Chapter 418 Sacred Palace Movements

The power of Genesis Breaker was to destroy any Genesis Qi under the sky. In the face of a Genesis Qi attack, the Genesis Breaking Rune would unleash a certain power that specialized in restricting and destroying that Genesis Qi.


Simply put, any Genesis Qi would be greatly weakened against Genesis Shatter.


This was the main reason why Su Duan's full power attack had seemed so pathetic before Zhou Yuan.


In the face of the Genesis Breaking Rune, all of Su Duan's Genesis Qi attacks and defenses became quite ineffective.


This was the fifth rune of the Heavenly Yuan Brush, Genesis Shatter.


Of course, this did not mean that all Genesis Qi attacks and defenses would be useless against Zhou Yuan, because Genesis Breaker also had its limits. A limit that was based on Zhou Yuan's current strength.


The stronger he was, the stronger Genesis Breaker would be.


If he faced an opponent whose strength far surpassed his own, Genesis Breaker could weaken the other party's Genesis Qi a bit. Although this was already surprising from a certain point of view, it would not be as overwhelming as it had been against Su Duan and his lackeys.


With the help of the Genesis Breaker Rune, Su Duan and his gang's challenge was quickly resolved. In the end, Su Duan could only bring back his seriously injured friends as they miserably escaped from Zhou Yuan's territory , leaving behind a scattered mess and a ground covered in beast corpses.


Zhou Yuan did nothing to Su Duan. Although the latter had repeatedly used small tricks to attack him, the truth was that someone at that level could no longer enter his eyes.


Even without the evolution of the Heavenly Yuan Brush, Zhou Yuan wouldn't have needed much to deal with Su Duan.


Zhou Yuan was actually quite lenient towards people who did not pose a threat to him.


After chasing Su Duan away, the Heavenly Yuan Brush transformed into a beam of light as it dug into his palm. He finally ended up floating silently in his Qi dwelling, breathing the Genesis Qi within.


Zuoqiu Qingyu approached with light steps from behind, his limpid eyes tinged with astonishment as he looked at Zhou Yuan and said, “It seems like I was worried at all. Su Duan was clearly not your match.”


She was clearly a little shocked inside. Although Su Duan had recently entered the seventh layer, Zhou Yuan was merely at the fourth layer. Despite this, Su Duan was unable to even fight Zhou Yuan.


How powerful was Zhou Yuan?


She had previously been worried that Zhou Yuan would fade into mediocrity after entering the Cangxuan Sect. After all, there were too many geniuses in a hegemon-level sect. Zhou Yuan may have been able to distinguish himself in the Cangmang Continent, but such an achievement would only be considered ordinary in a place like the Cangxuan Sect.


But now, it seemed that his worry was unnecessary.


The individual before her seemed to stand out no matter where she went.


Zhou Yuan chuckled when he heard this.


Zuoqiu Qingyu lightly dusted off his hands as he smiled and said, “Very well, since you have resolved the matter, I will return to defend my insignificant territory.”


“Thank you. Come and find me if you encounter any problems on your side.” Zhou Yuan smiled. Since they were already very familiar, he didn't feel the need to be too polite.


Zuoqiu Qingyu frowned slightly. He raised his chin with one hand and said proudly, “Tch, you are just a brute who only knows how to solve problems through force… the truth is, my beauty is even more powerful than your Heaven Genesis Weapon.”


Zhou Yuan was speechless. Zuoqiu Qingyu's beauty was an irresistible force for many men. Therefore, it was quite normal for them to be so in love that they fell at his feet.


In a certain way of speaking, it was indeed a 'weapon' comparable to ordinary Genesis Heaven weapons.


"Bye bye."


With a gesture, Zuoqiu Qingyu's body shot out. Her figure was elegant and charming, like a hundred flowers drifting in the breeze, but also almost impossible to catch, quickly disappearing from Zhou Yuan's sight in a second.


After watching Zuoqiu Qingyu leave, Zhou Yuan sat next to his giant flag. Since his Heaven Genesis weapon had evolved, he no longer needed to go around hunting heavenly flame lizards.


Furthermore, after defeating Su Duan and his gang, the other factions should no longer dare to have any designs on the territory that Zhou Yuan occupied.


Therefore, it should become extremely peaceful for some time.


"I guess I'll continue practicing the Heavenly Sun God Record..."


Zhou Yuan muttered to himself as he sat down. With a wave of his sleeve, the blood-red magma-like liquid began to rise in front of him. Obviously, it was the essence of the flames that he had won in the rock playing area a few days before.


These essence flames could increase the power of Genesis Qi or fire-type Genesis techniques, which included the Heavenly Sun God Record.


The Heavenly Sun Flame breath of the Heavenly Sun God Record was currently in the initial stage. Upon reaching the advanced level, the white flame should change to deep blue.


If he could perfect the stage, the Heavenly Sun Flame would transform from deep blue to dark gold. At that moment, a single breath would have the power to incinerate entire mountains.


Zhou Yuan had started practicing the Heavenly Sun God Record again since he obtained the essence flames. In fact, his white Heavenly Sun Flame had already become much more dominant than before. However, he still needed to put in more effort if he wanted to reach the advanced level.


Zhou Yuan looked at the slowly flowing essence flames before him, before gently inhaling. Strands of blood-red threads of fire began to emerge from the liquid, before flowing into his body through his nose.


Heat immediately began to spread in his body, making him feel as if he were boiling.


However, Zhou Yuan's expression remained unchanged, enduring the searing pain as the Heavenly Sun God Record began to circulate. White flames rose within his body, continuously absorbing the strands of blood-red fire.


As the white flame was refined, specks of blue light began to appear within it.


Zhou Yuan sat silently on the red earth, scorching heat spreading from the essence flame flowing in front of him.


Time flowed and half a day passed quickly.


The essence flame before Zhou Yuan began to gradually dim, a sign that it had been completely exhausted. In the end, it turned into a blade of fire before disappearing.


Zhou Yuan's tightly closed eyes slowly opened at this moment as he turned his senses into his body. The blue spots on the white flame had become deeper and deeper…


"Just a little more."


Zhou Yuan exhaled deeply. After consuming several hundred years' worth of essence flames, his Heavenly Sun Flame breath had clearly begun to approach the advanced stage.


"It seems that this trip has been quite beneficial."


Zhou Yuan muttered to himself. He would obviously have no way to obtain these essence flames if he had stayed in the sect, and the Heavenly Sun Flame would still be stuck in the early stage.


Chit chit!


As Zhou Yuan sighed, a faint “ch” sound suddenly rang in his ear.


He was initially surprised by the noise, but soon remembered that he had a communication jade in his ear. It had slipped his mind because it hadn't made a sound for quite some time.


“Senior Sister Li Qingchan, Senior Brother Zhao Zhu… someone from the Holy Palace has entered my territory!” An anxious voice sounded from the communication jade. He looked like one of the Sword Peak disciples.


The communication jade was silent for a moment, before Li Qingchan's voice rang out, "Xu Bin, how many Holy Palace disciples are there?"


The disciple named Xu Bin quickly replied: "One."


"You just need to focus on defending." Upon learning that it was only one person, Li Qingchan breathed a small sigh of relief. Besides Wang Chi and Cao Jinzhu, the other members of the Holy Palace team should have the same strength as their teammates. If it were just one person, Xu Bin shouldn't be defeated.


The communication jade fell silent once again.


However, this silence only lasted about ten minutes before it was broken once again. A shocked and weak voice rang through the jade: “Senior Sister Li, I have failed to defend my place. The other party is very powerful, much stronger than me!”


"I'm retreating towards Senior Brother Lu's area, but the enemy is right behind me..."


This immediately triggered a series of responses from the others, making the situation quite chaotic.


"How can it be? The Holy Palace team should be at the same level as us. How were you defeated so quickly?" It was Qin Hai's voice.


Bai Li immediately asked, "Could Wang Chi and Cao Jinzhu have taken action?"


Zhao Zhu's voice also sounded, "Xu Bin, who was it?"


“It wasn't Wang Chi or Cao Jinzhu…” Xu Bin's voice sounded quite weak, a clear sign that he had suffered quite serious injuries. "It was Yang Xuan!"


" Yang Xuan?" Li Qingchan and Zhao Zhu's voices sounded a little confused. They usually only paid attention to the Chosen of the Sacred Palace, and Yang Xuan was clearly not at that level.


Li Qingchan quickly ordered: "Xu Bin, retreat to where Lu Liang is and work together."


"Understood". Xu Bin responded.


After which, the jade communication fell silent.


Zhou Yuan's eyebrows were slightly wrinkled. Yang Xuan was no ordinary individual. He wondered if Xu Bin and Lu Liang would be able to defend the area…


He waited silently for quite a while, before a voice suddenly transmitted from the communication jade to his ear.


“Senior Sister Li, Senior Brother Zhao. “Xu Bin and I have lost to Yang Xuan.” The voice should belong to Lu Liang, and his words would make the communication jade fall silent again. Everyone already knew something was wrong.


Li Qingchan's voice had become quite serious as he said, "Everyone, retreat immediately and gather at the Bai Li area. Yang Xuan is probably the secret weapon of the Sacred Palace."


“The rest of you should gather together first, before finding a chance to fight back. Zhao Zhu and I will wait for the right time to attack.”


At this moment, it was clearly useless to continue defending their respective areas. They had to face the Holy Palace in battle first.




Several voices rang out from the communication jade before it returned to silence.


Zhou Yuan's gaze flickered slightly in thought, a rather serious expression on his face. It seems that the Holy Palace has finally started to act...

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