Chapter 408 – I am Extreme Fury

When Zhao Huiyin leaped up with her golden crescent sword in her hand, the eyes of the entire crowd converged on her and then there was a loud cry of surprise.


"What's going on? Its resonance power seems to be getting more and more overwhelming."


"And the eyes aren't quite right..."


"This is her latest killer move, right? It seems like she has been pressured by Sister Jiang to have to expose him."


"No matter what cards I have up my sleeve, my faith in Sister Jiang is unwavering!"


“That's for sure, Sister Jiang hasn't failed once so far since she entered the academy!”




The students of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy were murmuring, but although they were all surprised by Zhao Huiyin's change, they still trusted Jiang Qing'e because of his confidence in his unbeatable record.


"Captain, why do you feel like a different person, a bit like my usual state change when I study the Wonderful Spiritual Water ." Bai Mengmeng was also looking at Zhao Huiyin's figure and said thoughtfully.


"Quite similar, in fact."


Li Luo nodded and muttered, "I guess it must be caused by some kind of secret art that she cultivates, at this moment, the emotions in her eyes faded away, she must have sealed her emotions with a secret art and then made herself enter some kind of extreme state, this way, his own strength would also get a kind of increase."


"Can Big Sister Jiang cope?" Bai Mengmeng asked worriedly.


Zhao Huiyin's aura right now was too intimidating and Bai Mengmeng couldn't afford not to worry.


Li Luo's gaze swept to the figure of Jiang Qing'e, who was also looking at Zhao Huiyin, whose aura had changed drastically, and there was no fear on that imposing face, but rather a slight trace of surprise, as well as a leap of faith.


Zhao Huiyin in this state finally sparks a little interest in her.


“Jiang Qing’e’s strength is so great that even I don’t know how much she has hidden, for someone of the same level to defeat her… I am afraid that not even a few can be found within this Eastern Divine Region.” Li Luo smiled, although sometimes he involuntarily seemed a little worried about the situation, but if he said that Jiang Qing'e would be defeated, it seemed a little unlikely to him.


For no other reason than the fact that he was well aware of the terrifying potential this girl had, they grew up together.


Although Li Luo is carrying a double resonance today and is already trying his best to catch up, sometimes he still feels a little helpless.


This girl, so sick.


Sometimes I wonder if my father and mother deliberately found such a brilliant person to come back and kill him.


As the commotion in the stands continued, Jiang Qing'e was unfazed, her eyes simply fixated on Zhao Huiyin in front of her, her slender jade fingers curling gently.


Suddenly, the mirror of radiant light above his head once again shot a pillar of flaming light towards Zhao Huiyin.


As the flaming pillar of light whistled, Zhao Huiyin tapped her toes on the ground and her delicate body shot out sharply, as she held the golden crescent moon sword in her hand, her face indifferent as she slashed downwards, Immediately a golden lunar bending blade light tens of feet in size shot out, slicing through the long sky and colliding with the flaming pillar of light.




The violent resonance forces impacted each other, and then seemed to turn into brilliant fireworks as the shock wave of Resonance Force swept away.


This time, Zhao Hui Yin blocked the glow of the light flames.


Then Zhao Huiyin's figure did not stop, appearing directly in front of Jiang Qing'e. The blade of the Crescent Moon Sword was enveloped with the extremely severe power of Golden Resonance, and in an instant it turned into a continuous stream of sword light, slashing into Jiang Qing'e's vital body.


As the blade slashed, Jiang Qing'e's jade hand grasped and a heavy sword erupted from her palm.


And then the sword light swept over and the light shone brightly.


Face it squarely head on.


Clang! Clang!


In a short time, the swords of both sides collided extremely fiercely for dozens of rounds, the figures of both sides did not move at all, but the overflowing sword light caused the heaven and earth energy in the area to boil. violently, and the surrounding ground was torn by the harsh and overbearing sword light up to a thousand holes.


That Zhao Huiyin was originally defeated by Jiang Qing'e, but this time, with her special status, she was truly somewhat unbeatable.


And then the two silhouettes moved away, a ray of shadow flashed, and two extremely powerful energies continued to collide with each other.


Wherever it passes, everything in its path is destroyed.


The battle between the two women in front of them was one of the most intense in the entry competition. After all, although the previous two matches were of higher rank, the battle between the Eldest Princess and Zhongnan was completely offensive and defensive at the same time, lacking in passion, while Gong Shenjun's was a crushing victory over the opposing side, and not worth seeing.


In this match, Zhao Huiyin was originally suppressed by all means, but to her surprise, she still had a special card, and with this card, she was now finally able to fight Jiang Qing'e to a stalemate.


"This Zhao Huiyin's current strength is very close to the Extreme Fury Realm, the third stage of the Earth's Fury General Rank." In the highest tribune, the big shots from all sides also commented.


"The Blue Abyss Sacred School House is also very well-endowed, such an outstanding young man with a limitless future."


"However, Jiang Qing'e also responded easily, no matter how fierce the attack that Zhao Hui Yin broke out, she still received everything, such a feeling of lifting the weight as lightly as possible, that it was impenetrable."


"It seemed like he was somewhat enjoying the excitement of the battle and the interest that Huiyin was giving him."


"Jiang Qing'e... I'm afraid he has something hidden."


"But this situation should not last much longer, the competition time is about to end and Jiang Qing'e should not allow Zhao Hui Yin to extend it to a tie."


As the bigwigs in the stands exchanged ideas, the battle on the field became more and more intense, with the wolfish smoke of two strong resonance forces rising and stirring up the storm clouds, and the entire mountainous rocky area was directly in this destroyed to the ground, full of rubble.




Another extremely strong blow.


Jiang Qing'e's heavy sword fell with a slash, the earth was instantly torn apart, Zhao Huiyin's golden crescent blade trembled violently in his hand, his slender figure shook back, with golden light rippling in his cold eyes. .


"Time is almost up, is this your limit?" A subtle smile rarely appeared on Jiang Qing'e's usually calm and stunningly beautiful face, the previous battle was considered one of the few solid ones in this period of time.


If it had been in its initial state, Zhao Huiyin would have laughed and said something mocking at this moment, however now he was indifferent , but his jade hand slowly tightened the hilt.


He extended a slender finger, and blood dripped from his fingertips and landed on the golden blade.


On that blade is a deep golden vertical mark, as if it were a golden eye.


Apparently, the golden crescent sword in Zhao Huiyin's hand was also a golden eye treasure tool of a fairly high grade, so it was no wonder that the sword aura emanating from it was so harsh and dominant.


As the blood fell on the golden vertical mark, the golden Crescent Moon Blade trembled violently, and a faint blood pattern spread from it, gradually spreading to all parts of the blade.


The energy in heaven and earth began to boil at this moment, and in the next instant, as if triggered by something, it began to roll towards the Crescent Moon Blade in Zhao Huiyin's hand, and a moment later, The leaf light was so bright that it was actually reflected into a huge golden leaf shadow about 100 feet in the void behind Zhao Huiyin.


The golden leaf shadow was in the air, towering and motionless, but there was monstrous leaf qi roaring in the sky, and even the white clouds in the sky showed signs of tearing at this moment.


The sword rises to the clouds.


In the stands, some of the former Four Star Academy students whose strength had reached the rank of Earth Fury General were beginning to pale, a very small number of them had reached the third stage of the Extreme Fury realm. In strength, and to put it mildly, they were at the top of the hierarchy within the academy, and aside from the Seven Star Pillars, they were the ones leading the way.


But even they felt a great crisis at that moment.


This Zhao Huiyin, who was clearly only at the Fury Body Realm, could make even them, those of the Extreme Fury Realm, feel fearful, truly terrifying!


Under those countless trembling gazes, Zhao Huiyin's sandalwood mouth opened slightly and a cloud of golden breath slowly exhaled.


The golden light in his eyes was almost as strong as it could be at that moment.


And then, holding the sword with both hands, he made a violent slash, while a cold voice sounded with it.


"Jiang Qing'e, this sword of mine can cut through Extreme Furies."




When Zhao Huiyin launched the slash, the 30-meter shadow in the void behind him swayed at the same time.


At that instant, a sharp whistle resounded through the sky and the earth, and the energy that filled the sky and the earth at that moment coiled up, as if it was being cut into pieces by that harsh and extreme blade light.


On the ground, a huge gash appeared instantly, almost cutting across the battlefield.


A huge blade of light descended from the sky, slashing straight towards where Jiang Qing'e was standing.


This slash, as she said, would probably kill even an ordinary Extreme Fury.


It is not too much to call him heavenly pride when he kills the enemy beyond his level.




And that's it.


Jiang Qing'e slowly clenched the heavy sword in her hand as her red lips gently peeled away.


"It is possible to defeat the Extreme Furies..."


"I am an Extreme Fury... But you, you can't beat me."


In that instant, there was a burst of radiant brilliant resonance power as Jiang Qing'e brandished a heavy sword and slashed.




A 30-meter sword light, burning with flames of light, shot out, and as soon as it did so, heaven and earth seemed to split in two!


The eyes of the entire audience were fixed on the scene, and then a look of horror arose, and even the faces of the bigwigs on the highest stage became slightly more serious.


This was because everyone was able to sense that this sword of Jiang Qing'e was not a simple one.


In that sword light, there was actually a flow of greenish strange light, a wisp of arcane brilliance, and when it appeared, it was as if the void was cut.


That is...


Extreme Fury!


So, Jiang Qing'e, has entered Extreme Fury!

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