Chapter 345 – Intercepted

After cursing, Li Luo also sighed in despair, he really didn't expect this situation just now, generally speaking, after obtaining such information as the Golden Dragon Qi, shouldn't it be kept strictly confidential? How could the other Snow Wolf Kingdom team make it known to everyone?


How can there be such stupid people in this world?


Li Luo was really puzzled.


"What's wrong with this situation? There seem to be too many teams coming." Lu Qing'er asked with a slight frown.


"If we can't, let's have a fight with them!" Qin Qiglu suggested with fiery eyes.


Obviously, Li Luo did not accept this stick suggestion, his strength was no longer much of an advantage, and they were now at an absolute disadvantage in terms of numbers, any head-on confrontation would be extremely unreasonable.


"Come on, let's hide for a while, this situation is too complicated, we can only take shelter first." Li Luo finally decided.


Obviously, Lu Qing'er had nothing to object, while Qin Qiglu was somewhat dissatisfied, but in a one-on-two situation, he could only choose to listen.




"Brother Zhao, the situation is not good, it seems that there are other teams coming in our direction as well."


And while Li Luo and the others occupied the high ground and discovered the movement around this mountain range, one of the members of that Zhao Ziyang team also discovered some clues while ascending to the heights.


When Zhao Ziyang heard this, his brow wrinkled and his figure went to a high place to look into the distance for a while, his face became a little ugly, and he said in a cold voice: "It seems that that little rat from the Country of Snow Wolf who fled is behind this."


"This guy is a ruthless person, to spare any effort to spread such news."


But it was normal to think so, after all, that information had already been intercepted by them, and since the Snow Wolf Country team had been paralyzed by them, there was basically nothing else they could do, so since that was case, they could very well release this information to get revenge on them.


It must be said that the broken movement on the other side also made it a little difficult for him.


Since there were quite a few teams in this area, and among them there were teams that were not weaker than them, if they really arrived, the fight for the Golden Dragon Qi piece of the pie would obviously be a little more difficult.


"Let's continue advancing, we have an advantage over them in terms of time, if we can enter the mountain range before them and capture the small group carrying the Golden Dragon Qi, we can take the opportunity to displace them."


"But hurry, we can't delay until the rest of the team arrives."


"Jingji, release the blood-winged flying mosquitoes, they will help us find the squad hidden in this mountain forest at the fastest speed."


Hearing this from Zhao Ziyang, one of his companions nodded immediately, and then took out one side of a clay pot, first bit his finger and dropped fresh blood on it, and after a few moments of doing so, he threw the pot onto the ground. ground in pieces.


A hum.


Then a black cloud arose, which was actually countless flying mosquitoes with bright red wings, which sped towards the mountain forest and disappeared in an instant.


"Go away!"


Zhao Ziyang waved his hand and his figure shot out first, his feet dripping with crimson phase power, every time he landed a fire mark formed on the ground.


The three of them entered the mountain forest at full speed.


Some time after their group entered the forest, teams began to appear one after another, and then each of these teams also used some tracking techniques.


The mountain forest became extraordinarily lively.




Somewhere in the mountain forest, the three of them were traveling at full speed.


During this period of time, they could vaguely sense some resonance energy fluctuations rushing through this mountain forest.


Evidently, quite a few teams had entered this area and were having some conflicts among themselves.


"Li Luo, at this rate, I'm afraid that we will soon start running into people, from the words Ji Sun said before, he also passed on our portraits, so once we run into people, we will most likely recognize us." Lu Qing'er's voice came.


Li Luo nodded, so they didn't have much time left ah.


"Go to that high ground to the east." Li Luo's gaze flickered slightly as he suddenly said.


"Isn't that kind of conspicuous place more likely to be a target?" Qin Qiglu frowned and said.


"What we want is to draw attention, the more teams look at us in this situation, the more room for maneuver we will have in place." Li Luo said slowly.


Qin Qiglu said that he didn't understand, but Lu Qing'er was thoughtful.


If they were targeted by one of the main teams, it would be more dangerous, but if they were targeted by more and more teams, then a check and balance would form between these teams.


The current situation is simply not sensible to be reckless with your head and you have to use some brains.


Li Luo supposedly had some of his plans.


Because of her trust in Li Luo, Lu Qing'er did not ask any more questions, believing that Li Luo would take care of everything.


And while his thoughts were spinning, Li Luo suddenly frowned and snapped his finger, a resonance power shot out quickly, turning into a drop of water, which swept across a leaf, piercing through it.


Li Luo stopped and approached the leaf, only to see a flying ant with bright red wings on the water bead transformed by the resonance power.


"Our footprints have been discovered."


Li Luo looked at that red-winged flying ant and frowned, this group that had entered the Golden Dragon Dojo were really all experts, even the tracking thing was so peculiar.


"Accelerate the pace."


He waved his hand, and then it was time to turn and accelerate, leading Lu Qing'er and Qin Qiglu towards the eastern heights at a gallop.


The three traveled at full speed, and after a stick of incense, a deep stream about ten meters wide appeared before them, and on the opposite side of the deep stream was the high ground they had seen before.


The three of them were able to get out of their bodies, and then their figures were dragged along the deep current.


However, at this moment, a hot and violent resonance power suddenly burst out from the forest to the side, only to see a red figure shooting out like a flame.


And then he threw out a fist, and in that instant, it was as if the earth burned, a lava-red fist shadow pierced through the air, enveloped in an overwhelming aura, and enveloped the three of them.


The sudden attack also made Li Luo startled.


From this magma fist shadow, they could already sense that their opponent's strength was far superior to that of Ji Sun they had fought before.




Qin Qiglu was the first to roar as golden tiger stripes emerged on his body, his fierce and ferocious aura surging, and the heavy spear in his hand roared with the force of his entire body, colliding with the shadow of the magma fist.




At the moment of collision, the violent resonance power surging from Qin Qiglu's spear blade was destroyed and dispersed, the spear blade was red and heat spread, causing Qin Qiglu's palms to begin to vibrate. to smoke.


The shock force even shook his figure backwards and he landed in the deep stream in a mess.


This time, Li Luo and Lu Qing'er exposed themselves to the lava fist that had no less residual power.


Li Luo's eyes flashed and he wrapped his palm around Lu Qing'er's slender waist and, with a surge of energy, sent her to the other side of the deep stream before she could scream.


By now, the shadow of the lava fist had already hit his face, and the hot wind caused a burning sensation on his skin.


Li Luo did not seem alarmed, but instead took a deep breath and executed his Water and Light Resonance Power, then quickly formed a water mirror with light flowing in front of him.


"Xuan Mirror Technique!"


The surface of the mirror was smooth and shiny, and the shadow of the lava fist was reflected in it, and the next moment, the same shadow of the lava fist also appeared on the mirror, and then a fist shot out.




The violent power of resonance spread and heat waves spread.


The mirror surface shattered at this moment, and the real lava fist shadow weakened, but it still came with a fierce gust.


Li Luo's face did not change, but his eyes were much more serious. From this first encounter, he could feel the strength of the person he had hit, who was more than a match for the previous Ji Sun.


The opponent was at least in the second transformation of the Transformation Stage.


This one was several levels above him.


The two sides almost crushed each other in a harsh head-on clash.


However, Li Luo's expression did not show any fear. Although his opponent was strong, it was not so easy to crush him with a single attack that had no follow-up support.


Li Luo's figure shot back into the air and his twin swords flashed in his hands.


In an instant, the twin swords turned into a continuous stream of saber light, like two swimming fish, cutting through the power of the fist shadow's lava resonance.


The spirituality of fencing made people have fun.


When Li Luo's figure landed in the deep stream, his twin swords were already red and smoke was coming out of them, and the shadow of the lava fist had been dissolved by him.


However, the price he paid for it was that the twin swords in his hands cracked slightly from the heat.




The sound of applause rang from the other side of the hall, and three figures emerged from the shadows of the forest, the first of which was Zhao Ziyang.


At this moment, he looked at Li Luo with great interest.


“Interesting, the strength of the third pattern of the Birth Pattern Stage can take this blow from me?”

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