Chapter 414 – Grafts

At the lake, when Lu Cang closed his eyes, Li Luo immediately felt a strange fluctuation emanating from Lu Cang's body, making him smell danger.


Then he slashed without hesitation, his sword light pierced the surface of the lake and stabbed directly into Lu Cang's face.


No one says you have to wait for your opponent to play all his cards, so the logical thing to do would be to interrupt him now.


However, when the blade light was still half a meter away from Lu Cang, it was deflected by a light curtain of resonance power that appeared out of thin air.


Obviously, Lu Cang was not a fool and had already put up some protection.


Li Luo's strikes were incessant, and the continuous slashes of his saber light produced a sharp sound that broke the wind, constantly colliding against the Resonance Force light curtain.


A hard slash directly cut into Lu Cang's face.




And at that instant, Lu Cang, who had his eyes tightly closed, suddenly thrust out a fist, colliding directly with the sword light, which shattered under the fist.


Lu Cang's fist, unharmed.


Li Luo's eyes stabbed slightly, because he saw that Lu Cang's hair gradually lengthened at this moment, hanging behind him, and half of his hair turned white, alternating between white and black, with a look of meaning. something creepy.


Of course, it was not just the hair that changed, but the resonance energy fluctuations that were rising at an alarming rate within Lu Cang's body.


That level has far surpassed the previous First Transformation of the Transformation Stage.


The power of the resonance was so strong that it even swirled the surrounding lake water, constantly forming a tidal wave around Lu Cang.


Li Luo's brows frowned at this moment, the other party suddenly surged so much resonance power, it was really a bit incredible, after all, even the resonance bubble technique he cultivated himself, which only stores a few more points of resonance power, how could it be like this Lu Cang, almost doubled?


The current Lu Cang, judging from the strength of his resonance power, should have risen one level and reached the second transformation of the Transformation Stage, and I am afraid that he is still at the peak of the second transformation.


Furthermore, this second transformation of his Resonance Transformation Stage was not comparable to those ordinary second transformations of Resonance Transformation Stages, with his ability, it was enough to transform this Resonance Power into a higher level of combat power, then After all, he, Li Luo, was not the only one who was able to surpass his enemies through the levels.


According to Li Luo's estimate, I am afraid that Lu Cang in this state has already surpassed Ye Qiu Ding's actual combat power and is directly close to Zhu Xuan.


This improvement is surprising.


During Li Luo's astonishment, Lu Cang's closed eyes had slowly opened at this moment, his pupils also changed a little, turning into one red and one black vertical pupil, the vertical pupil was cold and at the same time contained a fierce hostility.


The eyes of those in the stands changed slightly, obviously feeling that Lu Cang in this state was quite dangerous.


"How was he able to increase his resonance power so much?" Lu Qing'er bit her red lips lightly, and the hands resting on the railing couldn't help but tighten.


"Something is wrong". Qin Qiglu said in a deep voice, he was also a top eighth grade ten thousand beast resonance, but he was unable to do what Lu Cang did, inexplicably doubling his own strength increase.


“Not only has the resonance power been raised, the resonance power fluctuations within that Lu Cang’s body have also taken on an additional nature out of thin air… His previous Heavenly Yang Python resonance was fiery and domineering, but now has a more sinister aura…” Jiang Qing’e, who was at the side, spoke calmly.


And then his eyes drifted towards the steps of the Blue Abyss Sacred Academy, where he could see the young man named Lu Zang from afar.


"That extra resonance power and its nature is very similar to that of Lu Zang, who has the Python Xuan Yin resonance."


Hearing Jiang Qing'e's words, Lu Qing'er, Qin Qinglu and the others felt a little incredulous: "Does Senior Sister Jiang mean that Lu Zang was actually able to transfer his own resonance power like that?" "How does nature resonate through the air to Lu Cang's body?"


Jiang Qing'e nodded: "That Lu Zang has entered a state of false sleep at this moment, his surrounding resonance power is completely lost, if what is expected is correct, this is the killing technique of the Sacred School House of the Blue Abyss, these two brothers were born from the same brother, it is not surprising that they have this incredible mystery."


"In a sense, the current Lu Cang is considered to carry a double resonance, and the degree of the resonance is a little higher than that of Li Luo."


Bai Mengmeng's eyebrows tightened: "Then the captain won't be in danger?"


The power of double resonance is the means by which Li Luo has made a name for himself, and if the other side does the same, it is obviously not good news for Li Luo.


"Is not the same".


Jiang Qing'e shook her head and said, "Li Luo carries a double resonance palace and has the resonance nature protected by the resonance palace to truly exert his power, while although Lu Cang was able to graft both the resonance nature Lu Zang's resonance power as his resonance power in this special way ultimately does not have an independent resonance palace, so he cannot form a true double resonance power, but is at most just two strands of resonance. can."


“And without the support provided by the resonance palace, that grafted power and resonance nature would be like a rootless duckling that would not last long before gradually weakening until it disappeared.”


"Of course, it cannot be denied that at this moment, Lu Cang's combat power is extremely strong, the general of the Third Transformation, I am afraid, is not even his opponent, no wonder the Holy Academy The Blue Abyss will consider it as a murderous weapon to turn the tide of the battle, this ability of his, not to mention in the entry tournament, even if we look at the one-star faculties of the major sacred academies in the Divine Region of the This, can be classified, to say the least, is considered a heavenly pride.”


"Whether Li Luo wants to win this one, it will depend on how much he hides in his day."


Hearing Jiang Qing'e's analysis, Lu Qing'er, Qin Qiglu and the others frowned, and a look of worry began to appear in their eyes.


In the other stands, the students from the various houses of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy also noticed the change in Lu Cang, and their eyes suddenly tightened.


The sound of jumping that had previously been caused by Li Luo's dominance also disappeared.


Only then did they realize that the previous advantage was nothing more than a rehearsal for both sides.


Under the convergence of countless gazes among those mountains, Lu Cang slowly twisted his neck, a clear and crisp sound sounded between his bones, his vertical pupil, one red and one black, stared at Li Luo, his face wearing a smile, but It only made people feel a chill seeping through.


"Li Luo, this last letter of mine, are you still satisfied?" He smiled satisfied.


Li Luo nodded slightly and said: "Far beyond my expectations, I really didn't think that you two brothers could play like this."


Lu Cang said: "There is nothing strange in the world, if you can have a double resonance, others naturally have other divine differences as well."


"That makes sense". Li Luo nodded with a smile.


Lu Cang, on the other hand, slowly raised the Green Python Staff in his hand and pointed it at Li Luo, smiling, "Then it's my turn to say something next, Li Luo, if you don't have any other underhanded cards, then I think you can withdraw from this decisive match."


When Li Luo smiled, he was about to speak, but his eyes froze sharply.


Because at the moment Lu Cang's voice fell, he directly launched an extremely severe attack, only to see his feet stamping, the lake under his feet suddenly exploded, water waves rose into the sky, turning into a torrential rain that fell in torrents.


As the rain poured down, the red and black resonance power rapidly enlarged from Li Luo's pupils, and the air tore apart, as if a red and black python with two heads pounced on him, with its fierce aura rolling, like if I wanted to devour heaven and earth.


The dual resonance power within Li Luo's body erupted without hesitation, and his twin swords slashed out in amazement.




Both collide head-on.


The violent Resonance Force created ripples, and Li Luo's palms gripping his twin swords trembled violently as the unusually violent Resonance Force wrapped in majestic power impacted, immediately cracking his tiger mouth, and then his figure flew back, his legs slid out of the water for tens of meters before gradually stabilizing.


In this wave of clashes the tables were turned. There was an uproar among the hills.


Lu Cang walked out into the water, carrying a green python staff in his hand, and smiled at Li Luo, who had backed away, before asking with a crooked head.


“Li Luo, this must be the first time you have felt the taste of being suppressed by someone of the same level as you, right?”


"How does it taste, is it good?"

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