Chapter 353 – Extraction

Under the night curtain.


Li Luo looked into the distance, although he was some distance away, he could still see a gleam of resonance power rising from the dense forest over there, that amount, somewhat unexpected.


"This Zhu Xuan, he also has a bad stomach."


Li Luo sighed, although from the beginning he had a vague feeling that Zhu Xuan had not come alone with his people, but with the scene before him, he could see that Zhu Xuan had indeed prepared for this.


He had probably never intended to share the gains from the Golden Dragon Qi with Zhao Zhaoyang and the others.


Judging from the teams Zhu Xuan had joined up with, it was clear that he wanted to find an opportunity to replace Zhao Zhaoyang and the others and then take control of Lu Qing'er, who carried the Golden Dragon Qi, in his hands.


Tsk, this guy's pattern is not low either.


Ambitious and bold.


If he hadn't secretly provoked the two sides here, making Zhao Zhaoyang and the others impatient and attacking ahead of time, then when Zhu Xuan had everything prepared, I'm afraid it would have been time to just launch a cleanup.


When Zhao Zhaoyang and the others were expelled, Zhu Xuan would have enough reason to "protect" Lu Qing'er, and perhaps find an excuse to kick him out.


After all, Zhu Xuan had been displeased with him for a long time.


"I wonder if Zhao Zhaoyang and the others will be able to resist Zhu Xuan's preparations..."


Li Luo thought about it, if Zhao Zhaoyang and the others capsized, then he would have to start thinking about a way to find his next fighter here, oh no, his next alliance partner.


But with the current chaotic situation, it was a good idea to get out of it first.


Li Luo's eyes flickered slightly, and he suddenly felt that the area around the bonfire seemed to have become extremely quiet, and the figures who had been guarding the area were also not moving at the moment.


Li Luo's nose twitched and he vaguely smelled a somewhat peculiar smell.


When this smell reached his nose, Li Luo's face changed violently.


Ecstasy poison!


But at this instant, Li Luo directly activated the wood resonance power in his body, and the turquoise resonance power quickly flowed through his body.


However, his face gradually became serious at this moment.


His eyes stared at the darkness in all directions, and after a moment, he fixed on a certain direction and said slowly: "Go out."


There was silence in the darkness for a few breaths, and then there was the faint sound of footsteps, and a human figure slowly approached from there.


The light of the bonfire spread further, and the figure fell into Li Luo's line of sight.


When he saw the figure clearly, his pupils shrank imperceptibly, because that figure was none other than Lin Suo, whose presence in Zhu Xuan's group had never been strong.


But it was this person who always gave Li Luo a sense of danger, even if it was.


"Aren't you even delighted with Luo Yunyan?" Lin Suo asked with a smile as he stood under the light of the bonfire, looking at Li Luo with some surprise.


"Did Zhu Xuan send you here?"


Li Luo looked at the other party with a slight frown, he had really underestimated Zhu Xuan.


Lin Suo smiled but said nothing.


He had always distrusted this man, and had suspected that he was an assassin from some force that was targeting Luo Lan Mansion, and that their purpose was to kill him in this special place, the Golden Dragon Dojo.


Although Ye Hongxi said that this Lin Suo was a member of the Golden Dragon Treasure House, Li Luo had not completely relaxed his guard against him.


And this time, if Lin Suo really came for him, I'm afraid he wouldn't let this opportunity pass by...


Although Lin Suo's apparent strength was only First Transformation Stage Transformation, Li Luo had a vague feeling that the other party was not as simple as it seemed.


In the few moments when Li Luo's mind was flickering, Lin Suo didn't look like he was going to say much, but there was a resonance power surging from his body, which was actually blood red, and faintly, there were also an aura of blood.


Li Luo felt the power of the red blood resonance, and his eyes became even more shocked.


This was... A blood MRI?


It was really strange.


He saw Lin Shao's figure flickering, directly turning into a blood light and shooting towards Li Luo's location.


"How fast!"


Li Luo was shocked, then his twin swords appeared in his hands, and the two resonance palaces in his body worked without hesitation, two phase powers flowed out and covered the swords.


The light of the swords projected with ferocious intensity, shining with a cold luster under the night.


However, the blade light passed by the blood-red light shadow and pierced through it, while the blood-red light shadow appeared behind Li Luo in a ghostly manner.


He seemed to ignore Li Luo's obstruction, and instead rushed towards a store.


That was Lu Qing'er's shop!


While sprinting, Lin Suo fiercely spit out a mouthful of blood light resonance power, which landed on that tent and quickly dissolved it, before Lu Qing'er's sleeping silhouette was revealed.


Lin Suo went straight towards Lu Qing'er.


The other party's action made Li Luo frown. This guy, hadn't he been organized by another power to deal with him? Why haven't you taken advantage of this opportunity right now?


However, no matter what the other party's purpose was, if he wanted to touch Lu Qing'er, that was not something he could allow.


Lin Suo's figure appeared strangely next to Lu Qing'er, and just as he was about to reach out and grab her, he felt an extremely powerful resonance force suddenly erupt behind him.


It was so strong that even his eyes were amazed.


Next, he backhanded his palm, and saw the blood-red resonance power rolling, a blood-red palm shadow wrapped in fish Qi, and his palm collided with Li Luo's slashing double swords.




At this moment, a sound like gold and iron sounded, and then Li Luo's face changed slightly as he felt a powerful force spread out in front of him, and the power of the two resonances gathered in the twin swords was strangled at that moment. moment.


Such strength was far superior to the first transformation stage transformation!


Not even weaker than Zhu Xuan and Zhao Zuoyang!


This Lin Suo had really hidden a lot of strength!


Li Luo's figure shook again, and his eyes looked at Lin Suo with a bitter look as he slowly said, "You have gone to great lengths to hide so much strength, what power has sent you here? It doesn't seem like it's coming for me." ".


Lin Suo's eyes looked at Li Luo indifferently, "Come for you?"


He laughed, his laugh seemed to carry some sarcasm.


“Young Mansion Master Luo Lan, your ego is too good, I am not interested in you, so if you know what is good for you, get lost soon.”


Li Luo's eyes narrowed slightly, this was a bit unexpected, he had always thought that this Lin Suo had gone undercover to deal with him, but now it seemed that he had guessed wrong.


"Since you're not targeting me... Then, your target, is Qing'er?"


"Aren't you someone from the Tianzang County branch of the Great Xia Golden Dragon Treasure House? Now that you dare to touch Qing'er, aren't you afraid that President Ye will seek you out to settle scores?"


"You, what exactly is your purpose?"


Hearing Li Luo's words, Lin Suo's eyes remained indifferent, he did not answer, but instead stretched out his palm, and a thumb-sized, extraordinarily delicate-looking black jade gourd appeared in his hand.


He moved his finger and the black jade gourd shot out, and then settled between the sleeping Lu Qing'er's eyebrows.


Above the black jade gourd, as if there was a surge of black Qi, the mouth of the gourd aimed at Lu Qing'er's forehead, and a strange suction force abruptly surged at this moment.


Immediately afterwards, Li Luo was shocked to see what seemed to be a wisp of golden aura coming out of Lu Qing'er's forehead and being absorbed by the black jade gourd.


That golden aura was extremely subtle and mysterious, and when it appeared, Li Luo was the first to guess what it was.


That should be… Golden Dragon Qi?!


This Lin Suo, was he really able to

bring out the Golden Dragon Qi from Lu Qing'er's body?!

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