Chapter 35 - It's a tie

Around the battle platform, the crowd was milling, but at this moment it was silent.


Everyone looked dumbfounded at the spectator who had intervened to stop Song Yunfeng, and then at the hourglass that was running out of time.


The battle here was so intense that it made them not pay attention to the passage of time before, but when they looked back, it turned out that it was time...


At this moment, they suddenly understood that Song Yunfeng had previously wanted to consume Li Luo's Resonance power, but he had not at all expected that Li Luo was similarly stalling for time.


When the hourglass has run out, the game will have no winner and, according to the above rules, a tie will be declared.


In other words, this match between Li Luo and Song Yunfeng... ended in a draw.


And the end, to everyone's surprise.


Because from any point of view, this match should not have had such a result, there was a huge disparity between Song Yunfeng and Li Luo's strength, so in many people's opinion, this match would have been a decisive victory for Song Yunfeng. .


No matter how hard Li Luo tried, he found it difficult to gain the slightest advantage under Song Yunfeng, who possessed a seventh grade Resonance and had an eighth seal Resonance power level.


But what about the results?


The match, which in his eyes should have been almost crushed, was turned into a draw by Li Luo...


At this moment, as they looked at Li Luo, whose face was slightly pale due to the exhaustion of his Resonance power, some admiration gradually emerged in their eyes in the silence.


Even that Bei Kun, at that moment, looked constipated, with a wonderfully pale face.


Tifa Qing on the side was also staring at the stage in a daze, her lost eyes showing the shock she had suffered in her heart, and only after a long while did she exhale heavily, her beautiful eyes looking deeply at Li Luo.


At this moment, although the latter's face was a little pale, it was as if he could faintly see that there was a piercing light emanating a little from his body.


This reminded Tifa Qing of the legendary silhouette of the South Wind School's Monument of Honor.


But then, Tifa Qing shook her head, although Li Luo had worked a miracle, she was still too far away from Jiang Qing'e.


On the battle platform, Song Yunfeng's stupefaction lasted for a moment before he glared at the spectator: "It's clear that I'm already going to beat him, he doesn't have any more Resonance power, now I'm going to win for sure!"


"Give me one more second, just one more second!"


The onlooker frowned as he looked at Song Yunfeng, who had lost his composure. He used to look bland and friendly at the South Wind School, but now, he was completely impassive.


"The rules are the rules, the hourglass is running out and if there is no winner, it's a tie." The war watcher said.


"You fart!" Song Yunfeng's face was somewhat gloomy as he growled.


How could he accept a tie that would have disgraced him?


However, the observer ignored him and looked around before announcing: "The final result of this match, a draw!"




As his voice fell, there were countless excited and wild shouts from the Second House, all the Second House students were excited, this competition from Li Luo had greatly increased the face of their Second House.


Yu Lang, who was covered in bandages, opened his mouth and muttered, "Is this pervert really going to come to power? It's incredible that even Song Yunfeng was defeated."


Amidst the deafening cheers, Lu Qing'er's bright eyes calmly looked at Li Luo's figure. At this moment, he seemed to have seen the young woman who was obviously also very young when she first entered the South Wind Academy, but who was always one step ahead of them in the cultivation of resonance arts and who finally he came to instruct them, the beginners, with a face full of good grace.


Li Luo, at that moment, was undoubtedly dazzling.


Even Lu Qing'er had a secret admiration for him at that time and targeted him.


It's just... The appearance of the Void Resonance caused Li Luo's previous aura to disintegrate, and after that he avoided it, so he had no choice but not to bother.


"I knew, Li Luo, that you would get back up and then you would be really dazzling."


"But now you're not enough, I want to see you reach the top and then..."


"I will beat you."


Lu Qing'er's long hair rose slightly and her bright eyes were filled with fiery battle intent. He took another look at Li Luo before turning around without stopping here.


Who would have thought that Lu Qing'er, who has an outwardly calm and sweet temperament, would be so aggressive and bellicose deep down?


On the battle platform, Li Luo looked at the gloomy-looking Song Yunfeng before him and sighed: "You couldn't even take advantage of the opportunity given to you, Song Yunfeng, you are really a waste."


Song Yunfeng's eyes glared at Li Luo fiercely.


"If you fail this time, Song Yunfeng, you won't have much chance in the future."


However, Li Luo was not afraid of his fierce gaze, instead, he stepped forward, patted him gently on the shoulder and laughed: "This matter of you smearing my parents, next time we will settle the score." appropriate".


Song Yunfeng gritted his teeth and said contemptuously: "Okay, I'll wait."


Li Luo nodded and, without saying anything else, simply applied himself and got off the combat platform, then left the square surrounded by the excitement of many students from the second courtyard.


As he left, the atmosphere in the square gradually decreased, and many people looked at Song Yunfeng peculiarly before also dispersing one after another.


In today's case, Li Luo was supposed to admit defeat directly, but it turned out that this Song Yunfeng was inclined to attack other people's parents, but this painstaking effort to provoke Li Luo, but did not achieve victory. , this matter, too, is really a joke.


One can imagine that in the future, this story will surely spread for a long time in the South Wind School, and he, Song Yunfeng, will be the supporting character used to establish the main character of this story.


On the high platform at the edge of the square, the old dean and a group of tutors were also somewhat quiet. This result was equally unexpected.


After a moment of silence, the old dean finally sighed and said: "This Li Luo never had the intention of winning the fight from the beginning to the end, his goal was to drag it to a draw."


"And the surprising thing was that he actually did it."


Xu Shanyue was already smiling from ear to ear, Li Luo had simply given him too much face today, that was Song Yunfeng, the best student of the First House after Lu Qing'er, but this time, he was forced to a tie by Li Luo.


So who says they can't produce talent in the second home?


No one would think that it was a simple tie, because the difference in strength between Li Luo and Song Yunfeng was indeed too great. His Resonance power was only at the Sixth Seal realm, and his own Water Resonance was only fifth grade, but what about Song Yunfeng? Eighth Seal Resonance Power, Seventh Grade Red Eagle Resonance... Honestly, with this kind of general gap, if it were them as instructors, they wouldn't know exactly how to complete the reversal, and for Li Luo to be able to force the situation in a tie was already incredible.


Do you really think that everyone is like Jiang Qing'e, who is a heavenly pride and has a ninth grade Resonance?


Beside, Lin Feng's face had long been as black as the bottom of a pot. At Xu Shanyue's smug laughter, he restrained himself and finally said, "Li Luo's performance today has really been impeccable, but there is a time limit for the pre-test, and what about the academy's big exam afterwards?" "At that time, it is based on actual capacity, and these opportunistic tactics will be of little use."


Xu Shanyue snorted coldly: "The Li Luo back then may not be able to go further."


"A little more, and it would only be the Seventh Seal Realm." Lin Feng said with an expressionless face.


The old dean waved his hand, stopping the usual dispute between these two, looked in the direction Li Luo had left, then stared at Lin Feng and Xu Shanyue, his face became much more serious as he said: "How Whether Li Luo performs by then is his business, but I have to remind you that this time, for the Grand Academic Examination, my South Wind School must maintain the golden sign of being the number one academy in Tian Shu County, if by then ...something's wrong, humph."


The cold growl at the end made many instructors' hearts flutter.


Especially Lin Feng, he understood that the old dean's words were more directed at him, because the First House gathered the best students of the South Wind Academy and also occupied most of the resources of the South Wind Academy, and the grand exam of the Academy it was time to check each time whether the First House was worth these resources or not.


As far as Lin Feng knew, the last tutor of the First House had been directly expelled from South Wind Academy in anger by the former dean due to a previous Academy exam that had almost caused South Wind Academy to lose its banner. number one academy in Tian Shu County.


So if you make a mistake in this academic exam, I'm afraid the old dean won't forgive you either.


Even Lin Feng's heart trembled at the thought of that result, and he hastened to assure: "Don't worry, Dean, the strength of our First House is obvious to everyone, and we will definitely be able to maintain the honor of the academy."


"That would be the best".


Only then did the old dean's face ease a little, before he said nothing more and turned to leave.


When he left, the numerous instructors looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief... An angry old dean is very scary...


"But this year, the Eastern Abyss School is very strong, and the Eastern Abyss School is a school fully supported by the Governor's Office, and it has been extremely strong over the years, catching up with the Wind School. "His own talent is extremely high, and in terms of strength, he will not be inferior to Lu Qing'er, so I am afraid that this year's school exam, our Southern Wind School will be under a lot of pressure."


After the old dean left, some tutors couldn't help but speak with concern.


Lin Feng looked at the tutor and said indifferently, “Eastern Abyss Academy is not as deep as my South Wind Academy after all, so if you want to snatch this sign, you still have to ask if my First House agrees.”


With those words, he turned around and walked away.


The others looked at each other in disbelief, all a little offended by Lin Feng's arrogance, but in the end they could do nothing but mutter.


"Go ahead, shoot, when the time comes to play it, let's see how you finish."

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