Chapter 371 – The Fifth Seal

When Li Luo opened his eyes again, a familiar scene appeared before his eyes, none other than the backyard plaza of the Golden Dragon Treasure House in Great Xia.


The first thing he did was perceive himself, and then he saw the two palaces of resonance within his body burst into glory. Within the resonance palaces, the two resonance power seeds floated and sank, surrounded by a circle of resonance power light, and at this moment, on the surface of the resonance power seeds, five lines of light of resonance power were clearly visible.


The abundant resonance energy constantly gushes out, like a solar corona.


And seeing these five resonance power light patterns, Li Luo was shocked.


This is... The fifth pattern?


His resonance power level had directly gone from the third pattern of the Birth Pattern Stage to the fifth pattern?


Originally, he thought that this Dao Gold Infusion would at most raise his resonance power level by one level, but to his surprise, it turned out to be two whole levels.


This Daoist Gold Infusion, can it have such a strong effect?


Li Luo was ecstatic, these two levels of promotion were able to save him two to three months of cultivation, which was like a rain from the sky for him, who was already short of time nowadays.


Not only had his own resonance power increased, but he found that the severe injuries on his palms had also been restored at this moment, making him sigh in admiration.


Recovered from your injuries?


Li Luo suddenly paused and then violently changed his expression.




And it was at that instant that a strong resonance force suddenly surged behind him, a resonance force that reeked of blood, and who else could it be but that Lin Suo?


Li Luo's eyes passed by, only to see Lin Suo's gloomy face, at this moment, his figure was like lightning rushing straight towards Lu Qing'er, obviously, he was going to take Lu Qing'er hostage! before everyone could come to their senses!




Li Luo couldn't help but curse, how reckless, he really didn't expect that the Golden Dragon Dojo had not only recovered the three of their injuries, but even Lin Suo, who was on the brink of death before, had been saved! intact!


With so little time, not even he would have had time to do anything.


Lu Qing'er also noticed Lin Suo's movement at this moment, but compared to Li Luo's color change, her expression was exceptionally calm, and she did not adopt a defensive posture, just staring at Lin Suo who was approaching. with cold eyes.




At the moment when Lin Suo was about to stretch out his arm and grab Lu Qing'er, an extremely terrifying pressure suddenly descended from the sky, and under this pressure, the energy of heaven and earth around him came together like lightning, like a mountain, and directly enveloped Lin Suo's body.


Lin Suo's body directly collapsed at this moment, his body hit the ground with a loud bang, creating a deep crater, and a mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth, interspersed with broken internal organs.


His face was gloomy and the skin on his body was cracking at this moment.


The blood was gushing out and looked horrible.


Only then did Li Luo look up, only to see that outside the teleportation array, Ye Hongxi was standing there with several senior members of the Golden Dragon Treasure House, and at that moment, Ye Hongxi's gorgeous face kept A cold indifference, staring at Lin Shao who was writhing like a worm on the ground, and that terrifying feeling of intimidation emanating from his body.


Marques level power.


Li Luo's eyes were heavy, it was the first time he had seen Ye Hongxi attack in anger, and that kind of pressure... It was obvious that he was a true marquis, and with a single wave of his hand, he was able to unleash the energy of heaven and earth, creating terrifying power.


No wonder Lu Qing'er didn't care about Lin Suo's life-threatening move, it turned out that she had absolute trust in Ye Hongxi.


“Lin Suo? What are you doing?!"


At this moment, next to Ye Hongxi, Vice President Ning Xie and the other committee members made a surprised sound and asked in a stern voice.


All of them failed to react just now, after all, Lin Suo was also considered a member of the Golden Dragon Treasure House, but Ye Hongxi was more determined, although she also did not understand what Lin Suo wanted to do, but looking at the target From her punch, it was obvious that she was heading towards Lu Qing'er, and as a mother, she certainly did not hesitate to strike first to suppress Lin Suo.


Whether Lin Suo had bad thoughts or not, daring to hit Lu Qing'er like that was impolite, and even if he was subdued, he deserved it.


Li Luo, Lu Qing'er, Qin Qinglu, and a complicated-looking Ning Zhao and Zhu Xuan walked out of the teleportation formation at this moment.




Lu Qing'er took the lead and walked towards Ye Hongxi, saying: "This Lin Suo must be led by someone, he is coming for me."


And then, she was telling the whole story of what had happened at the Golden Dragon Dojo.


“Golden Dragon Qi?”


When they heard that Lu Qing'er had obtained the Golden Dragon Qi, Ye Hongxi, Ning Xie and other senior officers looked shocked, and when they realized that Lin Suo had actually destroyed Lu Qing'er's Golden Dragon Qi, An astonishing killing intent surged in Ye Hongxi's eyes.


"Ning Zhao, is what Qing'er said true?" Vice President Ning Xie hurriedly asked.


Ning Zhao hesitated for a moment before nodding his head and saying, “Father, things are like this… This Lin Suo has bad intentions, even we were deceived by him, we originally wanted to go protect Qing’er, but we didn’t. "We expected this beast to sneak up on Qing'er."


Vice President Ning Zhao, senior manager of the Golden Dragon Treasure House, suddenly put on a grave face, clearly realizing the seriousness of the matter.


This Lin Suo hid so well, this kind of concealment technique is definitely not something he can do as a small resonance master realm, and he has been hiding for so many years, he must have a plan, what is behind this, It is worth thinking deeply about it.


Maybe that's what you've been waiting for?


But why destroy Lu Qing'er's Golden Dragon Qi?


Ye Hongxi's face was expressionless, his eyes looked indifferently at that Lin Suo, whose body was shattered by the pressure of energy, and said indifferently: "Someone send him to the 'Dragon Prison', and by all means , let him spit out everything he knows, I want to know who is behind his instructions." "


On the square, a dozen shadow-like figures appeared in response, black chains shot out from their sleeves, directly piercing Lin Suo's flesh and binding his bones, and finally these shadows dragged him into the air and quickly disappeared.


Until the end, Lin Suo did not utter a single cry.


Li Luo looked at the direction he disappeared and sighed with some pity, goodbye friend, it seems that you won't be able to have a farewell meal.


But injustice has its place, I only take you back to Great Xia, the rest has nothing to do with me, if you have any grievances, go find Ye Hongxi.


While Li Luo was thinking this, he suddenly saw the light of Ye Hongxi's eyes directed towards him, and his heart immediately chilled, after all, he had clearly seen Ye Hongxi's cold side before.


However, while Li Luo was apprehensive, Ye Hongxi's beautiful cheeks revealed a soft smile never seen before, and within that smile, there was an air of satisfaction.


"Li Luo, you have done a good job and have not let me down." He said slowly.


At this rarely seen soft voice, as well as Ye Hongxi's affectionate smile, Li Luo felt a little flattered for a moment, then carefully asked, "Can't I give the heavenly amount of gold for the resonance power bubble?" .

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