Chapter 427 – Gong Shenjun's Conditions

After handing over the dazzling rewards, Vice President Su left in style.


"Tsk, worthy of being the Xuanxing Holy Academy, the foundation is really strong."


Li Luo continued to sigh, no matter which of the items Vice President Su They would have been excited about them.


It is clear that the School is also willing to bleed a lot to obtain the Dragon Bone Grail.


"Li Luo, congratulations, you have become the big winner of this treasure selection." As Li Luo sighed, the eldest princess next to him walked over modestly, a coquettish smile on her bright white goose cheeks.


Li Luo modestly said, “It was a coincidence, and thanks to Princess and Senior Gong Shenjun, if you hadn't pointed out the Golden Jade Elephant Blade to me, how could I have had this opportunity?”


The Eldest Princess's smile stagnated slightly and she said, "Some talk of yours."


She and Gong Shenjun had actually come for the hidden "Golden Jade Elephant Blade" at the beginning, but I'm afraid neither of them had expected that the sword would end up in the hands of Li Luo, a resonance master, instead of in those of any of them.


Although he originally came here with the intention of trying, he really didn't care too much about success or failure, but this comment from this guy Li Luo was really a bit infuriating.


Li Luo sniffed and hurriedly pushed Jiang Qing'e aside to block him.


"This person in your family, it's time to take control." The Eldest Princess pounced on Jiang Qing'e and snapped helplessly.


Jiang Qing'e smiled and said, "If the Eldest Princess wants to fight feel free to do so, I promise not to interfere."


The Princess said: "I don't believe it, who doesn't know that you, Jiang Qing'e, are the most protective of this boy, if I really move him, will you turn against me?"


Jiang Qing'e's normally calm and beautiful face flushed unusually red, and with a sweep of her eyes, she saw Li Luo's smug smile behind her, and immediately her elbow was pulled back.


Li Luo's smile froze and he covered his chest, sulking at Jiang Qing'e who had suddenly hit him.


The Princess smiled as she looked at the two of them, but deep inside she once again understood the relationship that existed between them.


She is intelligent and sensitive, coupled with her own cultivation talent, such a person, even she, who has always been proud of herself, is impressed by her, which is why she has repeatedly approached her relationship.


Within the academy, Jiang Qing'e's reputation was also excellent. Although she did not purposely create such a gentle and carefree person, she was not half as bully when interacting with people, except that the Princess understood that Jiang Qing'e always maintained a relationship with people that was neither too distant nor too close, and that included her.


But only when she was in front of Li Luo, the Princess could feel the other side of Jiang Qing'e's unflappable mood.


But the struggle between the two quickly stopped when Li Luo saw Gong Shenjun approaching.


Gong Shenjun walked in and first gave the three of them a warm smile, then without much preamble, his gaze shifted to Li Luo and got straight to the point: “Junior Brother Li Luo, I have come to find you, mainly because there is something quite presumptuous "I don't know if I can mention it."


He was sincere in his words and had a very good attitude.


Li Luo said in a low voice, “Since Senior Gong Shenjun has said that he is presumptuous… Then why not leave it at that?”


Gong Shenjun lingered, thinking that he didn't expect Li Luo to be so terse, and simply told him not to say anything.


But he still smiled and said: "It seems that student Li Luo has guessed... I would like to ask if Brother Li Luo would be willing to make a trade with me, since you are good with double swords, I can exchange the Elephant Blade of Golden Jade in your hand for a set of double-bladed Golden Eye treasures."


"Set class of twin swords with golden eyes treasures."


Li Luo was undeniably a little moved, the terms offered by this Gong Shenjun were still quite tempting as it was indeed what he wanted the most.


Li Luo looked at Jiang Qing'e, who said nothing, seemingly leaving the decision in her hands.


Li Luo pondered for a few seconds and smiled, “Why is Senior Gong Shenjun so obsessed with this sword?”


Gong Shenjun said helplessly: "Because it is the sword that the dean once used, the item of a king-level powerhouse, if he could hold it, he might be able to gain some knowledge."


Li Luo's eyes flickered, and after a moment he slowly shook his head and said, "I'm sorry, Senior Gong Shenjun, I want the Golden Eye Treasure of the Twin Swords category, but this sword has chosen me for its own sake." will, and it would be a bit cold-hearted to change it so cruelly!"


On the side, the Princess and Jiang Qing'e couldn't help but laugh a little, chilling their sword heart...


At Li Luo's refusal, Gong Shenjun was silent for a moment and said, "Won't Senior Li Luo think about it more? If the double-blade type Golden Eye Treasure Tool is not enough, I can add some other conditions." "


Li Luo shook his head and looked determined.


"Well, then count me out."


Gong Shenjun smiled at this and didn't bother saying any more words. After greeting Jiang Qing'e and the Eldest Princess, he turned around and left.


Looking at Gong Shenjun's retreating back, Li Luo said, "Will I be retaliated against if I reject Senior Gong Shenjun?"


The eldest princess smiled sweetly and said, "Don't worry, this imperial brother of mine has a deeper sense of style, you occupy something more important than the Golden Jade Elephant Blade, and you haven't seen him do anything secretly, right?" ?


"Anything more important than the Golden Jade Elephant Blade?" Li Luo was a little puzzled.


He then saw the eldest princess turn her smiling gaze to Jiang Qing'e.


Li Luo gave a dry laugh and explained, “Your Highness is mistaken, it is actually me who is possessed.”




The Eldest Princess laughed, "So you don't have to worry about Gong Shenjun, he has maintained a reputation within the academy for so many years, he won't be tarnished with some stain just because of you, after all, forcing someone to hand over the treasures." what you have obtained is not a pleasant thing to hear."


Li Luo nodded.


"By the way, if you have time in the next two days, come with me to the royal palace again." After the three of them chatted again for a while, the Eldest Princess said to Li Luo.


A visit to the palace means, naturally, entertaining the young king.


Li Luo nodded in response, the entry tournament had come to an end for the time being, and they had the better part of a month to rest and recover for the party that was going to be a party for all the schools of the Eastern Divine Region. .


Also Li Luo was thinking about another very important thing.


That is to say, today he has already entered the Transformation Stage, which is the last realm of the Resonance Master Realm, so he is not far from the General Realm.


This is the moment when you finally have to start thinking about that third resonance of yours.

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