Chapter 38 – Origin Water Secret Method

As soon as Cai Wei's words left her mouth, even Yan Lingqing couldn't help but look over, and then said in a whirlwind: "What can you do, how long have you been in contact with the Resonance Tempering technique? "


It was difficult to say more, because it had only been less than a month since Li Luo had possessed the resonance... To say that it could help reverse the situation was a bit of a fantasy.


Li Luo smiled and said nothing, but instead gestured for the two of them to follow him to Yan Lingqing's refining room, and only after closing the door did he say in a good mood: "I have learned that the House Luo Lan had 300,000 pieces of celestial gold profit every year before in Tian Shu County, and the Xi Yang House accounted for half of it."


"And in the Xi Yang House, the first grade refining room has a profit of 30,000 heavenly gold per year, the second grade refining room 40,000 gold per year, and the third grade refining room almost 80,000 gold." .


"You know it and you keep promising indiscriminately, how can you possibly catch up when there is so much difference between here and there." Yan Lingqing said angrily.


The price of the third grade Spiritual Water is much more expensive than the first and second grade, so the annual profit is also the highest, which is an innate advantage that is difficult to achieve.


"Furthermore, Xi Yang House's first-grade Spiritual Wonderful Light Water is being attacked by Songzi House's Spiritual Wonderful Light Water, which has directly caused a sharp decline in Spiritual Wonderful Light Water sales here." , and under such circumstances, the situation in the first grade refining room only under such circumstances, the situation in the first grade refining room will only worsen, let alone reverse the situation."


Li Luo smiled: "So the first priority is to stabilize the reputation and sales of our Xi Yang House's First Grade Spiritual Wonderful Light Water."


Yan Lingqing said, “As I said before, there are only three factors that affect the Spiritual Wonderful Light Water, the recipe, the grade of the person refining it, and the source of the water light.”


“The recipe for Spiritual Wondrous Light Water is already relatively perfect, and with my skills, there is hardly any room for improvement, unless I am to hire some master tempters, but that would also consume a lot of time, as well as a lot of money.”


"Water coming from afar cannot put out a nearby fire, I am afraid that the Song family has long been prepared, and now is the right time to take advantage of the internal and external problems of my Luolan House to start these offensives." Cai Wei's red lips opened slightly as she said.


"It only remains to improve the strength and experience of the temperers, but it is more of a work of time, you cannot force those first grade temperers of the Xi Yang House to suddenly break out and surpass the average, it is unrealistic" . Yan Lingqing said.


Cai Wei's beautiful eyes suddenly looked at Li Luo and smiled: "Didn't the Young Master refine a Spiritual Wonderful Light Water with a 60% tempering power?"


Yan Lingqing looked at her blankly and said, "How much can he produce by himself? You can't get much milk out of him even if you use him like a cow."


Li Luo's handsome face darkened, 'Although I don't mind refining First Grade Wonderful Light Spiritual Water, but at least I have some status, how can I become a cow?'


"So it looks like the only light source is the water source." But now was not the time to count on it, so Li Luo simply ignored him and continued.


Yan Lingqing was also displeased in a good manner, "The light of the water source can only depend on one's own quality of Tempering Resonance, do you still plan to improve all the qualities of Tempering Resonance in the Xi Yang House?"


“Unless it is some Mystic Origin Water light that can be used as a consumable to enhance the tempering power of the Spiritual Wonderful Light Water, but those Mystic Origin Water lights are the top secret of every major power, and we at House Xi Yang simply don't have them."


As Li Luo smiled, he gave a light laugh and said, “This one, on the other hand, may not be.”


Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing looked surprised at these words.


Under his gaze, Li Luo suddenly reached into his pocket and took out a glass bottle with about half a bottle of dark blue liquid inside.


"Do you want to try this on me?" Said.


Yan Lingqing raised her thin moon-shaped eyebrows and said, “I have already told you, other Water Light Sources are useless, only the Secret Method Water Light Source…”


Before her voice fell completely, Li Luo uncorked the bottle, and a vaguely pure aura seemed to emanate from it, directly causing Yan Lingqing's voice to stop abruptly, and her beautiful eyes looked at the crystal bottle in her hand. Li Luo with some shock.


The next moment, Yan Lingqing snatched the crystal vial from Li Luo's hand and poured a drop of blue liquid onto her fingertips, perceiving it carefully, and then the shock on her pretty face became more and more intense.


“Without any adulteration of attributes, this is, this is secret magic spring water?! And with this kind of purity, it is comparable to a seventh grade Resonance water, how did you get such a high quality of magic spring water? mystical source?" Yan Lingqing lost her composure and grabbed Li Luo's arm, saying.


Even though it was a secret magic source water, there was still a distinction between the grades, and this secret magic source water that Li Luo took out was of seventh grade purity, which showed its rarity. A secret magic spring water of this purity could even increase the success rate of spiritual water refining, which was quite rare.


Li Luo's arm, which was grabbed by Yan Lingqing, tickled slightly, so he could see how excited Yan Lingqing was at this moment, so he softened his voice a little and said, "Sister Lingqing, don't get excited, "Can this Water of Mystical Origin be used?"


"Of course it works."


Yan Lingqing immediately said: "If this kind of purity of Mystic Origin Water can be added to our Xi Yang House's Spiritual Water, it will definitely be able to stabilize the tempering power to the 60% level, which is enough to defeat the Spiritual Water." of Wonderful Spiritual Light of the House of Song Zi."


“The only problem, however, is that this Secret Source Water is too scarce, and if it is used for refining, perhaps only about thirty bottles of First Grade Spiritual Light Water can be refined.”


His eyes burned as he stared at Li Luo, a look that was completely at odds with his usual cold demeanor.


“What if it is used on top of the second grade Spiritual Wonderful Light Water?” Li Luo asked after thinking about it.


“Although it is true that this quality of Mystic Origin Water is a bit extravagant to be used on first-grade Spiritual Wonderful Light Water, as I have said, the quantity is too small to be used on second-grade Spiritual Light Water, I’m afraid I won’t be able to refine a few, and in terms of profitability, it’s rather better to refine the first grade one…” Yan Lingqing replied.


Li Luo felt ashamed in his heart, these Mystic Source Waters were condensed from his own "Light Water Resonance", due to his own empty Resonance, this also caused the Source Waters he condensed to possess an empty nature, so the The Source Waters he condensed were extremely close to the so-called Mystic Source Waters.


But right now this was already the amount he had accumulated for three days, after all, right now he was only at the Sixth Seal realm and his Resonance power was not considered strong, so the amount of Secret Source Water he could It wouldn't be too much to condense.


"Then it's better to use it with the first-class Spiritual Water first."


“If I give some of this Mystic Origin Water every three days after that, can the performance of the first-class refining room become the highest in the Xi Yang House?” Li Luo asked.


Cai Wei smiled, pondered for a moment, and said, "The First Grade Refining Hall now produces one hundred and fifty bottles of Spiritual Wonderful Light Water every month, and if we don't count the various costs, the annual output is worth ninety thousand." heavenly golds, while the annual production of the Third Grade Refining Hall is worth two hundred and eleven thousand heavenly golds, and the First Grade Refining Hall wants to catch up unless it doubles its production, but with the rate of success of the First Grade Refining Room, it seems a bit difficult."


"If there is enough water from this secret magic spring, it is not too difficult to double the output of the First Grade Refining Chamber! This kind of purity of the secret magic spring water is too great for the First Grade Spiritual Light Water." Grade, so your refining success rate can also increase a lot.” Yan Lingqing said confidently.


Li Luo clapped his hands and laughed: "Isn't this a solution?"


Yan Lingqing blinked her beautiful eyes, a little lost in thought for a moment, this problem, does it really seem to be solved that easily?


How can it be so simple?


Yan Lingqing exhaled heavily, not simply because of the fact, but because Li Luo had come up with something that was beyond normal human thought. After all, if other people knew that he had used a Mystic Origin Water of such purity to refine a First Grade Spiritual Wonderful Light Water, a grumpy person might have to point his nose at him and scold him for wasting something.


Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing looked at each other and did not ask Li Luo how this Mystic Origin Water had come about; According to his guesses, it was a secret that the two House Masters had left to Li Luo.


“It seems that the Young Master is truly a blessing to our House Luolan.” Cai Wei, on the side, covered her lips and laughed softly, her pretty face covered with a cheerful look.


"Although the amount of this Mystic Origin Water is somewhat small, it is actually considered sufficient for our Xi Yang House's production of first-grade spiritual water for the time being."


Yan Lingqing nodded her head slightly. The Xi Yang House only produced one hundred and fifty bottles of first-grade Spiritual Light Water per month, while Li Luo would be able to cover all the first-grade Spiritual Water if he supplied the Secret Source Water once every three days.


"Alright, I'm not going to talk to you anymore, I'm going to get down to business and try to produce the first batch of the improved Spiritual Light Water in the next few days, so we can first make a name for our Spiritual Light Water of the Xi Yang House and save our reputation." Yan Lingqing tightly held the glass bottle filled with dark blue secret spring water and prepared to rush out.


Li Luo and Cai Wei smiled and had to leave the refining room with some helplessness, and then he saw Cai Wei's steps suddenly quicken, and he hurriedly pulled his arm.


"Sister Cai Wei, are you trying to get rid of me?" Li Luo said indignantly.


Cai Wei gave him an innocent look and said, “Young master, what are you talking about, I still have a lot of things to do.”


“Sister Cai Wei, I was just giving advice to the Xi Yang House, you can’t chill the hearts of meritorious people.” Li Luo looked around and then whispered, “I also want a batch of fifth grade Spiritual Light Water.”


Cai Wei's beautiful eyes were filled with sadness as she stared at Li Luo and said, "Young Master, you have already burned 700,000 to 800,000 pieces of heavenly gold in less than a month recently, this is the profit of the Luo Lan Mansion." "In Tian Shu County for more than two years, if you continue like this, this sister really won't be able to support you."


Li Luo is a little embarrassed, his speed of burning money is a little outrageous, but, he can't help it, his Acquired Resonance is a gold-swallowing beast, at this moment he can only be immensely grateful that his old father and mother left a base of House Luo Lan, otherwise he feels that five years to the Marquis Kingdom, he can really only go to the dream to find it.


"This is the last batch of fifth grade Spiritual Light Water." Li Luo assured.


Cai Wei sniffed, hesitated for a moment, and finally gritted her silver teeth: “Okay, then… Sell two more properties.”


With your talent, when have you had to depend on the sale of your properties to support yourself?


Li Luo nodded with a dry smile, he was actually not lying, if his Light Water Resonance was successfully raised to the sixth grade next, he would indeed not need the fifth grade Light Spiritual Qi in the future…


Because then, he wanted the sixth grade Spiritual Light Water.


But he didn't dare say this now, he was afraid that Cai Wei would give up and quit.

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