Chapter 358 – Initial Contact

In the following days, Li Luo, Lu Qing'er, and Qin Qiglu continued to advance in the direction of the Multi-Treasure Pond, and this time the speed of their travel was quite a bit faster than when they were escorted by a group of people previously. The reason for this was simple, as the news of the destruction of the Golden Dragon Qi spread, there were no more teams interested in continuing to attack them.


And after losing the effect of the Golden Dragon Qi treasure bowl, Lu Qing'er was really unable to continue collecting treasures as he went, and naturally, there were no more severely injured elite beasts that suddenly fell from the sky to act as fortune dispersers.


So the rushes of these days became much smoother and cleaner.


However, although the journey was smooth, Li Luo not only relaxed, but their daily training became more urgent as they were preparing for the next big battle to eliminate Lin Sao.


Although it was unlikely that the huge gap between both sides could be bridged in this period of time, it was good that they could improve their strength, or at least annoy each other for a little longer, which could lead to a miracle.


The sun was setting and the dark red glow spread across the mountains.


On high ground, Li Luo sat on the edge of a cliff. He looked at the mountain forest not far away, where the roar of beasts echoed, the forests shook and were occasionally pushed and collapsed, while there were also two power resonances erupting there.


This was how Qin Qiglu and Lu Qing'er hunted elite beasts together, earning dao gold and at the same time sharpening and improving their strength.


In fact, these few days down, Qin Qiglu and Lu Qing'er's efforts were also seen in his eyes, although Li Luo had previously told Qin and Lu to trust him, but these two people also did not really want to become a burden. , and then hand all the pressure to Li Luo.


Although Li Luo had previously had the miracle of resolving the alien Great Heavenly Calamity, but that was ultimately a sword that went off the rails, furthermore the miracle could be called a miracle, that was because it was difficult to replicate, although not They knew exactly what means Li Luo had, but since they were teammates, then they naturally had to do their best to help Li Luo share some of the burden.


Qin Qiglu was arrogant and would never tolerate being a burden on himself, while Lu Qing'er was probably heartbroken and did not want Li Luo to take on so much pressure to help her recover the Golden Dragon Qi.


After watching for a while, Li Luo withdrew his gaze and smiled, these two teammates were very trustworthy, but still, the gap between them and Lin Suo was too big, trying to cross the enemy's level, even if their numbers were higher, it was still a huge disadvantage.


It would be too difficult to fight normally, so... It was better to rely on traps.


Li Luo's gaze fell on the dark red bracelet on her wrist, the flowing scarlet light giving a depressing feeling.


"Heavenly Sacrifice Spell..."


Li Luo whispered to himself, in fact, he had been studying and cultivating this strange art since he received it from Dean Pang, only this strange art was quite complicated and profound, even with his talent in resonance arts, it took him a lot of time to test the waters before starting gradually.


But he was never able to extract the power of the Three-Tailed Heavenly Wolf.


The reason was that according to the "Heavenly Sacrifice Mantra", to extract the power of the Three-Tailed Wolf, one needed to first condense the "Heavenly Sacrifice Mantra Seal" with a secret method, and the condensation of this Heavenly Sacrifice Mantra Mantra had been difficult for Li Luo for a long time, and even after his continuous attempts, he was still unable to complete it.


Obviously, the scroll handed over by Dean Pang was extremely difficult.


But it was impossible to give up even if it was difficult, after all, it was the strongest card in Li Luo's hands today.


While thinking about it, Li Luo collected his other thoughts and stretched out his arm, and with a flash of light from the blade, a blood stain appeared, and blood immediately flowed out of the wound.


The blood flowed, but it did not drip. Instead, under Li Luo's control, it slowly flowed into his arm as if it had a life force, and a thread of blood continued to flow, crossing and merging with each other, gradually forming a spell mark. extremely complex scarlet.


Sweat continued to roll down Li Luo's forehead.


Although it did not consume much energy, it was a great burden on his mind and heart, and before long, it made him feel a little tired.


The spell seal was still incomplete.


The half-finished incantation seal even trembled from the weakness of his mind, and the cohesive blood showed signs of crumbling.


Li Luo was not surprised by this, after all, he had stopped here many times before, but this time, he was not going to give up, he knew that he had to try to reach the limit, otherwise he didn't know when he would have to wait if I wanted to get out of this step.


And right now, obviously, he didn't have that much time to waste.


A ferocious color flashed across Li Luo's eyes, before he gritted his teeth and manipulated the scattered blood with his mind, a thread of blood spreading and outlining, gradually condensing the remaining part of the spell seal.




And as the last enchantment seal fell, Li Luo could clearly feel that the scarlet enchantment seal on his wrist trembled violently, and a peculiar fluctuation emerged from it.




Immediately afterwards, he saw a line of blood extending above the scarlet enchantment seal, and that extension was exactly where the dark red bracelet on his wrist was!


In a brief moment, the bloodline connected to the dark red bracelet in the middle of Li Luo's deadly open eyes.


In that instant, it was as if Li Luo's spirit was in a trance.


The cliff disappeared and darkness spread beneath their feet, as if the sound of chains fighting violently reached their ears.


Three huge tails flew behind him, like a giant python.


It was the Three-Tailed Wolf!


At that moment, it was as if the Three-Tailed Sky Wolf had also sensed Li Luo, and at that moment, its scarlet and brutal pupils shot up, and it fought hard, pounced directly at Li Luo.


The huge claw pierced through the void and fell, but when it was still about three meters away from Li Luo, it froze, unable to move because it was bound by the chains around it.


However, even so, Li Luo was caught in a cold sweat.


At the same time, a blood-red energy erupted from the Three-Tailed Wolf's body, and finally rose rapidly along the winding chains, converging directly towards Li Luo's location.


Seeing this scene, the three-tailed wolf suddenly stopped fighting, and a sneer seemed to emerge from the beast's scarlet and ferocious pupils.


Blood-red energy poured out, the darkness shattered, and the mountain wind hit his face again.


But Li Luo felt that something was wrong, because at this moment a violent emotion surged from his heart like a tidal wave, his pupils quickly reddened, and an impulse to kill and destroy surged in his heart.


That was the power of the three-tailed wolf!


Only in that power, there was also the will of the Three-Tailed Sky Wolf.


"What a ferocious beast!"


Li Luo was horrified, he still underestimated the strength of the Three-Tailed Wolf's will pollution, it was too weak now, although he had the "Heavenly Sacrifice Spell" to extract the Three-Tailed Wolf's power, this kind of pollution the will caught him a little off guard.


At this critical moment, Li Luo made an immediate decision and slapped the "Heavenly Sacrifice Spell Seal" on his wrist with his palm, which shattered instantly, and at the same time, the surge of energy and fierce will were cut off instantly.




The back and forth impact of energy caused a mouthful of blood to gush out from Li Luo, while some of the scattered energy swept out, directly sweeping the nearby rocks into pieces.


Wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, Li Luo looked at the blood patch on his arm and sighed: "As expected from a large elite beast that is about to touch the Marquis realm, just a little bit of infection." of will almost made me lose control.


As he sighed, the sound of breaking wind suddenly sounded from not far away, and the figures of Lu Qing'er and Qin Qiglu were quickly approaching, obviously they had noticed the sudden violent energy fluctuations that had arisen over here.


"Li Luo, are you okay?" A moment later, the two arrived, both looking at the destroyed area with surprised faces.


Li Luo smiled and shook his head, although there was still some scarlet in his eyes.


Lu Qing'er quickly walked over, stared into Li Luo's eyes, and frowned: "Your mood is not at all good, has your cultivation gone bad?"


At this moment, he suddenly took off the ice silk glove on his right hand, revealing the small hand as slender and perfect as white jade, he hesitated for a moment, blushing slightly as he held Li Luo's palm, and immediately there was a icy cold resonance force emanating from the tight grip of his hands.


Then Li Luo felt a surge of extremely cold qi in his body, the extreme cold seemed to carry a strange nature, as the cold qi emanated, Li Luo was shocked to find that the emotions of killing and destroying that remained in his heart gradually faded away. , his mind became as clear as ice and snow, and the residual hostility was also eliminated.


“This is…” Li Luo said in surprise.


Lu Qing'er smiled and said, "This is the 'Ice Heart Xuan Qi', which can purify the mind, while remaining calm at all times and not being infected by external objects causing the power of the mind to retreat." resonance".


Li Luo froze and then burst into tears, holding Lu Qing'er's small hand with great strength.


"Qing'er, you are a little treasure." He said enthusiastically.


Lu Qing'er's little face suddenly turned red, while Qin Qiglu, who had just arrived next door, cursed angrily and turned to leave.

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