Chapter 357 – The Plan

At Lu Qing'er's suddenly contrasting response, Li Luo also froze for two seconds, and then said embarrassedly, "Within this Golden Dragon Dojo, it is still very difficult to cut and feed the dogs."


Lu Qing'er gave him a blank look and said, "I was just making that analogy."


“But there is one thing I don’t understand… This Lin Suo came from Grand Xia’s Golden Dragon Treasure Line, once the Dao Field here ends, he will also be transported back, isn’t he afraid of facing the "Will your mother be angry when she returns?" Li Luo asked with some confusion.


Lu Qing'er smiled lightly and said, "That's why he is going to Golden Dragon Peak, if what I hope is true, his goal is to capture a copy of the mountain worship seal."


“As long as you obtain the mountain worship seal, then someone will be prepared to receive you outside in advance, then you will be teleported to the designated place, and not to our Grand Xia Golden Dragon Treasure House headquarters.”


“Obviously, this Lin Suo has been lurking in the Tianzang County branch of the Great Xia Golden Dragon Treasure House for a long time, he… is coming for me, and it is very well planned.”


Li Luo was stunned and said, “To be able to know so much about the Golden Dragon Dojo…”


Lu Qing'er nodded slightly and said, "It must be someone from within the Golden Dragon Treasure House... Of course, this Golden Dragon Treasure House may not be our Great Xia headquarters, but the headquarters of another." country, or rather of another divine state..."


“Going to all this trouble, just to deal with you? Or is it to deal with your mother?" Li Luo frowned.


It's not that he didn't believe Lu Qing'er was qualified, but she was still a young lady after all and shouldn't be strong enough for someone to have such a far-reaching plan, right?


"That's not very clear."


Lu Qing'er hesitated for a moment and finally said it, in fact, she had some speculations in her heart, although her mother was in charge of the Great Xia Golden Dragon Treasure House, it was unlikely to say that it was too eye-catching, That Lin Suo's mission this time was obviously to sabotage her obtaining the Golden Dragon Qi, and there was undoubtedly a deeper involvement in this.


To say the least... It had something to do with his father, whom he had not seen in many years.


But this was something deeper, there was no need to tell Li Luo all of this, after all, it was not good to know.


Li Luo also did not ask any more questions, but instead nodded and said, "No matter what that Lin Suo's purpose is, but the Golden Dragon Qi must be recovered, I promised your mother that I would protect you in the Golden Dragon Dojo , If you are shadowed like this, I really won't dare to see your mother in the future."


Lu Qing'er said with a light smile, "Not only do we have to **** the Golden Dragon Qi, we also can't let that guy obtain the mountain worship seal, I want him to be able to pass it back to the Grand Headquarters." Xia intact, although our Golden Dragon Treasure House is good to the people, but the Bodhisattva lowers his eyebrows and the Vajra is furious, I also have some other means besides peace and harmony."


"If Lin Suo falls into our hands, I think that even if he is hard-boned, he should be able to glean some useful information."


Lu Qing'er spoke softly, but the coldness contained in her words made Li Luo look at her with a bit of dismay.


It was the first time he saw this side of Lu Qing'er, that normally arrogant and charming young woman, she had actually inherited Ye Hongxi's cold character in critical moments, but normally, she had not shown it.


When Lu Qing'er saw Li Luo's look, she woke up and hurriedly collected her emotions and said in a twisted voice: "Was that Lin Suo the first malicious one, I... I think it's reasonable for them to kill him, right?" ?"


Li Luo swallowed and nodded with a dry smile: "Actually... It's also more reasonable."


Lu Qing'er suddenly sighed and said, "But the problem now is that our team, even if the three of us are together, I'm afraid we are no match for Lin Suo, right?"


Li Luo nodded and said, "Be confident, you can take away your fear."


Lu Qing'er punched Li Luo, still skinned at this hour, and then asked, "Is it to ask for outside help?"


Li Luo raised her chin and gestured for Lu Qing'er to look around, as the latter's eyes swept, seeing that many of the teams that had gathered here previously had quietly left.


These teams had been gathered here by Lu Qing'er's Golden Dragon Qi, but now that it had been destroyed, who would be willing to stay here? Even Zhao Zuoyang and Gu Ying were unwilling to offend a powerful Third Stage Transformation enemy for them, let alone the others.


After all, there was no deep relationship between them, and it could even be considered a competitive relationship.


As they watched the surroundings gradually empty, Qin Qiglu also approached with a heavy weapon in tow.


Is it possible that most beasts are masochists?


"So Ning Zhao and Zhu Xuan have also slipped away, and it doesn't seem like they plan to help us deal with Lin Suo." Qin Qiglu walked over and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said.


Li Luo was not surprised by this, if those two had this kind of commitment, they would not have done something like sending Lin Suo to stalk them.


"These two bastards, they have caused everything, if they hadn't made this mess, Lin Suo wouldn't have had the chance to attack." Lu Qing'er gritted her silver teeth, her small face covered in frost.


If it hadn't been for Zhu Xuan and the others, even if Lin Suo was the third transformation of the Transformation Stage, it would have been difficult for him to get his hands on them.


"When we get back, I'll make sure my mother cleans up after them!" He said with hatred.


"These two decrepit assets must be left alone for the time being, now that the three of them are missing one person, I am afraid that it will be difficult for them to compete for the mountain worship seal, so it is like stealing a chicken and losing it" . Li Luo shook his head and said.


"So what should we do? Are we really going to rely on the three of us to settle scores with that Lin Sao?" Lu Qing'er said with some concern.


The three of them, Li Luo and Qin Qiglu were the third patron of the Birth Pattern Stage, while she was only the first patron, no matter who they were, there was a huge gap between them and that Lin Suo, if they met alone, He feared that he wouldn't be able to support them even for one round here, and even Li Luo and Qin Qiglu would have trouble lasting more than five rounds.


There was no way out, the difference in strength was an entire level.


Facing such a strong opponent, Lu Qing'er really didn't know what her chances of winning would be.


"It is really difficult". Qin Qiglu also said in a dull voice, although he was not afraid of battle and was not afraid of that Lin Sao, but being afraid was one thing, whether he could beat him or not was another.


Li Luo was silent for a moment and said, "Do you trust me?"


Lu Qing'er smiled and said, "Of course I believe in Treasure Boy who can solve even Great Heavenly Calamity level aliens."


Qin Qiglu stifled a grunt, didn't say anything, just waved his hand strongly, then turned around and sat on the side to rest, this conversation, really made the scalp tingle, fortunately there was no girl talking to him that way, otherwise he would have hit his sand bowl-sized fist.


This Li Luo is really pathetic too.


But who made him look like that when he had nothing to do, he deserved it.


Li Luo looked at Qin Qiglu, who had walked to the side, with some discontent, what kind of look is that?


He shook his head and ignored this broken bastard. Although Lu Qing'er and Qin Qiglu reacted differently, their responses were both very consistent.


And there was death protection in this Golden Dragon Dojo, so no matter what the waves were like, they couldn't die anyway.


"I need to do a little preparation in the next few days."


Li Luo's fingers touched the dark red bracelet on his other wrist, if he had any card left, it was the power of the Three-Tailed Heavenly Wolf inside this bracelet, only this power was too dangerous, he had to make some preparations before be able to do it.


"Next, let's continue towards the Multi-Treasure Pond, because the Multi-Treasure Pond is also a very important part that can increase our overall strength, if we can obtain some powerful treasure tools there, this will also give us a little more chance of winning." against Lin Suo."


As Li Luo spoke, he looked at the twin swords on his waist, which had been used for so long that they were about to reach their limit, so they also urgently needed to be replaced.


So he hoped that in that multi-treasure pool, he could find a suitable treasure tool for himself, I guess, in order to face that upcoming fierce battle that would span an entire level.

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