Chapter 409 – Invincible Sister Jiang

Two blades and swords of extreme strength streaked across the sky before colliding with each other with a crash in the next instant.


Countless lines of sight converged and everyone held their breath, as everyone knew that the winner was at stake at this moment.


Zhao Huiyin's previous slash had already shocked heaven and earth, but no one expected that Jiang Qing'e's counterattack would be even more severe and ferocious as it directly revealed some of his true strength.


Realm of Extreme Fury!


That sword, which contained Divine Fury, seemed to split even heaven and earth.


It was said that Zhao Hui Yin's slash was capable of killing Extreme Furies, but that was just some Extreme Furies of ordinary strength, but obviously, Jiang Qing'e was not among this group.




As countless students marveled in their hearts, the two sides collided, and a violent roar sounded as a violent shockwave of resonance power swept across the area, enveloped in a scorching sword and light, destroying everything in its path.


Even the confines of the stand rippled, as countless apprentices blanched and dodged.


But at that moment, with the help of Tutor Zihui, layers of defenses were quickly established to repel the incoming Resonance Force blasts and light slashes.


More eyes, inert, stared dead at the center of the battlefield.


There two rough and powerful swords and blades swallowed with astonishing power, and the void was distorted by this erosion.


But this stalemate was short-lived, as the bright Resonance Force sword light, flowing with green-colored lightning, was significantly stronger and more powerful.


Jiang Qing'e's eyes were slightly closed.


He knew the battle was over here.




The golden blade light made a hooting sound before shattering with a bang.




The power of the sword light , which contained the green-colored Divine Fury, did not diminish, and it directly pierced the skies, mercilessly slashing at Zhao Huiyin in an overwhelming and unparalleled manner.


Zhao Huiyin's petite body seemed so small and helpless under the enormous sword light.


The fierce wind caused by the sword aura whipped his hair, and the coldness and golden light in his eyes quickly faded.


He looked at the sharp sword light and bit his red lips, showing some helplessness.




However, just as the sword diaphragm was about to strike, Jiang Qing'e suddenly clenched her jade hand and watched as the sword light, which was fierce enough to cut through a mountain, abruptly shattered. , and the violent force of resonance overflowed in all directions, forming an impact that shook Zhao Huiyin's body backwards.


She screamed in alarm, but only took a few steps before she felt someone grab her arm.


Zhao Huiyin looked up, only to see Jiang Qing'e appear in front of her, reaching out a hand to grab her wrist.


“You…” Zhao Huiyin’s eyes became a little complicated, but she didn’t expect Jiang Qing’e to intervene to save her.


Jiang Qing'e let go of his hand and let Zhao Huiyin fall, saying indifferently: "You have lost."


Zhao Hui Yin said somewhat sorry, “If you were already in the Realm of Extreme Fury, you would have said it before, if I had known that you were this strong, why would I have come to get beaten up, what a waste of emotions.”


Jiang Qing'e said: "You are not bad, a little better than Duze Honglian from our academy, at least you can give me a little interest in fighting."


Zhao Huiyin was speechless, feeling that this was purely using her as a warm-up sparring partner, the gap between the two parties was really not small, the other party was not even playing with her at full strength right now.


He sighed and then looked at Jiang Qing'e with complicated eyes and said, "How nice it would be if you were from our Blue Abyss Sacred Academy."


Zhao Hui Yin took two steps closer and said with a charming voice, "Jiang Qing'e, you really make my heart flutter, do you want to kick Li Luo and then plot to take over the Luolan House, if you become the head of House Luolan, when I graduate from the Blue Abyss Sacred Academy, I will come and join you!"


Jiang Qing'e glanced at Zhao Huiyin and said, "Haven't you been beaten enough?"


Zhao Huiyin smiled, "Really fierce, I'm not kidding this time, that guy Li Luo, he's not good enough for you, toad eating swan meat, always a disgusting thing."


"I bet you he can't win against our Lu Cang from the Blue Abyss Sacred Academy."


Jiang Qing'e said indifferently: "You are not the first person to underestimate Li Luo, and you should be able to find a lot of empathy for the people buried in the grave."


Zhao Huiyin shrugged and said, "Wait and see if you don't believe me."


Jiang Qing'e, for his part, was not interested in spending any more time with her on this, but instead turned to look at the Zihui tutor who was supervising the battle on the high platform.


At this moment, after the supervising instructor identified the situation on the field and realized that Zhao Huiyin was no longer capable of fighting, he nodded his head and his voice resounded loudly throughout the field: “The winner of the first match from the three-star academy, Jiang Qing'e from the Xuanxing Sacred Academy!"




"Sister Jiang is awesome!"


"Sister Jiang is invincible!"


The stands erupted in earth-shaking cheers and applause, as countless students gazed in awe and adoration at the figure of Jiang Qing'e. The battle was truly spectacular and Jiang Qing'e's invincible stance was something one couldn't help but love.


After this battle, I am afraid that Jiang Qing'e's reputation within the academy will be no less than that of the Eldest Princess and Gong Shenjun.


In one part of the grandstand, Gong Shenjun, the Eldest Princess and the others were also looking at the battlefield.


"Comrade Jiang is really something."


Gong Shenjun gazed at the silhouette of stunning beauty and couldn't help but sigh: "At this rate, I'm afraid he might really reach the rank of Heavenly General by the end of the year, and at that time, there's no telling what unlucky Seven Star Pillar will be." its objective."


The Eldest Princess smiled slightly and said, "Qing'e should be able to compete for the title of the Eastern Divine Region's strongest three-star academy student, and if she wins it in the Holy Grail Battle, she can be considered a record for our Sacred Xuan Xing Academy."


Gong Shenjun pondered for a moment and said, "I have heard that the other Holy Schools have also come prepared for this Holy Grail Battle, and although the ninth grade resonance is rare, it may not be the only one in the entire Holy Grail Divine Region." "This, but no matter what happens, Senior Sister Jiang should be considered one of the most powerful contenders."


The Eldest Princess nodded her head, her phoenix eyes fixed on Jiang Qing'e's figure, her eyes full of admiration flowing.


Within a few years, such a person will be an amazing figure in the Great Xia.


Although it is true that the rank of a Resonance does not fully represent future achievements, Jiang Qing'e not only has the advantage of rank, but his heart and his own efforts have been seen by everyone over the years.


"Qing Luan, you have been very close to your partner Jiang recently." Gong Shenjun suddenly smiled and said.


The Princess laughed: "Of course I want to be friends with Qing'e."


Then she looked over and said with deep meaning in her eyes, "Brother, do you still have thoughts of Qing'e?"


Although Gong Shenjun had been quite subtle about it and had not crossed the line in any way, the eldest princess still knew what was on her brother's mind.


Gong Shenjun smiled and said, “It is common for a beautiful lady to be a martyr, right?”


"As a male, it's no surprise that, being such a good student, he has a crush on her."


The Eldest Princess smiled lightly and said, "You should have been observing Li Luo for more than half a year, the relationship and affection between him and Jiang Qing'e is beyond imagination."


Gong Shenjun was slightly silent, his palm gently tapping on the railing in front of him, as a strange light flowed through his eyes.


He also had to admit that he had underestimated the emotions between Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e. At first, he also thought that the marriage contract between the two parties did not mean much, but since he had paid attention for most of a year, he discovered that the emotions and bonds between Jiang Qing'e and Li Luo far exceeded expectations.


Jiang Qing'e also seems more approachable and calm in normal times, but everyone can feel that sense of distance when in contact; You can communicate with her, but wanting to go further is something that is simply not possible.


Especially from the opposite sex.


To date, there had been many attempts by various top students to court Jiang Qing'e in various ways, but the end result was that they could be considered casual friends, but then they couldn't be even the simplest of friends.


This is the main reason why Gong Shenjun did not move much for most of the year, and could only carry on a simple conversation when they occasionally met at the academy, making it difficult to foster a relationship.


And all of this is obviously due to the arrival of Li Luo.


Jiang Qing'e is very aware of her feelings.



"This junior student, Li Luo, is truly something to envy." Gong Shenjun said slowly.


The Eldest Princess agreed with this and said, "Certainly, your House Luolan is not enviable, but having such a fiancée is truly enviable even in the eyes."


After a pause, he smiled at Gong Shenjun and said, "Brother, I'm afraid there is nothing you can hope for with Qing'e. You'd better leave him and find another woman before it's too late."


Gong Shenjun smiled and said nothing.


The Princess had a deep meaningful look in her phoenix eyes.


Persuading such a man is not very effective, but it will indeed provoke his competitive spirit, and Gong Shenjun is so outstanding and has such a status, this competitive spirit will indeed be stronger, so if you ask him to stop in moderation, he might have the opposite effect.


But if so, the Princess would be more than happy to see it.


Because if Gong Shenjun really behaved aggressively, then with Jiang Qing'e's character, she would most likely just cut ties with him, and that would be a good thing for her.


After all, he didn't want to see Jiang Qing'e approach the Regent's line.


Of course, Gong Shenjun City is also extremely deep, his words like this may not be useful, but three words and no effort, the Eldest Princess doesn't care about a casual slash.


The Eldest Princess withdrew her mind and looked at the field, the entry race had reached this point, the Holy Xuan Xing Academy already had a lead, but then the lead period for the Holy Xuan Xing Academy was going to slip, so it would depend of the representative players behind to see if they could stabilize themselves, if they could, this time the entry race, the Sacred Xuan Xing Academy should be a sure thing.

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