Chapter 406 Cheating

When Zhou Yuan and Su Duan decided on their bet, the rock gaming area immediately became the most popular place in the entire fair as even more figures began to emerge.


Anyone could see that it was the most classic cliché of fighting over a beauty, but the identities of the two main actors nevertheless generated great interest.


One was a disciple of the Cangxuan Sect, while the other was the minor sect master of the Flaming Cauldron Sect.


The Cangxuan Sect was an untouchable existence that was known throughout the vast Cangxuan Heaven. On the other hand, although the Flame Cauldron Sect could not match the Cangxuan Sect, Su Duan was their junior sect master, a prominent individual of high prestige.


A clash between these two individuals was going to be quite interesting.


Therefore, more and more people began to crowd, making this area the highlight of the fair.




As the love rivalry intensified, several gazes looked down from the second floor of the fair area.


The second floor was not as noisy as the crowded ground floor, and seemed quite quiet in comparison. Those who were allowed here were not ordinary individuals after all.


Li Qingchan, Zhao Zhu, Feng Ying of the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace and the others are currently in this area.


There were also some figures opposite Li Qingchan and the gang, which was clearly led by two people. These two also looked quite young, but they gave off a certain presence that showed that they were not simple at all.


Even Li Qingchan felt a little wary when he looked at the two.


Because these two were the two Chosen Ones sent by the Holy Palace.


Wang Chi and Cao Jinzhu.


Wang Chi was the man wearing red clothes, whose features seemed slightly feminine. A smile hung at the corners of his mouth, but his gaze seemed extremely sharp. Two red metal balls sat in his hand, emitting a terrible heat that could melt metal and stone, but he seemed unaffected as he casually grasped them in his hand.


Cao Jinzhu, on the other hand, had a strong and muscular body that resembled a metal tower. His eyes held a savage beast like ferocity that would make your hair stand on end.


Beside him was Yang Xuan, whom they had met earlier in the day, still with a faint smile on his face.


On the other side was another group of figures led by a burly young man. Although he was not a striking individual, those familiar with him knew the astonishing battle power contained in that slim body of his.


He was the Chosen One sent by the North Sea Dragon Subjugation Hall, and he was also overwhelmingly strong.


Gathered on the small second floor of the fair were the Chosen of the four titanic sects. The quality of the disciples here was undoubtedly high.


These four groups were also clearly separated, each party protected against all the others. As such, the environment was naturally unfriendly.


It was under this hostile atmosphere that everyone felt the commotion below, as gaze after gaze cast downwards.


Feng Ying was the first to laugh softly as he said, “Hehe, Qingchan, that little younger brother if your Cangxuan Sect is a hot-blooded man, is he going to bet fire rocks with Su Duan of the Flame Cauldron Sect for Qingyu?” ?"


Li Qginchan had naturally also seen Zhou Yuan's figure, which surprised her a little.


On the contrary, Zhao Zhu frowned and said disapprovingly, "What a troublemaker. It's fine if he disgraces himself, but he better not embarrass our Cangxuan Sect."


As he spoke, he gestured towards Qin Hai with the intention of sending him to take out Zhou Yuan.


Li Qingchan said indifferently: "Junior Brother Zhao Zhu, this is your own matter, there shouldn't be any need for you to be a nosy, right?"


Zhao Zhu’s eyes lowered slightly as he replied, “Senior Sister Qingchan, the biggest business owned by the Flame Cauldron Sect is this flame game, and Su Duan can be said to be an expert in this field.” . “It is clear to everyone that he is inciting Zhou Yuan to humiliate him in front of a certain person.”


“And yet, Zhou Yuan seems to be an ignorant fool. Do you think everyone will give way to you just because you are a Cangxuan Sect disciple?”


Li Qingchan calmly said, "That is his choice, and the only one he embarrasses will be himself. The dignity of the Cangxuan Sect will never be at stake in such a petty matter."


Zhao Zhu was somewhat speechless. In the end, he could only let out a cold snort, before saying, "Then we'll just watch and see how it turns out."


Beside Li Qingchan, Bai Li also looked down and said in a low voice, “But this kid seems to be quite the womanizer. We have barely arrived, and he has already become so intimate with her.”


It was obvious that she was also quite dissatisfied with Zhou Yuan. Since he was here for a Heaven Credit gift, he should at least act like he was working hard. And yet, he ended up getting into some kind of love rivalry because of a disciple of the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace.


“I should tell you now that if the mission ends badly, I will report only the truth to the old man when we return. “When that time comes, even you won’t be able to influence anything.”


Li Qingchan did not respond to Bai Li's words, he simply let out a soft sigh inside. His clear eyes swept towards Zhou Yuan below, as a look of disappointment swept over them.


Maybe it was a mistake to have fought so hard to get him on this mission.


In his eyes, Zhou Yuan's actions and attitude were his small revenge against the way Elder Wu had treated him.




Downstairs, Zhou Yuan was unaware of the attention from the second floor. He couldn't help a smile appearing on his lips when he saw Su Duan betting his ancient wooden bracelet.


"Then how does Brother Su want to play this?" Zhou Yuan's voice seemed to be much warmer and friendlier at this moment.


Su Duan smiled as he looked at Zhou Yuan, before pointing towards the rock playing area. “We will follow the usual rules. Each of us will go out and select five rocks, before opening them in front of the crowd. Whoever obtains the oldest essence flames will be the winner. How does that sound?"


He paused for a moment, turning to Zuoqiu Qingyu and showed an elegant smile, before saying, "It doesn't matter, others will say I'm bullying you if we do this. How about I select five fire rocks, while you can make ten." ?”


Zhou Yuan chuckled, and was about to say that it was not necessary.


However, Su Duan was already waving his hand, indicating that there was no room for discussion. "Then that's settled."


A playful smile adorned Su Duan's face. He wanted to achieve an undisputed victory and give Zhou Yuan no way to refute it. At the same time, Su Duan also wanted to taste the feeling of crushing a Cangxuan Sect disciple under his feet.


Although he was the young sect master of the Flame Cauldron Sect, he was not spoiled. He was a veteran of llama rock games with plenty of experience who did not lose to any master of the art. As such, the thought of a loss never appeared in his mind.


The numerous local geniuses of the Black Flame Province around Su Duan began to cheer because of the magnaminty he was displaying.


They obviously wanted Zhou Yuan to be completely humiliated in front of Zuoqiu Qingyu, so that he would completely fall from their favor.


Zhou Yuan helplessly laughed as he looked at the seemingly handsome Su Duan. In the end, he nodded and said, "Since Brother Su is so generous, I naturally have no objections."


Su Duan smiled slightly. Without further ado, he took the lead and entered the rock playing area while watching and began to sweep through the countless black rocks.


Zhou Yuan simply smiled as he looked at his opponent's confident figure.


No one knew that the Saint Rune in his pupils had already secretly activated, red light beginning to rise one after another within each fire rock in the playing area.


Just as he had expected, the flame rocks can block other senses, but they were powerless against the Deciphering Saint Rune.


The flame rocks now appeared clearly in his eyes as burning flames of different sizes…


Faced with such a situation, Zhou Yuan could only sigh softly.


Even if you are an expert with as much experience as a grandmaster...


You will never be able to match my cheating...

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