Chapter 428 – The Royal House

In the center of Grand Xia City, in an area adjacent to the royal palace, there is an imposing mansion, heavily guarded, with guards patrolling back and forth, and many sharp gazes emerging from the darkness, forming a network of sky and sky. land, which covers this royal mansion.


This is the Regent's Palace, which in a sense represents more power than the palace not far away at this moment.


Gong Shenjun got off the carriage in front of the royal residence and entered it immediately, while people bowed to greet him along the way.


"Your Highness".


"Greetings, Your Highness."


He walked through the corridors and courtyards that crossed the king's palace and finally came to a study near the lake. The study was simple and not at all luxurious, and there did not seem to be any guards around it, but Gong Shenjun knew that this was the most guarded place in the entire king's palace.


Here, an ordinary feudal lord couldn't even come close to such a study.


But Gong Shenjun arrived at the studio without any impediment. Without waiting for him to knock, the door opened automatically and he entered to see the regent at the desk, leafing through a tome and taking some kind of notes.


The Regent was dressed in civilian clothes and looked at Gong Shenjun, who bowed respectfully: "Father."


The Regent smiled and waved his hand: "Don't say that at home."


"You have done very well in this ticket tournament." He put the books on the floor with a grateful face.


Gong Shenjun, on the other hand, shook his head and said, "The opponents I have encountered are not strong, that Liang Kui is no small difference compared to Zhongnan, and Zhongnan's defense is the strongest I have seen among his peers." "Even the Dinastia within our academy are no match for him."


“If I met Zhongnan, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to break through his defenses within the deadline either.”


The Regent laughed: "After all, it is just a competition, not a battle to the death, and if the occasion were different, the so-called strongest defense would be nothing more than a target, and would not pose much of a threat."


He motioned for Gong Shenjun to come to his side, and then dropped a piece of information he was carrying in his hand on the table.


Gong Shenjun glanced at it and saw the three words Luo Lan House displayed prominently.


"The surprise in this ticket race is not Jiang Qing'e, but that Li Luo, who didn't care much before."


The Regent patted the information before him and said with a smile: "I have read House Luo Lan's intelligence in the past two days, this Li Luo is not simple. House Xi Yang under him has grown so much that its scale has started to surpass that of when Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan were there."


"And this is all Li Luo's doing."


The Regent smiled and said, "Before, everyone was looking at the dazzling budding phoenix of House Luo Lan, but ignoring the potential dragon that is Li Luo, but when you think about it, Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan, what people, your son, it would be most stupid to really treat him like waste."


"But that's what everyone used to think." Gong Shenjun said seriously.


The Regent gaped and then laughed. It was true, after all, a 'void resonance' was enough to cut off Li Luo's entire future.


As for Li Luo's sudden salty turn, it was really something that no one expected.


"This Li Luo, what do you think?" asked the Regent.


Gong Shenjun pondered for a moment and said slowly: "Very promising, and he is different from Jiang Qing'e and her parents, he likes to hide, if it weren't for those many coincidences that pushed him out, I'm afraid that even now I would find it hard to believe." that could be so good."


"With him and Jiang Qing'e in the Luolan House, I think it is a matter of time before they return to the top."


The Regent nodded his head and said with a somewhat deeper meaning: "But what House Luolan lacks most is time."


He paused and smiled: "You seem to like Jiang Qing'e very much, right? Father has also said that as long as you are really able to bring her back, I will allow their marriage."


Gong Shenjun sighed helplessly and said, "Since Li Luo appeared, my already slim chances have become even more impossible, all of us have underestimated the bond and emotions between Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e, and that marriage contract of yours is not to pretend."


"Moreover, I originally thought that Li Luo was just an ordinary person, and the more contact I had with him, the more naturally I would be able to make him feel ashamed of himself, and Jiang Qing'e should also be able to understand how good I am. "


I'm afraid that if someone else said this, they would be selling themselves short, but when Gong Shenjun said it, I had a natural feeling, because he was indeed very good, whether it was his status, his cultivation talent, or his city spirit, he was far ahead of his peers.


It is the pinnacle of the young generation of Great Xia today.


"But alas, I feel a little embarrassed by Li Luo's performance for most of the year."


Gong Shenjun shrugged and said, "So I probably don't have a chance."


The Regent laughed: "Is this an admission of defeat? It's not like you to do that."


"You have to face the truth, and while I admit defeat, I'm not saying I've completely given up yet." said Gong Shenjun.


The regent gently patted that information about House Luolan and smiled, "So, do you need Father's help? Jiang Qing'e really has extraordinary potential, and if this budding phoenix could land in our royal residence, Father would be very happy." ".


Gong Shenjun smiled at that and said, “I still want to try to see if I can really get his heart first.”


"Young people like to fantasize, after all."


The Regent did not deny it, but he did not say more on this topic, instead his voice changed: "Hasn't the Golden Jade Elephant Blade arrived?"


Gong Shenjun nodded helplessly.


As if he had expected it, the Regent sighed: "Although this sword was only Pang Qianyuan's sword in his early years, it has witnessed his path to royalty, and his spirit is so strong that even you would have difficulty subduing it." .


"But it was brought out by Li Luo."


The Regent looked up, his eyes fixed on Gong Shenjun's heroic face, and said slowly: "Did Li Luo take it out?"


"It's a little unbelievable, but it's true."


The Regent's fingers clicked rhythmically on the tabletop for a long while before he laughed: "This Li Luo, he is really something."


In the end, he didn't say anything else and just waved his hand as Gong Shenjun left the study.


The studio returns to silence.


The Regent's eyes closed slightly for a long while before he calmly said, "It seems that the paired swords are out of reach."


It was as if the study had gone dark at that moment, and someone in the shadows opened his deep eyes, as an erratic, seemingly distant voice sounded: "A mere small master realm of resonance."


"Li Luo is certainly not worth it."


The Regent shook his head and said, "But the Holy Grail War is not far away, and Li Luo is now a key student of the Xuanxing Holy Academy, if something happens to him at this time, the academy will not stand by idly." do nothing, and when the time comes, under great investigation, it is inevitable that circumstances will arise and ruin our original plan."


An oppressive sound was heard as the Regent looked into the dark, gloomy eyes.


"In the past you always said our plans were perfect, it's not like the lack of a peyote is going to make much of a difference, right?"


The figure in the darkness seemed to waver for a moment like a candle flame, and then a hoarse laugh sounded: "So be it, it was just a spur of the moment, wanting to play one more chess move, with or without, I really don't." of great importance".


"On the contrary, you..."


A smile seemed to emerge from the darkness.


"Haven't you decided to join us after all these years?"


The Regent's face was somewhat obscured by the light. He picked up the teapot and poured himself two cups of tea, one on one side, and drank it himself in shallow sips, his eyes bright and wavering, but he was silent for a long time.


In the darkness, a hand reached out and lifted a cup of tea. On one finger of that hand was an ancient dark red ring, on the face of which was engraved an eye, only the white of this eye was black, while the pupil was white, and after staring at it for a long time, it was like if the strange eye slowly closed, and finally black and white became one again, like the annihilation of yīn and yang.


At the same time, a low, seemingly inexplicable murmur sounded in the darkness.


"Light and darkness have the same origin, and good and evil are one."

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