Chapter 413 – The Appearance of Li Luo

Li Luo's figure descended like a bird, and when he was in the air, there was an eruption of resonance power under his feet, causing his figure to briefly stagnate in the air, and then his figure landed on top of a tree. dense and tall like the sky, and his figure leaped through a forest before landing on a vast lake.


The lake is turquoise, and there are ancient trees growing at the bottom, and the reflections of the water and the trees echo each other, which is very meaningful.


Li Luo stepped on the surface of the lake with waves of water rippling under his feet.


He was holding his twin swords at his waist, his face calm, his two resonances were mainly water and wood, so this lake place was particularly favorable for him, and according to the rules of the entry tournament, the defeated side had the right to choose the battle location in the first place, although Li Luo was not afraid of his opponent, but if he did not want this favorable offer, he would appear too pedantic as well as arrogant.


Between the mountains, countless gazes converge.


At the same time, a figure descended from the sky and landed like a cannonball on the lake, an impact of Resonance Force immediately occurred that dragged the waves of the water, whistling in all directions.


And the wave calmed down when it was still half a meter away from Li Luo, and the water waves merged into the lake.


Li Luo's gaze looked at the figure on the lake in front of him, the visitor was dressed in white and his appearance was considered handsome, at this moment he was, at the same time, staring at Li Luo, his smiling appearance seemed to be extraordinarily kind. .


"Lu Cang?" Li Luo asked.


The young man in white smiled and nodded, saying: "I am Lu Cang, student Li Luo, I have heard that you are the legendary double resonance?"


Li Luo smiled: "Double resonance is rare, but far from legendary."


Lu Cang said with a smile: "I also think the rumors are a bit exaggerated, the dual resonance rank of Li Luo's partner must not even be high, so I am afraid that the power of the dual resonances fused in this way is not "It would be so strong."


Li Luo's face was calm as he nodded, "You're right."


Lu Cang, for his part, continued with a smile: "If that's the case, why doesn't student Li Luo take the initiative and give me this victory, so that we don't have to waste time fighting."


Li Luo's gaze fixed on Lu Cang, then he smiled and said, "This tactic of yours is very similar to Zhao Huiyin's, are you deliberately trying to provoke me with your words? Is this a tactic inherited from your Holy School lineage?" of the Blue Abyss?"


Lu Cang shrugged: "It seems that student Li Luo is very calm."


"If we are not strong enough, it would be a laughingstock to rely on such verbal tactics." Li Luo's hands grabbed the twin swords and, with a clang, sheathed them.


His twin swords pointed diagonally at the water, and a majestic Resonance Force was already surging from his body.


There are waves undulating in a circle on the lake beneath your feet.


When Lu Cang saw this, he nodded with a smile and swept his palm across the space ball on his wrist, and a long green stick appeared in his hand, as a resonance power slowly rose from the surface of his body, his resonance power took on a faint crimson hue, rising as if a crimson python with a ferocious aura surrounded him.


Such a fierce and ferocious aura is not weaker than Qin Qiglu's golden devouring demon tiger resonance.


Furthermore, the opponent's strength was, as indicated in the intelligence, at the first transformation of the Transformation Stage.




Lu Cang's figure was the first to shoot out, and the long staff in his hand turned into a hot and violent green light, tearing the lake water in front of him, and then pounced on Lu Cang's face. Li Luo like a swift wind.


Li Luo did not retreat, but directly faced him with his twin swords, and the layers of saber light rippled like blue waves, directly deflecting the oncoming blow from Lu Cang, with sparks flying everywhere and the Force of Resonance shaking, sending out heavy waves.


The resonance forces of both sides came into contact and immediately eroded each other.


Li Luo could clearly feel a fiery fierce resonance power surging along the twin swords, that resonance power was like a vicious python, if it invaded the body, the blood and flesh would be gnawed away, it was domineering and sinister.


The resonance power cultivated by the eighth grade superior resonance nature is more spiritual and more complicated and troublesome to deactivate, which Li Luo had already experienced when he fought with Qin Qiglu before.


So at this moment, he didn't hesitate for even half a second, and the two resonance palaces within his body vibrated directly, and the two forces of resonances roared like currents and collided with each other.


The power of double resonance.


The boiling and surging resonance power like a volcano erupted, and astonishing fluctuations of resonance power erupted directly from Li Luo's body.




The swords and clubs clashed sharply, and the violent force of resonance swept across the lake, sending waves three meters high.


Lu Cang's expression changed slightly at this moment, the strong Resonance Force that came from the Green Python Stick this time was much stronger than before, and that Resonance Force was mixed with two types of Resonance Force, merging and overlapping between each other. yes, with amazing power.


Under the impact of this resonance power, even his top eighth grade resonance power, which he had always been proud of, was unexpectedly forced to retreat.


"Is this the power of double resonance? It sure is a bit interesting."


But in the face of such a strong opponent, Lu Cang's eyes became brighter and brighter, and a crimson color emerged in his eyes, and the pupils of his eyes also changed slightly at this moment, actually faintly turning into the vertical pupils of a python, giving people a cold and fierce feeling.




The red-red resonance power burst out, Lu Cang's speed and strength suddenly increased at this moment, and the green python staff in his hand turned into a sky of green snakes, directly devouring and biting the surrounding vital points of Li Luo.


"Green Jade Intertwined Hands!"


Li Luo's figure took several steps back, his sleeves trembled, and a green light burst out of them, also like a green python, to meet the two sides, and in an instant they exchanged hundreds of blows, the shock wave of the Force of Resonance shook the water.


In the next instant, Lu Cang's figure shot out of that vibration of resonance power, and his body was dyed a crimson color, which, if you look closely, were actually red snake scales, covering a skin like scales. and armor, making Lu Cang look like a snake man.


However, Li Luo knew that this was because the other party had reached a high level of fusion with his own resonance nature.


Lu Cang is extremely fast and charges directly at Li Luo.


The fury was overwhelming.


Li Luo's feet slid backwards on the surface of the water as his fingertips formed seals, turning into dots of light that fell into the surrounding water.


"The binding of ten thousand trees!"


At this moment, the ancient trees on the lake seemed to have awakened, and countless branches twisted towards Lu Cang like vines.


At this point, Lu Cang is more agile than Li Luo, so Li Luo needs to find a way to limit his opponent's speed.




Lu Cang smiled and stuck out his long, sharp tongue, making a sound resembling a snake's hiss. He waved his green python staff in his hand and the sky was filled with green light, directly destroying all those twisted branches and vines.


"These tricks can't stop me!" Lu Cang grimaced.


Without paying attention to it, Li Luo snapped his finger and some bright dark blue liquid shot out and fell on those vines.


"Heavy Water Technique!"


Instantly, the vines became extremely heavy and shook with a piercing sound.


Bang Bang!


The sudden increase in power of the vine's attack caused Lu Cang's face to change slightly, and the next moment, a vine finally pierced his attack and came directly out of the tricky spot, heavily hitting his back.


Lu Cang's figure suddenly flew out and rolled tens of meters on that water miserably.


However, just as his figure stabilized, before he could react, the lake under his feet suddenly grew.


"Water extraction technique!"


The lake seemed to form a water prison that directly enveloped Lu Cang, and then the water within it churned, spinning and bursting with tearing power, trying to directly strangle the things within it.


"Yagami Stream!"


Li Luo snapped his finger, and a stream of vectors made of watery resonance power shot directly towards the spinning water ball at his fingertips, instantly making the shaking force a little stronger, and in the ball of water, crimson blood gradually emanated.


At that moment voices of astonishment were heard in the stands between the hills.


"What a subtle coincidence of resonance."


The Eldest Princess sighed in admiration and said: "Water and wood resonances work together, even if they are just some not too powerful resonance techniques , they can still explode with a power that cannot be underestimated, Li Luo's talent in resonances is amazing." "


Gong Shenjun also nodded slightly and said: "This is the advantage of double resonance, Li Luo knows how to put it into play very well, but although he has a slight advantage at the moment, it is still unclear what the victory will be like. After all "If this is all Lu Cang is capable of, then the decisive game that the Blue Abyss Sacred School House has gone out of its way to facilitate is too disappointing."


"They should still have enough cards to turn the tables."


The other seven star pillars nodded, their eyes fixed on the rotating water ball in the middle of the field.




In the midst of those awe-inspiring moments, a fierce hiss suddenly emerged from the water ball, as a red-red power resonance erupted like a scorching flame, and the entire water ball vaporized in an instant, a red light rushing out. towards the sky and then fell heavily, unleashing huge waves.


At this moment, Lu Cang's face darkened and some blood marks appeared on his torso. Although they were only minor injuries, they undoubtedly revealed that he had been suppressed by Li Luo's exquisite resonance coordination in the previous encounter.


Li Luo stared at Lu Cang, but his expression was calm and composed.


After the exchange just now, he had already tested his opponent's strength, this Lu Cang's strength should be at the same level as Qin Qiglu, maybe a little stronger than Qin Qiglu, but only to a certain extent, which He was considered very good among his peers, but this was not enough, because if he could defeat Qin Qiglu, then he could naturally also defeat this Lu Cang.


It was only a matter of time.


"Show your cards, there's no point in trying at this level anymore." Li Luo said slowly.


He did not believe that the Blue Abyss Sacred School would be so trusting as to duel Lu Cang at this level. It wasn't that Lu Cang wasn't strong, it was just that this kind of strength couldn't hold up in a duel that would decide who the tickets belonged to.


Lu Cang's crimson vertical pupils looked sternly at Li Luo, and he didn't say any nonsense, but slowly closed his eyes.


At the same time, on the stands of the Blue Abyss Sacred Academy, the One Star Academy representative named Lu Zang had his eyes closed.

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