Chapter 347 – Negotiations

In the silent mountain forest.


There were quite a few gazes that watched this scene on the field with a slight sense of shock, no one had expected that Zhao Zhaoyang would be repelled by an opponent of the third pattern of the Birthmark Stage in a face-to-face encounter, and even that his protection The power of resonance shattered, leaving a bloody mark on the top of his fist.


The blood stain was not deep, but it represented that his defenses had been torn apart at that previous moment.


A Second Transformation, and yet his defenses had been torn apart by a Third Birth Pattern?


After all, Zhao Zhaoyang was not a water bearer, he carried an eighth grade Magma Resonance, and his own resonance power was so strong that he was considered the best in his class, but even so, he had suffered a small defeat at the hands of this opponent with the third pattern of the Birth Pattern Stage.


This silver-grey-haired and unusually handsome-looking teenager seemed to be quite strange, ah.


"Brother Zhao?"


Zhao Zhaoyang's other two companions were originally besieging Qin Qiglu and Lu Qing'er, both of them were in the first transformation of the Transformation Stage, so they had gained a considerable advantage in the match, but of course the most important thing was that Lu Qing'er was the weakest, while Qin Qiglu was bearing almost 80% of the pressure.


These two were also following the battle on Zhao Zhaoyang's side, so when they saw Zhao Zhaoyang suffer a loss, they were also very surprised.


After all, as teammates, they knew Zhao Zhaoyang's strength very well. In his Red Sand Empire, Zhao Zhaoyang's strength was considered to be of the highest level among his peers, and in the past, he was almost the only one who challenged strong opponents beyond his level.


Amidst the many surprised gazes, Zhao Zhaoyang was also looking at the blood marks on his fist, which were slowly recovering with the flow of his resonance power, but his ugly and gloomy face was still difficult to recover.


At this age, he was also cultivating in the Holy Academy of the Red Sand Empire. Over the years, few people of his generation could be considered by him, and in the past, he was the best in the eyes of others.


However, today, this arrogance has clearly been thwarted somewhat.


“I never thought… I would never have thought that one day I would be able to find the power of dual resonances before entering the Marquis Realm… It is true that there is nothing strange in heaven and earth.” Zhao Sollyang said slowly, with a low tone.


The moment these words were spoken, many cries of astonishment were heard, the power of double resonance...


This young man, whose strength was only the third pattern of the Birthmark Stage, really possessed the double resonance? This was the second resonance palace that had been opened beforehand by a great stroke of luck during the breakthrough…


In the mountain forest, surprised, curious, and envious gazes fell on Li Luo's body.


No wonder he was able to slightly compete with Zhao Zhaoyang with the third pattern of the Birth Pattern Stage, it turns out that he possessed such a strange resonance.


After all, once the power of double resonance was revealed, it was impossible to hide it, and Zhao Zuoyang was not stupid, so he would not be able to detect it.


He seemed indifferent, only holding his twin swords, the blades pointed diagonally, while on the blades, there were faint cracks.


These two previously built short swords shouldn't last much longer.


Only at this moment, he was also a little helpless. In fact, this time, he should have been able to achieve greater results in the battle by exploding the power of double resonance as well as the four resonance power bubbles, or at the very least, he would have injured Zhao Zhaoyang, instead of just cut a blood stain.


However, it was also the first time Li Luo had exploited his power to such an extent, so he was still a little rusty for a while.


If I did it again, the effect should be a little better.


Unfortunately... There was no time to come anytime soon.


After the four resonance power bubbles were consumed, those resonance powers dispersed with them, so now there was no second time for that level of attack... Along with the burst of dual resonance power, in Right now, he was actually in a kind of weak period after the outbreak instead.


"The resonance power level gap is still too big."


Li Luo sighed in his heart, the gap between him and Zhao Zhaoyang was too big, plus the other party's foundation, the nature of the resonance and everything, was much better than the Ji Sun he had met before, so although He had poured all his strength into it, he was barely able to fight him slightly.


However, his previous outburst of power was not to win or lose against this Zhao Qiuyang, but to show the surrounding wolves his claws and teeth.


At the very least, I wanted to let these people know that they should not think that they could be bullied because they seemed to be a small group of third patrons.


And at this moment, Zhao Qiuyang slowly walked forward and stared at Li Luo, saying, “What is your name?”


Li Luo looked at him and said in a deep voice, "My name is Yu Lang."


Lu Qing'er and Qin Qiglu couldn't help but look at him.


"Well, Yu Lang, I didn't expect such a formidable character to emerge from the country of Great Xia, if what I expected is correct, you must be from the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy of Great Xia, right? Hehe, for the War of the Holy Grail at the end of this year, the other Holy Schools should pay a little more attention to you.” Zhao Zhaoyang said.


"I, Yu Lang, am not afraid of the wind or the waves, just come towards me with whatever movement you have." Li Luo said proudly.


Zhao Zhaoyang didn't say anything else, but it could be seen that with Li Luo displaying his own strength as well as his dual resonance, his previous arrogant and domineering attitude had tempered a lot, and at the very least, he was no longer directly asking Li Luo to hand over Lu Qing'er.


This is also one of the purposes of Li Luo's previous direct burst of his strongest power, at the very least, he had to display a power that would make others somewhat afraid before he could play check and balance, if not, would he? Would a little white rabbit want to control and balance a pack of wolves? What a joke.


"Yu Lang, today's matter is not something that can be accomplished just by carrying a double resonance, you should understand." Zhao Zhaoyang said indifferently.


"The Golden Dragon Qi is rare, and since it has appeared, then none of us want to give it up, after all, it represents a walking pot of treasure, and you alone, cannot keep it."


He waved his hand, signaling the two companions who had surrounded Lu Qing'er, Qin Qing'er, to retreat, as a sign of his own sincerity for the subsequent negotiations.


Li Luo gave him a smiling look: “Then can you stay with us?”


Zhao Zuoyang's face was expressionless, this boy had attracted so many teams to gather here, although his strength was not afraid of anyone, but a good man cannot resist a large number of people, in this situation, even if it was reluctantly , he could only admit that he couldn't eat this meal alone.


In the mountain forest, a resonance energy fluctuation suddenly appeared, and then some figures shot out and landed on the surrounding trees.


"Oh, friend of the Red Sand Empire, if you want to eat alone, you have to be careful not to burn yourself." Someone spoke with an unkind voice, their words filled with warning.


“This Golden Dragon Qi, it is only fair to distribute it properly.” Another person echoed.


A flash of anger flashed across Zhao Zhaoyang's eyes, but he finally suppressed it as he looked towards Li Luo: "You brought up this situation, what do you want to do about it?"


If it had been before, no one would have paid attention to Li Luo, but before, Li Luo had shown his strength and that rare double resonance, forcing them to pay some attention to him.


And most importantly, the situation was complicated and someone had to put an end to it.


None of them were suitable for this, and as the owner of the Golden Dragon Qi squad, this young man, who called himself Yu Lang, was clearly the most suitable.


And under the gaze of many gazes, Li Luo also smiled and said in a calm voice: "With all the commotion going on right now, I also know that the Golden Dragon Qi cannot be shared exclusively, so I don't mind taking it out and sharing it." "


The smile at the corner of Li Luo's mouth gradually became playful.


"Only you think that although the Golden Dragon Qi is a pot of treasures, can it afford to feed so many people?"

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