Chapter 348 – A pack of wolves killing each other

As Li Luo's playful words fell, in this mountain forest, the eyes of that Zhao Zhaoyang, as well as several captains who were also not weak, narrowed vacantly at that moment.


Now there were no less than twenty or thirty teams gathered here, adding up to almost a hundred people, and if they all came to follow the Golden Dragon Qi and take a bite, then it would ultimately be meaningless.


As Li Luo had said, he couldn't afford to feed them.


"What do you want?" Zhao Zhaoyang said slowly.


Li Luo sat on top of a rock in full view of that crowd, extended four fingers and said: "Four teams, I am only willing to share the Golden Dragon Qi with four teams, any more and this Golden Dragon Qi would be better." without him".


His eyes looked indifferently at the wolf pack watching the mountain forest and said, "As for how these four teams are chosen, I don't care, I just want the results."


His voice was flat, but it gave a chill to the ears of the numerous teams present.


This boy is so ruthless.


Did he really want the teams present to kill each other and finally settle on four teams to share the profits of the Golden Dragon Qi with them?


"This friend from the Great Xia Kingdom is very skilled."


At this moment, a cold laugh rang out, and when Li Luo looked over, he saw a tall and slender silhouette walking out, an unusually hot young woman, with slightly tanned skin, full of a sense of wildness, as if she were a female leopard in the mountains and the forests.


It was hot, cold and fierce.


He had short hair and his features seemed somewhat cold, and at this moment his eyes carried a certain sarcasm towards Li Luo: "Are you trying to use this to provoke a fight between us and then escape while you can?"


“Moreover, even if you carry a double resonance, you yourself are only at the Crude Pattern stage, you can slightly compete with Zhao Zhaoyang, can you really still beat him?”


"Maybe, let me try?" She moved her feet slightly, and a majestic resonance power rose, vaguely as if a green leopard shadow was forming behind her.


Li Luo glanced at the short-haired girl, then stopped at the insignia on the other party's chest, "Greenson Dynasty?"


"Greenson Dynasty, Gu Ying." The short-haired maiden said indifferently.


Li Luo nodded, this young lady named Gu Ying was also very strong, she was not weaker than Zhao Qiuyang at all, in her current state, before replenishing her four resonance power bubbles, if he fought with her, he would most likely was at a disadvantage.


"This girl, if she is not interested in my proposal, she cannot participate." Li Luo laughed.


"Does fish meat have the qualifications to choose a knife board? Little brother, this was not supposed to be a place for you, birth pattern level." Gu Ying bristled.


Li Luo was about to speak, but Lu Qing'er grimaced and stepped forward, her pretty face covered in frost as she stared at that Gu Ying and said, "Even though we are fish meat, there is also a saying that "The fish will die. Although we don't want to give up this opportunity from the Golden Dragon Dojo, if they really force us out of the way, then we might have to withdraw of our own will."


He extended his palm and the power of ice resonance merged into a sharp ice spike in his palm.


Lu Qing'er's eyes were cold.


"If I create my own wound, I should be able to activate the Golden Dragon Secret Key and come out directly, right?"


There was a bit of commotion in the mountain forest, Zhao Zhaoyang's face as well as Gu Ying's also changed slightly, they had come here with a lot of effort, in order not to force the release of the Golden Dragon Qi, wouldn't it be a trip in vain?


They did not expect that this ice-cold young woman who carried the Golden Dragon Qi would have such a pugnacious temper.


Li Luo was also stunned by Lu Qing'er's actions, and then he slowly knitted his eyebrows and said, "What are you doing?"


Lu Qing'er noticed that there was something low and unpleasant in Li Luo's voice, and her heart also tightened, somewhat lost as she looked at him.


"Put it down." Li Luo said calmly.


"I promised President Ye that I would protect you, so I don't want to see you use this path before it falls, if you believe me..."


Lu Qing'er hurriedly said, "I don't disbelieve you."


He hesitated for a moment, but continued to disperse the ice shuttle in his hand.


Li Luo stepped forward, his eyes looked somewhat indifferently at Zhao Zhaoyang, Gu Ying and the others, and said indifferently: "I won't change even half of what I said before, four teams is the limit I can afford." "If you can't accept it, then there is no need to talk about it, I will take it as I want."


Although the situation was extremely difficult right now, if pushed hard, he was not completely powerless to deal with it.


He slowly raised his hand and the sleeve slid off, revealing the scarlet sealing bracelet.


Zhao Zuoyang's eyes changed slightly, he was not angry at Li Luo's harsh words, he was just curious, he was curious how Li Luo could still have this kind of strength in such a difficult situation where he was surrounded by a group. of strong people.


Was it the power of double resonance?


But it was not enough to change the situation much, after all, Li Luo's own strength of the Birth Pattern Stage gave him too many limitations.


But although he didn't know where Li Luo's bottom came from, he did agree with Lu Qing'er's words from before, even if they didn't have the ability to break the game, at least, they could now break the net with a fish. dead.


This was the disadvantage of not addressing the other side from the beginning, ah.


Gu Ying also did not speak any more, her willow eyebrows closed and her gaze flickered.


The entire atmosphere between the mountains and the forests became quieter again, only this time, the atmosphere was gradually more tense and oppressive.


The eyes of some of the weaker teams became unkind, because if it really was like what Li Luo said, then they would be the first to suffer.


This bastard was very good at picking fights.


The oppressive atmosphere lasted for a few moments.


Suddenly, someone couldn't hold back and his resonance power burst out, and his figure shot straight towards Lu Qing'er's location, intending to capture her first and then make the other teams fear.


The sudden change of events caused many people in the audience to startle, and they prepared to move.


However, Li Luo's expression was still calm and he didn't seem to have any intention of intercepting her.


At this instant, the figure was already approaching Lu Qing'er.


With a fierce smile on his face, the figure reached out and grabbed her.




At this moment, a hot and violent magma force suddenly descended from the sky, as if a magma rock had crashed down, heavily hitting the figure's body.


The earth shook and the figure slammed directly into the ground, gushing blood furiously.




The numerous teams in the forest were shocked, and when they looked over, they saw Zhao Zhaoyang stepping on the head of the sneak attacker with a gloomy look.


He raised his head and his crimson power flowed across the surface of his body, while his deep voice echoed through the forest with a ferocious aura.


"Idle people, get out of here!"


Many of the teams turned pale, as they knew that Zhao Zhaoyang's blow meant that he had chosen the path given by Li Luo.


Only four teams were qualified to eat this delicious piece of cake, the Golden Dragon Qi.


And being one of those four teams... Then it would just depend on who could stay until the end.


Between the mountains and the forests, the silence lasted for a few breaths before a resonance force fluctuation erupted violently, following which the entire mountain forest rippled.


At that moment, what was originally a pack of wolves surrounding them turned into a pack of wolves killing each other.

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