Chapter 395 – The crux of the matter

When Li Luo saw Jiang Qing'e appearing on the bridge, he was also stunned for a moment, was it such a coincidence?


Jiang Qing'e's eyes were looking in that direction, apparently her tug-of-war with Zhao Huiyin here was also in her eyes, her stunningly handsome face was quite calm, still as always making it impossible to see the joy and anger.


Only she was there too and didn't show up.


Li Luo wanted to wave at her, but realized that the nearby Zhao Huiyin had suddenly approached, and their posture became very intimate at that instant.


Then Li Luo saw Jiang Qing'e turn around and walk away.


Li Luo frowned slightly, no longer caring about the difference between men and women, he directly reached out and pushed Zhao Huiyin with great force, but Zhao Huiyin's torso only trembled slightly, and then his upper body shook . He leaned back a little.


For his part, Li Luo took the opportunity to take two steps back, his indifferent eyes looking at Zhao Huiyin, whose face and temperament were superb, yet with a seductive taste, in front of him.


Zhao Huiyin's red lips raised a faint smile and said, "Big Brother Li Luo, is this how Xuanxing Sacred Academy treats its guests? It doesn't seem very gentlemanly."


Li Luo said indifferently, “This Miss Zhao, what exactly are you trying to do?”


Zhao Huiyin blinked her long and slender eyelashes innocently and said, “Senior Li Luo, what are you talking about?”


"The collision just now, you did it on purpose, right? It's really worthy of being the Blue Abyss Fox, this is only half a day since you arrived at the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy, and you have already created a mess, I know." "That your target should not be me, but Jiang Qing'e." Li Luo said calmly.


"Let me think about what you want to do... You are aware of my relationship with Jiang Qing'e, so you played such a trick, your purpose, to provoke Jiang Qing'e, right?"


"You know how strong Jiang Qing'e is and you will most likely meet her at the ticket match, so you are using me as a plot to try to anger Jiang Qing'e with this to increase your chances a little bit." chances of winning, and an angry person always suffers a little when confronted, which is probably what you want.


Li Luo shook his head and sighed: "Sister Zhao, you can really mess things up."


Zhao Huiyin's lips with a subtle smile stared at Li Luo as he spoke, he tilted his head slightly and said, "Senior Li Luo's intelligence is not inferior to your handsomeness yet."


"I have read the information about Jiang Qing'e many times, and she is an infallible person, but she seems to favor you with what would seem to be the greatest consideration, and that marriage contract between the two of you seems stronger and firmer than many people think."


"The truth is that I wasn't very convinced about this before, after all, with a girl as outstanding as Jiang Qing'e, I found it hard to believe that she would look at a person of the opposite sex differently, but seeing her reaction now, "It seems like I really underestimated the feelings between you two."


"But this also shows that this little trick of mine is not completely useless." He said with a smile.


Li Luo stared at Zhao Huiyin's pretty white face for a while, but she smiled a little strangely and said, "Miss Zhao, provoking Jiang Qing'e is really not a wise decision."


"Believe me, you may regret it the day after tomorrow."


Zhao Huiyin gave a noncommittal smile and said, "Really? Then it's time to try it."


"And compared to me, I feel that Senior Brother Li Luo still has to worry about himself, that Lu Cang and Lu Zang of One Star Academy of our academy, no matter who is on the field, I am afraid that he will not cope well here."


Li Luo smiled at this and said nothing more to Zhao Huiyin, waved his hand and walked past.


Zhao Huiyin looked at his receding back and smiled with interest, before putting his hands in his pockets and beginning to admire the lake and mountains there.


Half an hour later, two figures approached and stood on either side of her.


If Li Luo were here, he would be able to recognize them as Lu Cang and Lu Zang from the One Star Academy of the Blue Abyss Sacred Academy.


"Did sister's ploy work?" Lu Cang in white asked with a smile.


Zhao Huiyin said casually, "This is not a plan, it's just a little trick by chance, in fact, I'm just curious whether the marriage contract between Jiang Qing'e and Li Luo is nominal or not, after all, for Jiang Qing'e, I actually still value her and even aspire to her, if only she were from our Blue Abyss Sacred School, I would fall in love with her."


He spoke bluntly, completely ignoring the presence of the passersby.


However, the white-robed Lu Cang did not seem surprised by this, because everyone in the Blue Abyss Sacred Academy knew that his elder sister Zhao had a special sexual orientation.


"But since the trial just now, I found that between Jiang Qing'e and Li Luo there really seems to be some affection, although I don't know what kind this affection belongs to, but between them, it is not fake."


Zhao Huiyin smiled and said, "Of course, we can't rule out that Jiang Qing'e did it on purpose, just to make me think that I have angered her, so that when the time comes to fight, she will have some miscalculation as a result. "


Lu Cang gaped.


"That Li Luo, you were also secretly seeing him just now, right?" Zhao Huiyin turned her head and asked.


Lu Cang nodded and said, “From the information, he must possess a double resonance, water resonance and wood resonance… That is very rare, but my chances of winning should be a little higher than his.”


Zhao Huiyin looked at the scenery of Xuanxing Sacred Academy and said, "Don't underestimate it just because of that, Xuanxing Sacred Academy is much stronger than our Blue Abyss Sacred Academy."


"How it will end, we still have to fight to find out." Lu Cang laughed, and his words gave off a slight arrogance.


Zhao Huiyin nodded gently and said nothing more as she turned around and walked away.


"Come on, let's prepare to eat and taste the food of this Xuanxing Sacred Academy."




Li Luo left the stone bridge and walked to the dormitory building. When he pushed the door to enter, he saw Jiang Qing'e and Bai Mengmeng sitting opposite each other at the tea table in the living room by the window, laughing and talking about something in a quite harmonious atmosphere.


When she saw Li Luo return, Jiang Qing'e raised her eyes and swept him before withdrawing her gaze.


Bai Mengmeng, for her part, stood up and said, "Are you back from your training, captain? Let me make you a cup of tea."


Li Luo smiled and thanked him, then walked to the tea table and sat close to Jiang Qing'e's side, resting his palm on her face, smiled at her cheeks polished and stunning like jade. Jiang Qing'e, and said with a smile, "You're not really angry, are you? You're so smart, there's no way you wouldn't see some of that Zhao Huiyin's little tricks, right?"


Jiang Qing'e circled her teacup with her slender jade fingers, took a sip, and gave a faint smile.


"Is this thanks to schoolmate Lu Qing'er, under her exercise, Zhao Huiyin wants to piss me off with this scale?"

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