Chapter 418 – Reversal

The sudden roar of excitement made the stunned students in the stands want to laugh, but at least they eventually came to their senses and ignored the source of the roar, instead staring at the young man standing in the lake with a peculiar glow.


Li Luo, surprisingly, won...


Everyone was in a slight trance, how had the situation suddenly changed?


What had happened at the bottom of the lake and why had Lu Cang, who had the upper hand, been defeated?


Seeing his unconscious appearance, it was clear that he had been greatly traumatized in the violent collision earlier.


But, despite the doubts and curiosity in their hearts, increasingly excited and excited cheers did not stop ringing from the mountains.


"Li Luo!"


"Li Luo!"


All the students of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy were excited, after all, this battle still had ups and downs, before Lu Cang was too strong, so much so that even they began to feel uneasy, some pessimists even thought that the banknote would slip out of the hands of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy.


But, to everyone's surprise, a few moments later the situation changed abruptly.


This battle may not be as majestic as the one between Gong Shenjun and Jiang Qing'e, but it is no less exciting and tense than the first one.


And most importantly, Li Luo finally stepped forward at this critical moment, withstanding the pressure and saving the day, stopping the Blue Abyss Sacred School's plan to try to take the Holy Grail War tickets from the Xuan Xing Sacred School.


That alone was enough for everyone to call Li Luo's performance in this decisive match perfect.


As the audience seethed, Tutor Zi Hui, who was supervising the battle, spoke, his voice echoing through the mountains: “This battle is won by Li Luo of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy!”


“Thus concludes the seven games of the ticket match, with Xuan Xing Sacred Academy winning three, drawing two, and losing two, and Blue Abyss Sacred Academy winning two, drawing two, and losing three!”


"The final result of the contest is therefore... Xuan Xing Sacred Academy wins!"




Upon hearing the Governor's voice, the boiling among the mountains instantly intensified, and the deafening cheers shot up into the clouds, causing tremors throughout the mountains.


All the students were cheering and celebrating, because they all understood that the Holy Grail War was the largest and highest-ranking event of all the schools above the Eastern Divine Region, and each school had been planning and reserving their strength. For this for many years, and it could even be said that for all schools, there were two things that they always considered as their top priorities: one was the Dark Cave, and the other was the Holy Grail War every four years.


And the Holy Grail War, indeed, has quite a bit of charm and appeal.


With such a sacred object, even the Dark Cave could be suppressed, so how many fewer students would a school lose in four years? In addition, the Holy Grail Battle rankings will also be uploaded to the Academy Alliance, which will use them as evaluation criteria and granting essential resources.


The resources of the League of Schools are one of the reasons why the great sacred schools have been able to grow so strongly.


"I can't believe we won..."


The Eldest Princess, Gong Shenjun, and the others were also looking at the lake figure in slight dismay, a result that even they were slightly surprised by.


"This Li Luo has hidden a lot of skills." Dynasty, one of the Seven Star Pillars, said with an amused smile.


The others nodded in agreement, a few moments ago Li Luo was in a state of suppression, but a fierce fight at the bottom of the lake turned out to be a setback, which could only mean that Li Luo had hidden some tricks that no one had expected.


The eldest princess looked at Li Luo with a strange color in her eyes, because she discovered that this Li Luo, really always showed you some unexpected miracles without even thinking about it.


To be honest, with the strength and cards that Lu Cang showed this time, even if Li Luo really lost in his hands, I am afraid that no one could accuse Li Luo of being useless, because Lu Cang in this state is actually very strong. , and the strength of the latter, even in the Holy Grail War where the group of masters is gathered, is definitely of the amazing type.


Li Luo was not wrong to lose to him.


However, no one expected that Li Luo would end up winning the decisive game, while killing the Blue Abyss Sacred School's plan alive.


The Eldest Princess's slender and delicate body leaned on the railing, her arms hugged her chest, her unconscious movements made the curves of her body look even more delicate and moving, her red lips raised slightly, she had to say that in At this moment he was a little curious about Li Luo, of course, this curiosity did not mean that he had any favor with Li Luo, but rather he simply wanted to know how much more this young man was hiding, which was very different from Jiang Qing'e.


“Do you think it is possible for him to take the title of the strongest student of the One Star Academy in the Eastern Divine Region above the Holy Grail War?” He said with a smile.


The band's audience looked on in disbelief.


"That's a lot to ask, isn't it?"


Gong Shenjun took the lead with a smile and analyzed: "Roughly speaking, Lu Cang's strength could rank among the top ten of the One Star Academy of the Eastern Divine Region, and it should be possible for Li Luo to defeat him and "It might be mixed with the top eight or even the top five, but as for that strongest One Star Academy title, the difficulty is generally high."


"You should also be aware of how many demonic perverts will come out in the Holy Grail War."


"Even if it is a double resonance, it doesn't have to be just Li Luo."


The Eldest Princess nodded her head, this is not bad, although the double resonance is rare, but the participants of the Holy Grail War are the most outstanding young generation over the entire Eastern Divine Region, it is not strange to see any character appear there, after all, is it possible that if you look at this Eastern Divine Region, there is only a double resonance in Li Luo?


"But even if he doesn't win the title of strongest, Li Luo should be the one to shine in this Holy Grail battle."


After all, this battle was already considered a high level of the Holy Grail battle in terms of intensity, and the fact that Li Luo was able to win was a good indication of his strength.




The jubilation from the One Star Academy side was the most intense in the numerous stands, with all the One Star Academy students' faces reddened and their emotions unusually excited.


In the stands, many First Star Academy apprentices were shouting in ghostly, high-pitched tones.


Lu Qing'er and Bai Mengmeng let out a quiet sigh of relief, their bodies, which had been tense, finally gradually relaxing at this point.


"The captain is really something." Bai Mengmeng said with a slight smile and some admiration.


Lu Qing'er's clear and pretty face also showed a cheerful smile as she looked at the young man standing in the lake, her smile was bright and her face was still as good as ever, like a soft wine that became more and more fragrant the more The more he tested it, and the current Li Luo was undoubtedly more confident as well as dazzling compared to the time he was once in the South Wind Academy.


And Qing'er Lu felt from the beginning that with Li Luo's abilities, he should have been so eye-catching.


He is no less good than the others.


Including Jiang Qing'e.


With that thought, he looked at Jiang Qing'e next to him.


And at this moment, the latter, with her green silk fluttering, felt Lu Qing'er's gaze, so she turned her head, her golden eyes stopping to look at Lu Qing'er with a faint smile.


"How do you think my fiancé is doing?"

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