Chapter 402 – The Second Match

When the battle between the Princess and Zhongnan came to an end, there was silence in the stands, and the silence lasted for a long time before applause began to rise, and then, in a few moments, the sound resounded like thunder across the sky. through the mountains.


Everyone applauded the excellent performance of both representatives.


Although the result was a draw, no one could blame either of the two teams, who had given everything and had done their best, contributing to a great confrontation for everyone.


"A battle at the Celestial General level is truly impressive."


Li Luo sighed, the outcome of the battle was not a big surprise, Zhongnan's strongest defense could not be completely penetrated even by the Eldest Princess, although if it was a fight to the death, it was unclear whether both sides had other reinforcements, but at least neither of them could do anything to anyone in this fight.


In this battle, Zhongnan continued to maintain his reputation as the Blue Abyss Sacred Academy's strongest shield, while the Eldest Princess equally revealed remarkable strength that left people in awe and did not disgrace the Xuanxing Sacred Academy.


As Li Luo sighed inwardly, the cheers from the stands suddenly stopped and were replaced by a chorus of cheers, accompanied by the thunderous name of "Gong Shenjun".


When Li Luo looked, he saw Gong Shenjun's figure descending from one of the stands and landing on the scorched ground between the mountains below.


Gong Shenjun was dressed in white, as handsome as a jade, with a handsome face and an extraordinary aura, and with his own powerful strength and his name as the strongest seven-star pillar of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, countless students from the entire Xuanxing Sacred Academy seethed with excitement when he appeared, and more female students even had their eyes on him.


With such a heroic martial art, let alone ordinary cadets, even those bigwigs from all sides of Great Xia in the uppermost stands nodded their heads slightly in admiration.


"Your Majesty has this son, he is truly enviable." Zhu Qinghuang of House Yan Extreme smiled weakly and said to the Regent who was next to him.


Duze Yan also nodded and said, "His Highness Gong Shenjun is undoubtedly the undeserved leader of the younger generation in Great Xia, and the Great King can be said to have a successor."


The Regent had a gentle smile on his face as he waved his hand and said modestly, "You have all complimented me too much, this is all because of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, if it weren't for the Academy's training, how could Shenjun have achieved so much?"


Vice President Su "


These two parts support each other


Once again, it was the young emperor who frowned and said, "My sister is also very distinguished."


The others laughed and they all nodded in agreement.


"What the king said is certainly true, and the eldest princess's excellence is evident to everyone, who can deny it?"


And as they spoke, a voice rang out in the arena once again, and it was Liang Kui of the Blue Abyss Sacred School House making his appearance.


Liang Kui was dressed in black, he was tall and strong, but compared to Gong Shenjun's heroic appearance, he was simply defeated in appearance, because not only was his appearance not normal, but he looked a little ugly, and now that he had been unleashed by Gong Shenjun, it seemed even more obvious.


This contrast made many of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy's female students a little unbearable to look at.


However, Liang Kui seemed to be used to these gazes, his face was expressionless and did not have any undulations about it, a pair of deep yīn eyes were only fixed on Gong Shenjun in front of him, he obviously had no intention of communicating with Gong Shenjun. With a squeeze of his palm, a black spear flashed.


At the top of the spear, powerful energy fluctuations emanated, and on the body of the spear, a golden-silver trace was faintly visible, as if it were a vertical golden-silver eye.


His is a golden-eyed treasure tool.




At the same time, behind him, six dazzling heavenly beads slowly took shape, gathering all the energy of heaven and earth.


This, coupled with his ugly and ferocious face, was like a thunder ghost.


Obviously, Liang Kui had set to work from the beginning, without the slightest intention of testing the waters, because he knew very well that Gong Shenjun was far above him, and if he did not go all out from the beginning, he was afraid fall directly into repression.


Facing Liang Kui, who had exploited his strength to the fullest, Gong Shenjun smiled faintly and with a squeeze of his palm, a brilliant silver spear flashed.


As soon as the silver spear appeared, the energy of heaven and earth converged, and as the spear blade waved, the void trembled slightly.


This is equally a golden eye treasure tool.


At the same time, a silver-white resonance power began to flow from Gong Shenjun's body, and then it grew rapidly, like a hundred feet of wolf smoke rising into the sky, and in that resonance power wolf smoke , everyone could faintly see a huge silver drill emerge from it.


The silver drill is covered with silver scales, its claws and teeth are fierce, and its eyes seem to emanate


Incredibly fierce light and astonishingly powerful pressure slowly emanated.


Li Luo looked at the silver drill looming on the resonance power light pillar, and his face was somewhat serious, apparently, this was Gong Shenjun's resonance nature.


Higher Eighth Degree Silver Auger Resonance.


It was the first time Li Luo had seen Gong Shenjun display his own resonance nature since he had entered the Xuanxing Sacred Academy so long ago.


After displaying his resonance nature, Gong Shenjun did not stop as the energy pressure emanating from his body began to grow stronger and stronger, and then, behind him, there was a sudden flash of silver light, and then seven heavenly pearls Brilliants of silver light condensed.


Those seven pearls were clearly a little more radiant than the Eldest Princess's seven.


Li Luo stared at the seven radiant heavenly pearls behind Gong Shenjun, although the seven heavenly pearls were indeed already extremely impressive, he somehow felt that this might not be the full strength of Gong Shenjun, this number one of the Xuan Sacred Academy. Xing couldn't be hiding something.


If he is really hiding something, then we can only say that this guy is really powerful, facing an opponent as strong as Liang Kui, but he is still able to have this kind of confidence.


As Li Luo speculated on how much power this Gong Shenjun concealed, he smiled lightly amidst the countless admiring gazes, his silver spear pointed diagonally in his hand and his gaze swept towards Liang Kui on the opposite side.


“Xuanxing Sacred Academy, Gong Shenjun, and I would like to ask my friends at the Blue Abyss Sacred Academy for guidance.”


Liang Kui looked at Gong Shenjun, who was clearly more powerful than him, but his slightly ugly face did not have the slightest fear. Instead, he gradually tightened the black silk spear in his hand, and then a low and hoarse voice came out. : "A movement".


"Hm?" Gong Shenjun looked a little puzzled.


Liang Kui said indifferently: "If you can catch one of my moves, I admit defeat."


Gong Shenjun's gaze flashed as he laughed: "A life-fighting technique, right? Do you want to continue matching me with this? Your Blue Abyss Sacred Academy seems to be willing to maintain a multi-bind this time?"


Liang Kui didn't say anything, he just looked at Gong Shenjun with indifferent eyes.


Gong Shenjun smiled, his five fingers slowly wielding the silver spear, his voice soft, his temperament confident and calm.


“A guest from afar is a guest, however the guest wants to play, I, as the host family of the Great Xia, will certainly accompany him to the end.”


"Well, friend..."


"Please hit."

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