Chapter 424 – The Knife Arrives

Li Luo's suggestion made the atmosphere in the room calm down a little for a few breaths, everyone else looked a little strange, people are only polite to find a step, you are really not polite.


Damn you for interrupting.


Gong Shenjun also froze for a moment, and then laughed helplessly, "Senior Li Luo is really humorous."


He then looked at Vice President Su Xin and said, “Vice President, it seems that I have no chance with this Golden Jade Elephant Blade.”


He's not too shy, at least outwardly, but then again, that's all he can do now, if not, could he grab him tight?


Vice President Su until now.


The exact reason was clear to her, it was because the Golden Jade Elephant Blade had followed the dean for many years and was extremely spiritual, so it also possessed arrogance, after all, after experiencing the power of a king-level powerhouse. How could he continue to identify with others?


Furthermore, the Golden Jade Elephant Blade had been in the treasure chamber for many years, so it was considered to have some special connection with the chamber, so if one wanted to force it out by brute force, without a doubt It would be to resist the entire chamber with the strength of one person, and this chamber, which was an important place of the academy, the power that was gathered in it, even an ordinary powerhouse Marquis might not be able to destroy it by force.


Therefore, even if Gong Shenjun was considered the strongest student in the academy currently, it was still unlikely that he would be able to draw the sword.


"Is there anyone else who wants to try it?" Vice President Su


When she heard Vice President Su


Vice President Su Xin smiled and nodded.


The next moment, a powerful resonance power erupted, forming a green luan light shadow directly behind her.


The Green Luan raises its wings and engulfs the energy of heaven and earth.


On the back of the Eldest Princess's beautiful and delicate hand, there were slightly protruding bruises, and green qi gushed between her shell teeth as she also pushed with all her strength.


Only, like she said, it didn't seem to do much.


The handle of the knife remains motionless.


Seeing this, the Princess did not feel any pity, but directly swept decisively, shook her head at the crowd and said, "It seems that I have no chance with him either."


Both Gong Shenjun and the Eldest Princess smashed their swords, directly causing Li Luo, Du Ze Honglian and the others to feel a chill in their hearts, even the two of them were unable to do it, it seems that there really is some reason why this sword has remained in the treasure for so many years without anyone being able to take it.


Thinking of this, their interest in that Golden Jade Elephant Blade waned a lot. It was powerful, but if they couldn't take it out it would only be an ornament.


On the contrary, the defeat of Gong Shenjun and the Princess had piqued his interest, and his golden eyes, which seemed to hold a mystery, showed a rare fiery and combative intent.


"Qing'e, do you want to try it? Our academy has never seen a ninth grade brilliant resonance, so it is possible that even this sword, will give up its arrogance for you." Vice Dean Su Xin also looked at Jiang Qing'e at this moment, her voice soft as she asked.


Everyone could hear that Vice President Su Xin still seemed to be somewhat impatiently awaiting Jiang Qing'e's attempt, probably genuinely thinking that she might have a chance.


Li Luo is also smiling his lips, it is the ninth grade light resonance so popular, really envious.


Jiang Qing'e smiled and nodded slightly in response, then hurried to Li Luo on the side and said, "I'll try to see if I can get it out, and if I get it, I'll give it to you."


These words immediately caused the surrounding crowd to look at each other with different expressions.


The Princess smiled and laughed.


Du Ze Hong Lian brushed his mouth with disdain, that Zhu Xuan, Ye Qiu Ding are full of sour eyes, this **** Li Luo, every day eating soft rice.


And in the eyes of the crowd, Li Luo has a frank appearance, this mouthful of rice after so many years, is still so fragrant, the mockery of the onlookers is like a passing cloud, there is no need to worry at all, because that is pure envy.


"Sister Qing'e, go for it!" He also shouted, cheering Jiang Qing'e on.


Jiang Qing'e floated up, her slender jade hand gripping the hilt of the sword, her body shining with the light of Ninth Grade Light Resonance, her long hair fluttering, golden lines of light spreading rapidly over her skin. clear.




Then, the crowd saw with a chill that the Golden Jade Elephant Blade, which had remained motionless under the full force of Gong Shenjun, the Eldest Princess, and the others, emitted a faint hum.


Surprisingly, it works!


Before the stunned gaze of the crowd, the blade crawled out of the wall half a centimeter, and a dark golden glow could be seen, while the sound of a whistling blade resounded if nothing else, a whistling blade, like an ancient giant elephant whistling. .


Those present could even hear a sincere and hesitant emotion in the sword's whistle.


Jiang Qing'e, on the other hand, felt a resistance at that moment, and the hilt in her hand seemed to have become like a rock again, no matter how she used her resonance power, she could no longer pull it out.


"Oh, you are not willing?"


Jiang Qing'e whispered, this Golden Jade Elephant Blade was indeed very spiritual, she fondly remembered its former owner and with that dean as the previous owner, she was not willing to fall into anyone else's hands again.


The Ninth Grade Light Resonance made him hesitate, but in the end he didn't know how to choose.


"As you wish, then."


Jiang Qing'e didn't care, and directly and decisively released his palm, allowing the sword to stab into the wall again, showing only the hilt.


He slumped down and shook his head at Vice President Su "


Vice President Su Xin also smiled helplessly and said, "This temperament is the same as the President."


When the others saw that even Jiang Qing'e was not able to align the sword, they were completely dead, like Duze Honglian, who had no interest in even trying.


The others also withdrew their gaze and regretfully left to make their selection among the ten golden-eyed treasures.


Although Li Luo was quite enthusiastic about it, after seeing the failure of the three men before him, he understood that it would be too difficult to draw this sword, so even he curbed some of his illusions and sighed, turning his gaze back to the Ink Scale Sheet.


Maybe today I will have to choose it.


While thinking this, he suddenly felt a burning sensation on his wrist and felt it with his palm...


Inside the bracelet, the Three-Tailed Wolf is sealed.


What's going on here?




At the same time, it seemed like Li Luo heard an extremely subtle hiss of a sword reaching his ears.


Li Luo's gaze flickered, then he slowly turned his head and looked at the hilt of the knife high on the wall... I don't know if it was an illusion, but he thought he saw the hilt trembling slightly...


I saw wrong, right?


He thought this.


Then she felt the dark red bracelet on her wrist getting hotter and hotter.


There was a flash of light in Li Luo's mind.


The dark red bracelet was left to him by the dean... And the Golden Jade Elephant Blade in front of him was extremely fond of its owner, could it be that this was some induction between the two?


Could the Leaf have identified him as the dean?


When he thought about it, Li Luo couldn't help but laugh, it wasn't that ridiculous, right?


He thought for a moment and raised his palm, pointing distantly at the hilt of the blade that was nailed atop the wall.


Jiang Qing'e, the Eldest Princess, and Duze Honglian noticed something and gave each other strange glances.


This guy, what's the pose here?


Their gazes made even Li Luo's face burn a little, but at that moment he could only steel his head and let out a thunderous scream.


"Come here, sword!"

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