Chapter 403 – The Spear of Reggae



As soon as Gong Shenjun's words fell, he saw the violent and brilliant power of lightning resonance explode from within Liang Kui's body, and the gathering of thunder energy in heaven and earth caused layers of clouds to appear. dark in the sky, in which the light of thunder jumped.


And then lightning suddenly descended from the sky, but it did not go towards Gong Shenjun, but instead fell towards where Liang Kui was.


Boom boom!


The six heavenly pearls behind Liang Kui became brighter and brighter as they slowly rotated, and the terrifyingly violent resonance of thunder light spread out, turning into a giant thunder light python leaping around.


Liang Kui was holding a black spear and in the pupils of his eyes was lightning. He took a deep breath, and suddenly his face became fierce.


The majestic power of lightning resonance at this moment surged frantically towards the black spear in his hand, and even the six heavenly pearls behind him were slowly falling, finally seeming to be placed on top of the black spear, and at this instant , the power condensed on the top of the black spear caused the void there to tremble slightly, giving a feeling of distortion.


The faces of countless people in the stands were serious, and anyone could see that Liang Kui was preparing an extremely terrifying attack.


The opponent, Gong Shenjun, did not launch an attack to stop him, but instead gave Liang Kui time to prepare. This kind of behavior, although it seemed a little pedantic, from another point of view, it seemed to be due to absolute self-confidence.


If Gong Shenjun was able to win in the end, not only would he be able to reap victory, he would also be able to gain countless admiration, even from the side of the Blue Abyss Sacred Academy, who would be convinced.


So in Li Luo's opinion, this Gong Shenjun's ambition is still not small.




In just a few moments, Liang Kui's power had already reached an extremely terrifying degree, and the lightning light already covered the area he was in as he jumped madly, making many people in the stands not dare to look at him directly. forehead.


Faced with such a terrifying blow from Liang Kui, let alone the ordinary students, even some of the other seven-star pillars present in the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy, their faces turned grave.


The only way to avoid this blow was to avoid it, even for them.




The black spear in his hand already weighed about a thousand pounds at this time, the black spear trembled violently, and there was a gradual interweaving of thunder light, faintly forming a shadow of thunder light behind Liang Kui.


The shadow of the lightning bolt was about three meters tall and was born with four arms. The face is somewhat blurred, but it exudes infinite ferocity, as if it were an evil spirit.


"This spear, called... Reggae Spear."


"But I know that even that kind of power isn't enough to pose much of a threat to you."




Liang Kui's hoarse voice sounded, and at the same time a ruthless look passed through his eyes, and in the next instant, his five fingers holding the black spear suddenly burst out directly at this moment, and the flesh and blood directly burst out. They ground in an instant, and then mixed into the black spear in his hand, so the black spear turned into a bright red blood spear at this moment.


The resonance power of the beam rising above also gradually dyes red at this point.


An aura of astonishing ferocity immediately emerged.


The power that suddenly became rampant and vicious caused countless apprentices to look terrified, even as several other Seven Star Pillar members paled.


But although the five fingers were shattered, the black spear did not fall, for the reggae behind Liang Kui stretched out his gigantic arm and grabbed the black spear, and then the reggae slowly made a throwing gesture.


The air here seemed to freeze at that moment.




The stagnation lasted only an instant, followed by an instantaneous explosion of air in the area, a piercing sound that echoed like thunder among the mountains, and all anyone could see was a bloody light breaking through the air in that instant.


The speed of the blood light was so unimaginably fast that apart from a few present who could clearly see its trajectory, the rest could only see a flash of blood and abruptly torn earth.


The scorched battlefield was almost split in two by that deep fissure.


The violent lightning resonance unleashed with fury, destroying everything in its path. The power of Liang Kui's killing blow was truly impressive.


Gong Shenjun stood in his place, his pupils reflecting the blood spear that seemed to pierce through the air, the energy it contained finally made him become a little squarer, and he whispered to himself: "Such a blow is worthy of being the strongest spear of the Blue Abyss Sacred Academy."


"The thing is..."


"It's still not enough."


At the moment the voice fell, the pupils of Gong Shenjun's eyes gradually emerged with a silver light, his pupils, in fact, turned into silver-silver auger eyes at this moment, while the silver spear in His hand became soft, as if it turned into a small silver-silver auger, flowing around his arm, and finally turned into a silver-silver auger.


The spear falls on the skin.


The tip of the spear corresponds exactly to the tip of his finger.


Gong Shenjun raised his finger and a silver light bloomed at his fingertips.


"Dragon Soul Finger."




At this moment, a dragon roared across the mountains, and a silver light shot out from Gong Shenjun's fingertips, turning into a silver dragon with claws and teeth.


The dragon spirit pierced through the air and directly collided with the blood spear that shot out with a roar.


Boom boom!


At the moment of impact, a huge shock wave of energy began to sweep out, and the already battered battlefield was once again plowed raw, opening a deep crack that spread like a spider's web.


The shock wave even reached the grandstand area, but was quickly suppressed and dissolved by the hand of Tutor Zihui, who was supervising the battle within the academy, in every way possible.


All eyes were nervously fixed on the collision.


The energy there churned and eroded wildly, and within a few moments, the silver dragon soul seemed to be the first to reach the extreme and suddenly shattered.


This scene immediately caused countless Xuanxing Sacred Academy students to scream in shock and worry.


Could it be that Gong Shenjun was unable to block the blow?


However, when Gong Shenjun looked at the blood spear, a faint smile appeared at the corner of his lips.


He stood still and made no movement, but allowed the blood spear to fly towards him.


However, as it got closer, the blood spear's energy quickly faded, and by the time it was within three meters of Gong Shenjun, the energy surging from it had been completely exhausted, and the blood spear vanished. to its normal black color.


But although the energy dissipated, the black spear continued to fly in the same direction, and finally shot Gong Shenjun in the forehead.




The sound of gold and iron resonated as a small white dot appeared on Gong Shenjun's forehead, as the black spear slowly fell.


Gong Shenjun reached out and grabbed the black spear, snapping his finger, the black spear shot back and stabbed in front of Liang Kui.


He nodded slightly.


"I beg to differ."

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