Chapter 386 – The Last Special Training Session

Wang Heqiu invited Ye Qiuding's squad from the Second Star Academy to come as outside help, which undoubtedly aroused the anger of the Purple Glory squad from the First Star Academy, after all, although we were all competing Previously, it was at least considered an internal competition, and now that you have suddenly attracted the Second Star Academy squad, isn't this simply bringing the wolf into the house?


There was only a certain amount of green spiritual energy every day, and if Ye Qiu Ding's squad swallowed some of it, wouldn't it be a loss for the other Purple Glory squads?


After all, these rules were not explicitly prohibited, but perhaps not even the tutors had ever thought that there would be people who would actually prefer to be verbally abused by the students of the First Star Academy and would still be determined to do whatever they wanted.


Anger was of no use, so the other four Violet Radiance squads also began to hit the highest platforms with all their might. At the very least, if they managed to pass one more level, then the amount of Green Spirit energy dividing Ye Qiu Ding's squad would be one less.


Among them, it is obvious that the two teams, Li Luo and Qin Qiglu, are the most efficient.


As the two strongest squads of One Star Academy, with this strong teamwork, they had already broken through the thirty-eighth floor after a day of effort and began to rush towards the thirty-ninth floor.


The thirty-ninth floor was much more difficult than the thirty-eighth, and Li Luo and Qin Qiglu could clearly feel the huge increase in pressure, but they had no intention of retreating, but instead continued forward, both of them enduring more than 70% of the pressure. the pressure and leading the two teams in a fierce battle on this thirty-ninth floor.


They had to hurry up the time, as they had already seen that Wang Hetou and Ye Qiu Ding and the others had made their way to the thirty-ninth floor.


And tomorrow is the last day before the special training ends.


Wang Hetou and the others had a clear goal, they wanted to take advantage of this last moment to be the first squad of One Star Academy to reach the fortieth floor platform, since that mouthful of green spiritual energy would obviously fatten beyond imagination.


Wang Heqiu is very ambitious and wants to use this to see if he can make a run for the Transformation Phase section.


If he truly succeeded, he would be the second person from the First Star Academy to reach the Transformation Phase after Qin Qiglu, and at that time, Li Luo would also be trampled once again.


"Captain Ye, Li Luo and the others are already making their move on the top of the thirty-ninth floor over there." As Li Luo and the others hit the platform on the thirty-ninth floor, Wang Hetou and the others also arrived at the same level, then their gaze shifted to the distant platform on the right, which was exactly the platform Li Luo was standing on. Luo and the others.


Ye Qiu Ding also looked at him from afar and said with a flat expression: "Don't worry, although Li Luo and Qin Qinglu have some skills, it is not that easy to pass the fortieth floor, that floor was only passed by even Zhu Xuan's squad." after entering the Two Star Academy."


Wang Hetou smiled weakly and said, "We still have to be a little cautious, that Li Luo is really a bit of a demon, he has been a popular figure within the academy recently, especially after that incident in the Dark Cave..."


When he heard Wang Hetou's words, a haze passed through Ye Qiu Ding's eyes. The dark cave incident had made Li Luo a success, but it had made him a joke.


And all of this was caused by Li Luo stealing his position, after all, if there was no Li Luo, then the probability was that Jiang Qing'e would have continued to choose him to work with, and then the end would naturally not have been the same. same.


This kind of relentless anger was a bit exaggerated, but in fact it was also the jealousy and contempt within Ye Qiu Ding's heart that was acting, because as Li Luo gradually emerged within the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, everyone He understood that this young master of the Luo Lan Mansion, who was usually low-key, did indeed have his superiority.


All of them felt sorry for Jiang Qing'e. After all, compared to his brilliance, Li Luo, the young master of the Luo Lan Mansion, was too dull, and among them, he was simply an example of the pearl in the darkness.


Those young talents who worshiped Jiang Qing'e's pearl beat their chests in anger. It was really disheartening.


Ye Qiu Ding, on the other hand, is the most reluctant type of person.


At first he had prided himself on surpassing Li Luo, who only came from a slightly better background than him, in every aspect. He had thought that he could compete with Li Luo, but in the end it turned out to be nothing more than a joke.


"Prepare to make your move, since you have invited us here, then naturally the result will satisfy you." Ye Qiu Ding took a deep breath, suppressing the jealousy stirring in his heart, before rushing towards Wang Hetou and saying indifferently.


Wang Hetou smiled and nodded, how could he not feel the resentment that Ye Qiu Ding had towards Li Luo, but this was exactly what he needed, both sides had a common goal, so they could do their best . But fortunately, although Ye Qiuding was less powerful than Zhu Xuan, his resentment towards Li Luo was not weaker than Zhu Xuan.


The two teams prepared themselves and a Resonance Force erupted, rushing directly to the 39th floor platform and engaging in a fierce battle with the numerous green spirit puppets there.


A day of intense fighting.


As expected, Li Luo's squad, Qin Qinglu's squad, and Wang Hetou's side all advanced to level 39 one after another.


The green spirit energy left over from this day was directly divided.


However, everyone knew that the thirty-ninth floor was nothing more than a preliminary game, the real end was tomorrow on the fortieth floor.


Li Luo and Wang Hetou, whoever breaks through the fortieth layer first, will then get that last bite of abundant green spiritual energy.


The White DouDou squad and the YiGeSha squad were directly choosing to give up on continuing the onslaught, as they had no chance of catching up with Li Luo, Wang HeHu and the others, so there was no need to do anything useless, in instead they began to look forward to this morning's buzz as live viewers.


And the last day of the special training came and went as planned.


When Li Luo arrived at the Resonance Power Tree again, they were stunned to see that many students from the First Star Academy had gathered here.


"Li Luo, go Qin Qiglu, beat Wang Hetou, the traitor, to death!"


“Wang Hetou, the worm-eaten thing, how dare you get someone from Second Star Academy to be your helper!”


"A house of adultery!"




The screams that erupted from those First Star Academy students caused the corners of Li Luo's lips to twitch slightly before he swept his gaze over Wang Hetou and the others behind and saw that both he and Du Ze Bei Xuan were standing. full of irony.


Seeing Li Luo's look, Wang Hetou quickly walked over and said contemptuously: "Li Luo, this is your doing, right?"


Li Luo shook his head and said, "That's none of my business, but whoever did it, I'll give him credit."


Wang Hetou said indifferently: "The so-called fame, I don't care at all, as long as we are the first to break through the fortieth level today, then it will be considered making history, and maybe I can even take advantage of the situation to break through to the Transformation Phase Stage. " "Today, at that moment, what can you do with some of the sewage that is thrown at us?"


Li Luo laughed: "That's not necessarily true, what if you get scolded again and don't get any benefits?"


Wang Hetou sneered and waved his sleeves.


Li Luo looked at his back and rubbed his chin, then gestured to Yu Lang behind him, who walked over with a smile on his face.


"You made this? The style is too familiar." Li Luo laughed.


Yu Long waved his hand and said modestly: "Since he dares to do it, I will help him proclaim it. Even if the boy doesn't care, it's a good thing for him to be disgusted."


Li Luo smiled, gave a thumbs up and nodded.


Amid that group of cheers, Li Luo's group also entered the Sacred Forest Boundary Cave again.


No referees, no shouting.


The teams from both sides went directly to the fortieth platform for this last special training session.

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