Chapter 351 – A Good Show

The addition of Ning Zhao and Zhu Xuan's team immediately made the Guardian Alliance's already complex composition even more... complicated.


On the second day of travel, the atmosphere in the team became a little more tense, and the entire Guardian Alliance directly became three factions.


One faction was the outsiders led by Zhao Zuoyang and Gu Ying, the other was Li Luo, Lu Qing'er and Qin Qiglu who were the core of the group but also seemed to be the weakest, and the third faction was the of the three people who had just joined, Ning Zhao, Zhu Xuan, and Lin Suo.


The three factions were obviously the strongest, while Ning Zhaoxuan and Zhu Xuan were outnumbered, but they were not weak, and since they had to protect themselves from external enemies, Zhao Zhaoyang was unwilling to make enemies without much preparation.


So, for the moment, some restraint was maintained.


Of course, moderation is moderation, but some conflicts could not be avoided, and Li Luo was like a peacemaker, standing in the middle and constantly reconciling the two sides.


It was as if she was a wronged daughter-in-law.


Under these circumstances, the Guardian Alliance continued its march towards the direction of the Pond of Ten Thousand Treasures.


During the day, the Guardian Alliance kept being attacked by some teams, and after some fierce battles, they finally repelled the enemy and won a lot.


In the evening, it was time for the daily "gold sharing" session.




At the bonfire, Li Luo put a piece of roast meat into his mouth, feeling the delicious taste of the meat in his mouth, with a look of satisfaction.


He then cut a small piece from the bonfire and handed it to Lu Qing'er next to him.


Lu Qing'er took it and gave Li Luo a sweet smile before savoring it with reserve and grace, her red lips stained with oil and shining with an attractive glow under the bonfire.


On the side, Qin Qiglu gobbled down his meal without image, and said somewhat sullenly after eating: "This Golden Dragon Dojo is too boring, this is not the place I want to be."


What he expected was an exciting escape from being constantly chased, but how could he have imagined that the situation had somehow turned into being guarded vigilantly by a group of top-notch fighters.


Although in the past few days there were teams constantly attacking them, neither he nor Li Luo had the chance to strike, and the main reason was that Li Luo had rightly told him that his most important task was to protect Lu Qing'er, so which they could not move away from her even half a step.


Qin Qiglu could not refute this reason as even Zhao Zhaoyang and the others agreed with her, but of course their reason was perhaps more because they did not want the three of them to leave the surveillance zone.


He could only watch as Zhao Zhaoyang and the others fought furiously again and again, while he could only chop the trees to vent his frustration.


At Qin Qiglu's complaints, Li Luo could only give him a blank look, this reckless bastard was really insensitive, he didn't know how much effort he had put into making the current situation happen, and this guy still found it too boring?


"If you get bored, eat more, don't you see that Qing'er has a good appetite? She seems to have gained a little weight in the past few days." Li Luo said.


Lu Qing'er, who was on the side, was surprised and hurriedly touched her cheeks: "Really? What have I gained weight?"


Li Luo didn't expect such a big reaction from her, so he could only laugh dryly: "No, no, I'm just joking."


Lu Qing'er looked at Li Luo with annoyance, then clenched her fist and punched him.


Li Luo could only endure it, and then he felt that the environment was not right, so he looked up and saw Zhao Zhaoyang, Gu Ying, and Zhu Xuan staring at the bonfire with expressionless faces.


Li Luo could feel some of the resentment emanating from them.


After all, they were fighting for their lives outside every day, fighting to the death, and now they were coming back to lick their wounds, and they had to take this kind of beating?


It was so tempting to turn the table and quit.




Faced with the resentment of the crowd, Li Luo coughed dryly and hurriedly changed the subject: "Let's talk about something cheerful, like today's distribution."


He directly took out a cloth bag, then poured it on the ground in front of him, and a crisp sound sounded as a bunch of golden beauties rolled out.


It was Dao gold that had been harvested today.


All eyes in the arena were directed to this point in an ardent manner.


In the Guardian Alliance, the daily harvest of Dao gold was attended to first by Li Luo, in fact, it was mainly because his squad was the weakest and everyone was calm.


"This is all the Dao gold harvested today."


Under the fiery gazes of the crowd, Li Luo took out a wooden stick from the bonfire and, with a smile on his face, divided the Dao gold into equal portions.


"It's been hard work for everyone, take it from each other." Said.




But at this moment, Zhao Zhaoyang suddenly spoke, staring at one of the golden Dao, and said coldly: "There is an extra part today, right?"


Li Luo was stunned and laughed: "This part is for them ah."


He pointed to Ning Zhao, next to Zhu Xuan.


"We didn't agree that you would share the same amount of dao gold as us every day." Zhao Zhaoyang snorted coldly.


At these words, Ning Zhaoxuan's face changed, and his eyes turned to Zhao Zhaoyang with a gloomy expression: "What do you mean? Don't look for trouble for nothing."


"Today we also pushed back the enemy, why wouldn't we share it?"


Earlier, when Li Luo took out the Dao gold they had earned today, they were secretly surprised, as the harvest they had mixed with previously for several days was not as much as this day.


Only at this moment did they truly feel how strong the effect of the Treasure Pot brought about by Lu Qing'er's Golden Dragon Qi was, no wonder Zhao Zhaoyang and the others were so repulsed by the inclusion of outsiders, after Everything, it was a real benefit.


Gu Ying said, "It's not impossible to share it with you, but it's not necessary to share the same amount as us as soon as we arrive, right? At the very least, you have to act a few days in advance, right?"


Zhu Xuan's face was cold, and with a wave of his sleeve and robe, the fire-red resonance power spread out, directly rolling up the pile of gold Dao that Li Luo had assigned to them, and collecting it.


“Don't talk such nonsense, this is our turn, Qing'er is from our Grand Xia Golden Dragon Treasure House, we are already showing our face by allowing you to follow the distribution of this gold dao.”


"If they are still not satisfied and want to do what they want, we all agree, the important thing is that we will end up dividing into two."


Zhao Zhaoyang's face suddenly became gloomy, and anger surged in his eyes: "What a big mouth, what are you!"


He stood up fiercely, his crimson resonance power surged, and heat filled the air.


The atmosphere, which had been quite harmonious, suddenly became tense.


Li Luo hurriedly got up with an anxious look, "Aiya, what are you doing, why make it so ugly? Now is not the time for conflicts, although we have repelled some greedy people today, the problem has not yet been resolved from the outside." everything, isn't this giving people a chance to be in internal turmoil?"


"Everyone, face me and hold on for now."


He waved his hand, then looked at Ning Zhao, Zhu Xuan and the others and said: "After all, you have just joined forces, sometimes you still have to give a little more, how about this, how about we leave the vigil to them?" tonight?"


Zhu Xuan looked at Li Luo, he really didn't want to face Zhao Zhaoyang and the others here, after all, they had the advantage of numbers, so he nodded indifferently.


He then immediately stood up and led Ning Zhao and Lin Suo into the distance.


Only then did the atmosphere around the bonfire gradually calm down.


But as the bonfire rose, Li Luo kept seeing the fierce gleam in Zhao Zhaoyang and Gu Ying's eyes, so he sighed with pity.


Damn, after a day of performing, we finally have a good show tonight.

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