Chapter 40 – The Head of House Song

The large living room is very bright.


The plump President Lu was sitting above with a smile on his face, while above his position to the left was a figure, a tall, burly, middle-aged man with a rather imposing presence.


It was the head of the Song family, Song Shan.


They were obviously talking about something, as Lu Qing'er walked in with Li Luo, Cai Wei, interrupting the conversation, and that Song Shan seemed a little dazed.


And when he saw Li Luo and Cai Wei, the smile on his face couldn't help but tighten for a moment, and his expression became indifferent.


President Lu was equally frozen, but before he could say anything, Lu Qing'er said in a soft voice, “Second Uncle, the people from House Luolan have arrived.”


President Lu looked at his niece's eyes, then the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, but he still reacted quickly and nodded with a smile: "Since you are here, then hurry up and take a seat."


Song Shan put down the tea cup in his hand not too gently and frowned at President Lu: “President Lu, what is this situation?”


President Lu snorted and laughed: “There is no need to think too much about it, Master Song, our Golden Dragon Treasure House believes in harmony and wealth, but at the same time we have another creed, that is, what comes out of the Golden Dragon Treasure House must be good."


“Although the grade of the First Grade Spiritual Wonder Light is relatively low, since it has entered my Golden Dragon Treasure House, it must naturally also be of the highest grade, otherwise, it would rather tarnish the reputation of the House . from the Golden Dragon Treasure, so of course we will choose the best."


Li Luo and Cai Wei took their seats and nodded: "What President Lu said has merit."


Song Shan's face was as deep as water, he lightly swept a glance at Li Luo and Cai Wei, he also gradually collected his emotions, holding his tea cup and said saltily: "President Lu, why waste time on such matters, Xi Yang House's Spiritual Light Water was recently defeated by my Song Zi House's Spiritual Wonderful Light Water, and the difference in the tempering power in it, I think President Lu should have investigated it beforehand "


“I can casually say that it is impossible to find a top-class Spiritual Wonderful Light Water with a tempering power greater than my Song Family’s Songzi House within this Tianshu County.”


“If President Lu really thinks that Xiyang House is a good choice, he can say so and we at Songzi House will simply withdraw.”


I have to say that this Song family head also has some taste, his words are not soft, nor harsh, but full of poise.


President Lu said with a smile: “Don’t be angry, Master Song, I also know that the quality of Songzi’s “Wonderful Sunshine” is already excellent, but after all, we must give other families a chance to show it. .


Song Shan smiled and his face became much more relaxed, then he went back to laughing and talking to President Lu, only from time to time he glanced at Li Luo, Cai Wei's gaze was tinged with slight sarcasm.


He knew the situation of the Xiyang House very well, now the presidency is vacant, that Yan Lingqing and Zhuang Yi are fighting each other, so now the internal situation of the Xiyang House is not understood, as a result, this Li Luo still wants Coming to the Golden Dragon Treasure House to compete with your Songzi House, you really don't know that the sky is high, do you really think that the identity of the young master of the Luolan House can be of much use?


Song Yunfeng also took a seat next to Song Shan, his face expressionless as he prepared to watch the good show.


Lu Qing'er, for her part, was standing next to President Lu, with a slender, innocent and sweet appearance, which was a very different style from Cai Wei.


Only, his eyes were also tinged with a touch of doubt and worry, because he understood that if Li Luo couldn't get a first-grade genuine spiritual water, his second uncle would never choose the Xi Yang House today.


And that Song Shan, Song Yunfeng, will undoubtedly look at them as a joke.


At this time, after appeasing Song Shan, President Lu also turned his gaze to Li Luo, Cai Wei, and smiled: “You two must also know the requirements of our Golden Dragon Treasure House, right?”


"Although the grade of the First Grade Spiritual Light Water is low, those with a tempering power less than fifty-five percent will not be considered by our Golden Dragon Treasure House at all."


Cai Wei smiled sweetly: "President Lu, the tempering power of House Song's Wonderful Light Water has only reached fifty-six percent, right?"




Song Shan raised his eyelids and said with a slight smile: “Butler Cai really has a big mouth, the Spiritual Wonderful Light Water of the Xi Yang House seems to be “up to” fifty-two percent before?”


"The head of the Song family also knows that it was before." Cai Wei smiled weakly.


On the side, Li Luo had already placed the box in his hand on the table and then opened it to reveal the forty sticks of Spiritual Wonderful Light Water it contained.


“President Lu, allow me to introduce to you, this is a new product from our Xi Yang House, a strengthened version of the Spiritual Light Water, whose tempering power… Sixty percent.” Cai Wei's soft and crisp voice spread throughout the room.


"Sixty percent?"


President Lu and Song Shan's faces changed a little at this moment, the former in disbelief and the latter with a sneer.


President Lu waved his hand, and a lady-in-waiting immediately came over, holding a tempering needle and inserting it into a bottle of green and blue spiritual water, before the needle stabilized at 60% under the watchful eye. look from President Lu, Song Shan and the others.


"Is it really sixty percent?" President Lu said in surprise.


Song Shan said indifferently: "The Xi Yang House is indeed not a small gesture, but I wonder if these green and blue spiritual waters come from the hands of a third grade tempering master, or the two masters of fourth grade tempering of your Xi Yang House."


President Lu pondered, the grade of the first grade spirit water was not high after all, if he had let some third grade or even fourth grade temperers refine it, it wouldn't be difficult for its quality to reach 60%, but letting For a temperer of this level to refine first grade Qi Guang spiritual water, this was a huge loss in itself.


With this time to refine a third grade Spiritual Wonderful Light Water, the value gain that would result would far exceed that of the first grade.


The meaning of Song Shan's words was nothing more than a suspicion that the Xi Yang House had allowed some of their own third-grade tempering masters to refine a batch of first-grade Spiritual Light Water to achieve their goal.


President Lu looked at Li Luo and said, “Young Master, what we need at the Golden Dragon Treasure House is not just this batch, we need a long-term order, if the Xi Yang House cannot supply this quality of Water Spiritually constantly, it will be something unattractive at that time instead."


Song Shan looked indifferent as he took two sips from his teacup, of course he didn't believe that the Xi Yang House was capable of constantly producing Spiritual Light Water with 60% tempering power, could they continue to sacrifice the time of a third grade temperer to refine first grade spiritual water? In that case, I fear that the Xi Yang House would soon go bankrupt.


At President Lu's questioning gaze, Li Luo seemed quite calm, and simply said, "Don't worry, President Lu, my Luo Lan House is at least a big family, so I won't do anything shady for this little benefit, as long as "To ask the third or even fourth grade tempering masters of the Xi Yang House to refine the first grade Spiritual Light Water, this kind of stupidity, my Luo Lan House will not do it."


“If President Lu chooses the Spiritual Wonderful Light Water, I guarantee that in the future, the Xi Yang House will have a long-term stable supply, and the tempering power will not be less than 60%… Furthermore, in the "In the future, all the Qingbi Spiritual Water released by the Xi Yang House will be the improved version, and the first grade Spiritual Light Water of the entire Tian Shu County will definitely be the most Spiritual Wonderful Light Water in the future."


Looking at Li Luo's calm expression, President Lui's heart trembled slightly, Li Luo was able to give this kind of assurance, could it be that his Xi Yang House Spiritual Light Water could really steadily rise to this level, instead of relying on a third grade tempering teacher to do it?


And he wasn't the only one who was surprised, even Song Shan and Song Yunfeng's expressions were slightly stagnant at this point, Li Luo's aura was too strong at this moment, it wasn't like he was bragging at all.


This made Song Shan wonder, could the Xi Yang House's Spiritual Wonderful Light Water really be upgraded to that point?


But how can that be!


Just half a month ago, Xi Yang House's Spiritual Wonderful Light Water was only at a 52% level, how could it have risen to 60% in just half a month?


But if not, how could Li Luo have the strength to supply Qing Bi Spiritual Water with 60% tempering power for a long time?


There was a brief silence in the room, while Lu Qing'er looked with interest at the box of Wonderful Spiritual Light Water, which although it also surprised her extraordinarily, she felt, by some intuition, that it could have something to do with Li Luo, did it? No?


President Lu held a green and blue spiritual water in his fat hand and remained silent for a few breaths, then a smile appeared on his round face as he turned his gaze towards Song Shan and said somewhat apologetically: “Song Family Master "There seems to be no way to cooperate this time for the time being."


When Song Shan heard this, he did not get angry, but instead put down his teacup and revealed a smile: “Where are your words, President Lu, there will always be opportunities in the future.”


"Since President Lu has made his decision, I won't stay much longer, hehe, if there is any problem with Xiyang House's supply later, President Lu can always return with us to Songzi House."


This Song Shan did show some of the family head's poise, he didn't change his color just because Li Luo had snipped him, on the contrary, he even smiled at Li Luo and said, "The Young Master is really young and talented." "It is said that earlier in the academy, he even had a tie with Yun Feng, it seems that in the future, in the hands of the Young Master, the Luolan House will still be able to have a great future."


Li Luo also had a smile on his face and said, "It was just a coincidence."


Song Shan smiled, said nothing more, and turned to leave with Song Yunfeng, whose face was sunken like water.


And when Song Shan and the others left, President Lu also smiled at Li Luo, "I heard Qing'er say before that Young Lord had solved the problem of Void Resonance, so that's really congratulations."


"Also about the Green and Blue Spiritual Water, let's make a pact first."


Cai Wei greeted us at this time and finalized some contractual terms with President Lu.


Li Luo, for his part, stretched while they were busy, and Lu Qing'er walked over and said with a light smile, "Congratulations."


"Thanks to you, otherwise things might have been a little more troublesome." Li Luo thanked, if Lu Qing'er had not brought them here directly, once they waited for the Golden Dragon Treasure House to sign the contract with the Song Family, then it might have been difficult for things to happen today.


Lu Qing'er waved her hand and reminded: "But more than anything, you still have to focus on the next big exam for the academy, you know, if you don't get an acceptance position for the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, that would be the biggest loss." "


Li Luo smiled and nodded at his words.


Lu Qing'er suddenly said, "Do you have time lately? There is no one to spar with on vacation, so if you have time we can spar and test each other."


Li Luo said breathlessly: "Am I going to be a sandbag? No go, no go."


Lu Qing'er smiled upon hearing his words and looked at Li Luo with a light smile on her face for a few seconds before turning around and walking away.




Outside the Golden Dragon Treasure House, in the Song family carriage.


When no one was around, Song Shan's face became much more gloomy. During this period of time, House Xi Yang had been suppressed by his House Song Zi, but as a result, he did not expect it to suddenly rise up and give him a hard time at this time.


Although working with the Golden Dragon Treasure House, this First Grade Spiritual Light Water is not considered too valuable, but the key is that it will increase their Spiritual Sun Water fame, which will help them dominate the Spiritual Sun Water market. First Grade Spiritual Light in Tianshu County in the future.


And at this moment, he was ruined by Li Luo.


“Father, is that Xi Yang House really capable of constantly producing Spiritual Light Water with 60% tempering power?” Song Yunfeng asked with some disbelief.


Song Shan said indifferently: "Wait and see."


“It’s really hateful, we spent so much money to ask a tempering master to improve the formula of “Spiritual Sun Water” through my sister’s connection, and the result…” Song Yunfeng said with some annoyance.


“It is a first-class Spiritual Wonderful Light Water.”


Song Shan shook his head and said, “Even if he, the Xi Yang House, wins by a head this time, there is no way they can beat us, the Song Zi House.”


“Your sister has sent a message that she will soon return to South Wind City, and when she comes to take over House Songzi, she will undoubtedly be able to defeat House Xi Yang.”


When Song Yunfeng heard this, his face immediately showed joy, his sister Song Qingyu had also previously cultivated at the Xuanxing Sacred Academy's Cultivated Resonance School and had achieved great results, if she could return, their Songzi House would be considered the most important.


"Right now, the most important thing for you is still the Grand Academic Exam, and I hope you can regain all the face you lost before in that." Song Shan said in a light voice.


"Also in two days I will go to the Governor's Palace, the Governor's son, Shi Kon is the first person in the Eastern Abyss academy, it turns out that he is the same age as you, maybe you can communicate more."


"The Governor's Palace?"


Song Yunfeng was stunned, Shi Kon was said to be the person that the South Wind School feared the most in this school exam, and his status as the governor's son had made him the most powerful son of Tianshu County, and The only one who could push him above his status was Li Luo, the young master of the Luolan House.


This, of course, refers to the House of Luolan in its heyday.


The current Li Luo, if compared to that one, is one step below in status and fame.

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