third Pattern can't even withstand a single move from you." Lu Qing'er looked at Li Luo's crisp and clean resolve of a Third Pattern opponent, and couldn't help but feel a little astonished.


"Just two little minions."


Li Luo didn't feel very good, the resonance power of this Xu Ling and Guo Xiang was weak, they obviously hadn't entered the third pattern for a long time, and their own abilities were also not strong, their resonance grades were only seventh. grade, while he now carried a seventh grade Water and Light resonance and a fifth grade Earth and Wood resonance, even if he had not used his dual resonance power, his battle power was still enough to crush such opponents.


"Let's go help Qin Qiglu, he must be under a lot of pressure there."


Li Luo said, and then his figure turned and headed towards the ice and snow forest not far away, where the violent resonance power was constantly erupting, and the battle was obviously extraordinarily fierce.


Lu Qing'er also followed closely behind.


A few moments later, when the two arrived at the battlefield, they saw the two silhouettes exchanging blows extremely fiercely, with waves of resonance power sweeping and breaking the nearby trees.


His body swelled several times, and the heavy spear in his hand was enveloped in dark red resonance power, attacking Ji Sun extremely heavily, as fast as lightning.


Each blow caused a tearing sound, and the wind and snow were shattered.


However, in the face of his attack, that Ji Sun seemed to be somewhat relaxed, his speed was extremely fast, and he kept dodging, vague residual shadows appearing, dodging most of Qin Qiglu's attacks, while every blow of the willow blade in His hand was silent, accompanied by a sweeping flowing wind, finally cutting a bloody scar on Qin Qiglu's body.


Precisely because of Qin Qiglu's desperate fighting style, Ji Sun often failed to defeat him as soon as possible.


However, if the situation continues like this, Qin Qiglu will most likely be defeated as time passes.


After all, Ji Sun was a genuine First Transformation Stage Transformation, and in terms of the strength of his resonance power, he was much stronger than Qin Qiglu.


However, that was the end of the situation.


Both Qin Qiglu and Ji Sun had noticed the arrival of Li Luo and Lu Qing'er. Qin Qiglu expected it, but Ji Sun couldn't hide his surprise.


His figure quickly retreated, his gaze was hard as he looked at Li Luo and said slowly, “This friend is really good at hiding.”


Originally, he had thought that the most powerful person in the group in front of him should be this broken bastard who possessed the top 8th grade Gold Devouring Demon Tiger resonance, but from the looks of it, he had clearly been wrong.


This human-looking brat was the shadiest.


"I have learned the style of the Great Golden Dragon Treasure House of Great Xia." Ji Sun sneered.


However, Li Luo ignored his useless words, but smiled and said, "There is something I would like to ask you."


Ji Sun gave him a cold look.


Li Luo did not care about his attitude, but instead pointed at Lu Qing'er thoughtfully.


"Do you know, by any chance, why he's been able to pick up all kinds of rare spirit plants with ease all this way?"

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