Chapter 375 – A Gift for Bai Mengmeng

In the end, Li Luo did not rush back to the Xuanxing Sacred Academy during the night, as Jiang Qing'e told him that the tutors were probably resting at that time and no one would see him active, so Li Luo kindly accepted the offer. to spend more time with her tonight.


However, after dinner, Jiang Qing'e went to the training room alone, leaving Li Luo to look at the empty room with a long sigh and go to bed.


The next day, Li Luo returned to Xuanxing Sacred Academy with Jiang Qing'e. He would continue to enter the Dark Cave to cultivate next, that kind of place was certainly creepy and depressing, but if he could withstand the pressure brought by the alien species, it would be quite obvious for his own improvement.


So after entering the academy, the two separated. Before parting, Li Luo wanted to urge Jiang Qing'e to be more careful in the Dark Cave, but he thought about it and kept it to himself. The Dark Cave was certainly terrifying for new students like them, but in Jiang Qing'e's eyes, it might just be a dangerous place to train, and with her skill, she should be good enough for it.


After separating, Li Luo headed straight to the small dormitory building.


The latter was also a little surprised when he saw Li Luo's figure, and said in a low voice: "You are back."


Li Luo nodded: "I'm back."


Xin Fu said slowly, "You have missed too much training this month, you have no idea what you have missed, now I, I have reached the third pattern, Li Luo, if you continue to slack off like this, maybe I will take your position as captain and I replaced you."


Li Luo said in a deep voice: "Sorry, I'm already on the fifth pattern."


Xin Fu was silent for a moment, and Shadow Resonance pushed the chairs away from the table, while showing a smile: "Has the captain eaten? Here's another one."


Li Luo waved his hand and said, "You're welcome, it seems like you haven't worked hard enough this month, I'll have to report to mentor Xi Chan later, our Meng Meng squad is the support after all, once we face others strong teams, the two of us have to take on all the pressure, so you shouldn't drag your feet here."


"In the name of captain, you have to rise to the fourth boss in a month!"


He finished with a smile and headed to the basement of the small building.


Xin Fu looked at Li Luo's back, rubbed his chin with a heavy face, and muttered: "Surprisingly, the fifth boss... How can he be so perverted? It's a huge mistake, the captain is worthy of being the captain." .


While Xin Fu was reflecting on himself, Li Luo had already arrived at the basement, then he found Bai Mengmeng who was immersed in the Spiritual Water research state in the refining room. Today, the young woman was wearing a light blue coat, her whole body seemed small and slender, her innocent little face was rosy and her skin was crystal clear.


And there she was, in that self-hypnotic state of investigation, eyes like a frozen lake, methodically manipulating the numerous materials, while one small hand held a pen to record the numerous changes.


Li Luo did not bother her, but sat on the side and waited quietly.


At a certain moment, Bai Mengmeng's gaze suddenly swept towards Li Luo's figure, and then the movements of her hands suddenly stopped, as ripples seemed to emerge from the ice lake eyes, and the cheeks that were originally So calm and expressionless, they gradually began to become alive.


"Captain? You're back!" A moment later, Bai Mengmeng let out a surprised exclamation.


Li Luo smiled and nodded, chuckling:


"What a fun change of state yours has had."


Just now, when she was studying the strange light of the spiritual water, Bai Mengmeng was absolutely concentrated without any distractions, as if nothing external could shake her, and as she came out of that state of investigation, her entire being became spiritual.


That before and after the transformation, that gap between temperaments, are actually two people.


Bai Mengmeng's little face reddened slightly, but she didn't say anything, instead she looked down and picked up the records of her previous research.


Li Luo, for his part, stepped forward with a mysterious smile: "Meng Meng, I have brought you a gift for when I come back this time."


Bai Mengmeng's hands were still moving, but her eyes raised, her gaze slightly curious.


Li Luo stroked his palm over the space ball, only to see a little cake that looked like the color of the rainbow appear in his hand, he placed it in front of Bai Mengmeng and smiled, "Rainbow cloud cake, this is carefully made by one." from the chefs of our Luo Lan Mansion, the taste is absolutely exceptional in Great Xia City."


Bai Mengmeng froze, her eyes fixed on Li Luo for a couple of seconds.


Li Luo knew that she had no sense of taste, but now he was giving her a cupcake... What did this mean? Did you forget or was it a superficial gesture?


The smile on Bai Mengmeng's cheeks narrowed slightly, but in the end she didn't say anything, just nodded gently and said, "Then I'll try."


With that, he put his hand to the dough.


But just at that moment, Li Luo's palm suddenly came in front of him, then he took out a dark green crystal tube before Bai Mengmeng's puzzled gaze.


"Drink it before you eat it." Li Luo laughed.


Bai Mengmeng picked up the glass tube containing the strange liquid, and then she seemed to realize something, her thin eyelashes trembled slightly, and her voice even became tremulous: “Captain… What is this?”


"Drink and taste." Li Luo smiled and cheered.


Bai Mengmeng's slender five fingers gripped the crystal tube tightly, her eyes flickering as if many emotions were rushing through them.


There is the expectation, the nervousness, the apprehension, the anxiety of frustrated expectations.


But in the end, his eyes closed and he took the glass tube directly to his mouth and poured it to the bottom.


The cold and sticky liquid rolled down her throat with a strange sensation that made Bai Mengmeng almost vomit, but she gritted her teeth and swallowed it all.


Swallowing the liquid, Bai Mengmeng also didn't feel any special changes, just a tingling sensation in her mouth.


This made his heart sink slightly.


Li Luo then picked up the rainbow cloud cake and handed it to Bai Mengmeng, who hesitated for a moment and directly pinched a piece with her fingers before stuffing it into her small mouth.


The red lips curved gently as he chewed the soft cloud cake in his mouth, as if something exploded when opened.


Li Luo's gaze also carried some tension as she looked at Bai Mengmeng who was munching on the cloud cake, this tube of liquid was the medicinal liquid she had made so that the latter could restore her sense of taste, this was the greatest achievement. What he had done in the past two days during his rest at the Luo Lan Mansion, if his deduction was correct, this medicinal liquid should be able to help Bai Mengmeng unblock her heart disease.


Under Li Luo's tense gaze, Bai Mengmeng just silently chewed the cloud cake in her mouth, her cheeks surprisingly devoid of any expression.


This was a good way to see Li Luo's heart jump, didn't it work?


As Li Luo felt a bit of self-condemnation in his heart, he watched as large drops of tears suddenly rolled down the pale cheeks of the girl in front of him, before breaking and splashing onto the refining table.


"Mengmeng?" Seeing this, Li Luo was speechless, not knowing whether he was sad enough to cry or happy...


The young woman didn't say anything, but she stretched out her hand and put all that rainbow cloud cake into her mouth piece by piece. Her cheeks were swollen like a hamster hiding food, then she wiped her eyes and snorted: "Captain... I... I can taste it!"


"My sense of taste, it's back!" His voice trembled with emotion.


Looking at the crying young woman in front of him, Li Luo breathed a sigh of relief, as if his potion had worked.


Then he looked at Bai Mengmeng's swollen cheeks at the moment and couldn't help laughing: "Be careful, don't drown."


Bai Mengmeng's face turned a little red, and then she greedily chewed all the cloud cake in her mouth. The sweet taste was simply normal for other people, but only people like her who had lost their sense of taste. They would understand how much it was worth appreciating.


In that moment, it was as if the entire world had lit up for her. Finally swallowing the cloud cake in her mouth, Bai Mengmeng's eyes turned red and she looked at Li Luo with bright eyes, then she stepped forward and stretched out her arms to hug him, pouring out the excitement and gratitude in her mouth. heart.


"Captain, thank you." The young girl's soft voice reached Li Luo's ears.


Li Luo smiled a little helplessly, these girls, why do they all like to use hugs to express their gratitude, forget it, for the sake of their emotional outburst, let's not bother being taken advantage of.

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