Chapter 400 – Seven Pearls

"Seven heavenly pearls... The eldest princess is gifted and her roots are solid."


As the countless people behind the eldest princess marveled at the seven slowly rotating silver-green light beads, an expression of astonishment also emerged in Li Luo's eyes.


There are two levels of the Celestial General Order.


The Heavenly Pearl Kingdom.


Realm of Heavenly Resonance.


The so-called Heavenly Pearl Realm is because when one enters the Heavenly Rank, one's own resonance power will gradually be compressed and fused to form a pill-like energy compressed body, which is known as a Heavenly Pearl.


Furthermore, once the Heavenly Pearl has been condensed and shaped, because it is an extremely compressed energy body, its attraction to the energy of heaven and earth will become clearer and more powerful, and once activated in battle, it can be said that his combat power will increase greatly.


It is said that in the Heavenly Pearl Realm, there is the saying of nine-star Heavenly Pearls, which means that if one reaches the ultimate level of cultivation, they can condense nine Heavenly Pearls. Only those who have real strength and power will choose to continue refining their Heavenly Pearls, and only when they reach a certain limit will they choose to break it.


This kind of breakthrough after reaching the limit will surpass those with five heavenly pearls, both in terms of foundation and future achievements.


It can be said that the Heavenly Pearl Realm is a realm where one accumulates props.


That is why the crowd was so amazed when they saw the Princess with the seven celestial pearls, because it was clear that the Princess had expectations and ambitions for the higher realms.


And right now, the fact that the Eldest Princess has revealed her seven Heavenly Pearls clearly means that the battle between the two sides is directly on fire.


Boom boom!


As the seven heavenly pearls behind the Eldest Princess continued to rotate, the energy in heaven and earth boiled at this moment, and everyone could clearly see the energy of heaven and earth as if it had turned into a tornado, then it continuously converged. towards the location of the seven celestial pearls.


The seven heavenly pearls pulsed with light, connecting with each other like rings of light, and within the rings of light, terrifying energies merged, causing the void they were in to distort a little.


The Heavenly Pearl was revealed, and the Eldest Princess's complexion became a little colder and more solemn. He didn't say another word, and his slender fingers curled together, then slowly stretched out, pointing distantly at Zhongnan below.


Behind her, the seven heavenly pearls vibrated, and extreme and astonishing energy poured into the Eldest Princess like a torrent.


At the tips of his fingers, the green light shines brightly.


The Eldest Princess's red lips parted slightly, "Fengluan Aura."


At that moment, it was as if the clear sound of a luan bird echoed through the sky and the earth, and from the tip of the Princess's finger only a stream of long, fine, greenish light came out, and that light seemed to flow with a fierce wind, emitting an extremely sharp and piercing force.


Apparently, the Eldest Princess also knew that Zhongnan's defenses were powerful, so she had also prepared a powerful resonance technique specialized in breaking defenses for this purpose.


He took a deep breath, and the resonance power in his body burst out unreservedly at this moment, only to see a pearl of light taking shape behind him.


Only the brightness of that seventh bead of light is slightly weaker than that of the other six.


He stomped his foot on the ground and his resonance power exploded as a low roar rang out: “Stone Gate of the Nine Heavens!”


Boom boom!


The earth trembled violently at this moment, and the power of gray-white resonance rose from the earth and formed one ancient stone gate after another directly in front of Zhongnan, the stone gates were heavy and vicious, and there seemed to be countless patterns. of strange light in them, giving people a feeling of solidity similar to a mountain.




Jets of silk-green light came in instantly, colliding directly with the ancient stone gate, and a huge energy shock wave erupted, cutting off a corner of the forest sea.


The triple stone doors burst open.


But there are still six more who remain strong.


But it did not end there, for before the smoke and dust dissipated, three more streams of silk-green light pierced the void, accompanied by a loud roar, and the remaining six stone gates were immediately passed through, as one of the Three streams of green light remained, shooting directly at Zhongnan's body with lightning speed.


A green light flashed across his eyes as Zhongnan finally took a step forward, the kick seemed to weigh like a thousand kilos, and even the ground shook violently.


His arms are crossed in front of him, and as the gray and white resonance power increases, his arms seem to have transformed into ancient rocks.




The green light shot straight towards his arms, and in that instant, the shockwave of energy erupted and the ground around Zhongnan began to crack continuously, while his figure was even shaken by that enormous force and slid hundreds of meters away, His feet plowed two deep footprints in that soil.


Finally, Zhongnan stabilized his figure, his face still calm, a crack appeared on both arms, but as the gray and white resonance power flowed, those cracks gradually dissipated.




The stands resonated with a series of cold breaths, no one had expected that this Zhongnan's defense was so perverted to such an extent that even after resisting a blow from the Eldest Princess with his physical body, he was still intact.


The strongest shield of the Blue Abyss Sacred Academy lives up to its name.


And anyone could see that he had not counterattacked even once so far, clearly all his skills were on the defensive side and his objective was clear, he did not expect to be able to defeat the Princess, but he did hope to hold out until the end of time.


Countless participants couldn't help but glance at a raised platform somewhere where there was a bronze censer with a half-meter-long incense stick inside, and when the incense burned down, it was a tie if there was no winner or loser.


While many of the students were worried, the Princess stood in the air and her expression did not change, her phoenix eyes looking at Zhongnan below.


She had really expected this ending, as she knew more information and had even studied some of Zhongnan's combat data, and her opponent's perverted defense level was truly a headache.


Only she had prepared a little for this, so she would try it next and see who could last until the end.


She is not one to give up easily in the face of defeat.


The seven heavenly pearls behind his back slowly fell, one by one, into the green luan light shadow.


As the seven heavenly pearls fell, the green luan light shadow immediately made a clear sound, and its body, originally somewhat illusory, gradually became solid, as if it were a real green luan bird flying with wings from afar.


An amazing and fierce power emanates from him.


The Eldest Princess paused for a long time on the Green Luan's head, and then her red lips opened slightly, and a soft voice echoed among the mountains.


"Qing Luan Secret Technique, Qing Luan Fire."

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