Chapter 393 – Lu Cang and Lu Zang

When Li Luo opened the last page of the document, two clear portraits appeared, and beneath them, a lot of detailed information.


“Lu Cang, representative of the One Star Academy, Upper Eighth Grade Heavenly Yang Python Resonance, First Transformation level Transformation, the Blue Abyss Sacred Academy attaches extra importance to him and considers him an important player in this Holy Grail War.” , danger level: five stars".


"Lu Zang, representative of the First Star Academy, Upper Eighth Grade Yin Xuan Python Resonance, first transformation of the Transformation Stage, he and Lu Cang are brothers, the two were born with natures of compatible resonances and their strength has soared together According to the information, the two had joined forces to defeat a strong enemy with the third transformation of the Transformation Stage when they were in the fifth pattern of the Birth Pattern Stage, danger level: five stars."


Li Luo looked at these two pieces of information, his face gradually became serious, this world is really full of strange things, it has acquired double resonance, but now this Lu Cang and Lu Zang are born with similar resonances, if these two people separate It's okay, but if they join forces, it's really a bit complicated.


However, this time there is only one representative from One Star Academy, so I think this Lu Cang and Lu Zang should only be able to raise one person, which makes the threat they possess a little less.


Li Luo picked up the teapot that Bai Mengmeng had brought to her side and poured herself a cup, taking several shallow sips, but her gaze remained fixed on the two portraits.


Above them are two teenagers who look almost exactly the same, one in white, the other in black, one with a warm smile, the other yīn and cold, a strong sense of contrast that adds a certain faint chill.


Li Luo's instinct told him that they were going to be two very difficult rivals.


“The other Holy Academies really should not be underestimated, this is just a ticket match for the Holy Grail War, and as a result, they were able to encounter such a tough and strong opponent…” Li Luo sighed.


It is said that there are still two days before the Blue Abyss Sacred Academy's delegation arrives at the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, and now, not to mention the academy, almost all the forces in the entire Great Xia are paying attention to this.


After all, although it was only a battle between two sacred schools, given the special status of the sacred school in the Great Xia, it and the people of the Great Xia had long been one in glory and the other in loss, and it would be a disgrace if the Blue Abyss Sacred School snatched the Holy Grail War tickets from under their noses.


Li Luo put down his tea cup, he didn't think too much about it, he was only thinking about the mission given to him by Dean Pang Qianyuan, not to mention the possibility of the "Dragon Bone Holy Grail", but if he couldn't even get the ticket, talk of the "Holy Grail" was simply a joke.


However, there was only one of the seven battles in the entry round, so even if he was chosen as the representative of the House of the First Star, he would only be able to decide the winner of one battle.


But it is enough to make your own version of the story; The rest should be a matter for the academy's senior management.


With this in mind, Li Luo dismissed the information and continued to enjoy this rare moment of leisure with his eyes closed.




On the second day, Li Luo was informed that he had to go to a training camp.


There he not only met all the tutors of One Star Purple Glory Academy, including tutor Xi Chan, but even the vice president Su Xin, who made a rare appearance.


Qin Qiglu is also available.


It was clear that today the academy would choose who would be the representative of the First Star Academy between him and Qin Qiglu.


With Li Luo's arrival, Vice President Su most outstanding students of the First Star Academy this year, and tomorrow the delegation of the Blue Abyss Saint Academy will arrive at our Xuan Star Saint Academy and it will be officially opened.”


"You all know very well how important the Holy Grail War is to our Xuanxing Saint Academy, and this ticket match is one that our Xuanxing Saint Academy will never allow to fail."


"There is only one battle for the House of One Star, but this one is also crucial, so I hope that any of you who become the representative of the House of One Star will make sure to give your best."


Both Li Luo and Qin Qinglu nodded solemnly in response, both of them were also members of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, and it was their responsibility to maintain the honor and reputation of the academy.


"The way of selecting the delegates is also simple, the winner is the chosen one, this is the result of joint deliberation between several Purple Glory instructors of the First Star Academy, so..."


Vice President Su smiled and said, “The winner of this competition of yours today will be the representative of the First Star Academy.”


Li Luo was not surprised by this approach, after all it was the fairest.


The two men nodded and entered.


Qin Qiglu's expression seemed extremely exuberant from a moment ago, the battle intent in his eyes almost overflowing as he looked at Li Luo with fire: "Li Luo, this day has finally come for me."


Li Luo laughed: "In fact, during that time when you first entered the academy, you had many opportunities to defeat me."


At that time, he was indeed going to be behind Qin Qiglu, and if the two sides fought at that time, Li Luo boasted that his chances of winning would not be high.


Qin Qiglu shook his head and said, "I don't care about winning or losing, I want more than anything an opponent who can give me a good fight."


"Not in those days, you couldn't."


Qin Qiglu's eyes heated up as he stared at Li Luo: "And you, now, can!"


As for how strong Li Luo is today, in fact Qin Qiglu, who has joined forces with him many times, naturally knows this very well, and even he himself knows that he may not have much chance of winning this match , but he doesn't care, what he cares about is a real all-out battle with Li Luo.


Li Luo smiled faintly, his palm wiped the space sphere, his twin swords flashed from his hands, he took out two swords, his expression gradually became solemn: "Come on, Qin Qiglu, today I will let you know what satisfaction means."


Qin Qinglu smiled, his eyes gradually turned crimson, and his body had golden spotted tiger stripes that began to spread, a fierce and ferocious aura bursting out.




In the next instant, two violent and powerful forces of resonances erupted on the training ground.


Thirty minutes later.


The doors to the training ground slowly open.


Outside the training ground, several students were impatiently waiting for the decision regarding the First Star Academy representative.


And under those curious eyes, two figures slowly emerged from the field.


The first was the eye-catching Li Luo, whose silver-gray hair and handsome face always made people notice him at first glance.


Behind Li Luo was the sturdy Qin Qiglu, who looked much more miserable than Li Luo and even had a stain of blood on his body, but his expression, again, was not one of frustration, but rather a sense of satisfaction like never before. He had felt.


In full view of everyone, Qin Qiglu took out a dark green ring, which seemed to be made of green wood, with the emblem of the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy inscribed on it.





When they saw the dark green ring, there was an uproar outside the venue as everyone recognized it as a qualifying test for the entry contest, which Jiang Qing'e and Zhu Xuan were said to have previously obtained.


Apparently it's a ritual.


Under those many gazes, Qin Qinglu handed the ring to Li Luo.


For his part, Li Luo picked it up, put it on his finger, and raised his arm.


In the sunlight, the matte silver-green ring shines and shines amazingly.


Outside the arena, after some delay, a thunderous applause was heard.


At this point, the last representative of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy ticket race was considered completely settled.


The representative of the one-star house, Li Luo.

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