Chapter 433: Shock

Numerous disciples within the hall were still stunned even after Zhou Yuan finished preserving his two jade tokens. He didn't pay them any attention, just glanced at the stiff Xu Yan, Wang Lei, Lu Xuanyin and their gang.


This group had obviously made a special trip here to see him make fools of himself, but they would never have imagined that the final result would exceed their expectations like that.


Zhou Yuan clenched his fists against Li Qingchan and said, “Senior Sister Qingchan, I will be returning to Saint Genesis Peak since the mission ended. Thank you for taking care of me during the trip."


Li Qingchan nodded slightly in response. “It is not necessary to be so humble. "We all know who was the biggest contributor."


Zhou Yuan chuckled, before bidding farewell to Bai Li and the rest. Under the attention of the crowd, he left the great hall and rose into the sky on his Genesis Qi.


He had started to miss Yaoyao and Tuntun a little after two months.


After Zhou Yuan left, the atmosphere in the hall slowly recovered. However, many disciples still had strange looks on their faces, evidently unable to imagine how Zhou Yuan had received the main credit.


Xu Yan, Wang Lei, and their gang quickly arrived at Zhao Zhu's side, unable to help but ask, “Big brother Zhao Zhu, is there some kind of mistake? If even someone like you didn’t get the main credit, how could Zhou Yuan get it?”


On the one hand, Li Qingchan frowned slightly. He glanced at Zhao Zhu before walking away.


Bai Li and the rest cast a pitiful look towards Wang Lie and his gang, before quickly following after Li Qingchan.


Wang Lei, Xu Yan and the rest were quite taken aback by these looks. Before they could ask, Zhao Zhu glared at them and growled, “Everyone shut up. Stop being so embarrassing!”


With a wave of his sleeve, he left Wang Lei and the rest, walking away with an expressionless face.


Wang Lei and his gang were clearly a little resentful after receiving such a scolding. They could only look at each other as they felt depressingly frustrated inside.




After leaving the Mission Hall, Zhou Yuan returned directly to Saint Genesis Peak, landing just outside his cave.


When he arrived, however, he saw a roly-poly figure lying calmly just outside the cave. When he looked closer, who else did he find but Shen Wanjin?


Hearing the sound of the wind, Shen Wanjin raised his head lazily. He seemed to shake a little at the sight of Zhou Yuan, before hurriedly standing up as he said happily, “Little Brother Yuan, you're finally back!”


Zhou Yuan was quite puzzled. “Why are you here? Where is Yaoyao? ”


Shen Wanjin revealed a simple smile as he said, “Boss Yaoyao's sister also left a few days after his departure.”


"He left?!" Zhou Yuan was immediately alarmed, and quickly asked, “Where did he go?!”


“Chief Yaoyao's sister also took on a Heaven-level mission, and tasked me with guarding the cave dwelling just before she left. That’s why I’m usually here.” Shen Wanjin responded.


Zhou Yuan frowned slightly, unable to help but worry a little inwardly. Although Yaoyao was stronger than him, her identity was very mysterious. What would I do if something happened?!


How could it be explained to Master Cang Yuan?


"Don't worry, Little Brother Yuan, Chief Sister Yaoyao has immeasurable strength, and even a Heaven-level mission should not be too dangerous for her." Shen Wanjin comforted.


Zhou Yuan smiled bitterly and nodded. Since everything had already happened, all he could do was try to relax while he waited, while hoping that nothing bad would happen to him.


After chatting with Shen Wanjin for a moment, he said goodbye and entered the cave to rest. The long trip back had been very tiring after all.


As Zhou Yuan rested, he didn't know how the news of him getting the main credit spread throughout the Cangxuan Sect as if it had wings, causing a huge commotion.


Most of the disciples were very doubtful at first, some even suspected if Li Qingchan was the reason behind this. After all, how could a practically insignificant existence on the team finally end up with the main credit?


Or maybe… Li Qingchan herself had given her credit token to Zhou Yuan?


But such a thought was immediately met with even stronger feelings of rejection. Li Qingchan was the number one beauty in the sect, worshiped by countless disciples. She was as cold as ice, and never allowed anyone of the opposite sex to get close. What would it mean if she had really gone that far for Zhou Yuan? Could his ice goddess have feelings for him?


If this were true, it would definitely spark public anger.


These opinions quickly caused huge waves in the sect, and finally reached Li Qingchan's ears. Naturally, it incensed her quite a bit, but before she could make a statement, the Mission Hall hit her by publishing the details of the mission, including how Zhou Yuan had fought against Yang Xuan of the Holy Palace, and miraculously changed everything. the probabilities.


Once this information was divulged, an uproar engulfed the countless sect disciples, all of them completely dumbfounded.


Obviously, this was extremely difficult for them to believe. After all, before Zhou Yuan left on the mission, his achievement in battle had been limited to a controversial draw against Xu Yan, while the latter was clearly not as strong as Bai Li and the rest.


On the other hand, Yang Xuan was an existence that even the combined might of Bai Li and Qin Hai had failed to defeat. What's more, it was even said that the former had almost reached the level of the eighth layer. Even among the purple sash disciples of the Cangxuan Sect, such strength was absolutely top-notch, and gave one the qualifications to compete for the seat of the head disciple of the various peaks.


Zhou Yuan was able to defeat someone like that?!


Had he really become that strong in just two months?


No matter how disbelieving they were, the information from the Mission Hall was unquestionable. As such, the rare peace that had descended upon the Cangxuan Sect for the past two months had been disrupted once again due to Zhou Yuan's return.




"Zhou Yuan defeated an eighth layer opponent?!"


Saint Genesis Peak, Elder Lu Song's faction.


Lu Yan's eyes were extremely round, disbelief staining his entire face. Obviously, he had just heard the newly released information from the Mission Hall.


There was also some surprise on Elder Lu Song's face as he held a teapot in his hands. Soon after, he sighed and said, "It's really impossible to estimate that little guy's abilities."


He then looked towards Lu Yan and asked, "Do you still dare to underestimate him?"


Li Yan has pouted. “Yes, yes, I know he is very capable. It's enough?"


He paused for a moment, before continuing, "However, it also says that Zhou Yuan obtained a Heaven Genesis Weapon, and only managed to fight Yang Xuan by borrowing its powers."


"Obtaining a Heaven Genesis weapon is your luck and destiny, which is naturally also a kind of strength." Elder Lu Song chuckled. “At this rate, Zhou Yuan may really have the qualifications to participate in our next Saint Genesis Peak core disciple selection.”


"Hehe, it seems you have another competitor."


Lu Yan snorted softly when he heard this. “I admit that he is quite talented, but it will be too naive of him to believe that he will be able to compete for the head disciple seat with just a Heaven Genesis Weapon.”


Elder Lu Song laughed before sighing softly. Compared to Zhou Yuan, Lu Hong's faction was clearly going to be the biggest obstacle to the next selection of core disciples.


If they allowed Lu Hong's faction to win the head disciple seat, their faction would probably become the master faction of Saint Genesis Peak in the future. When that happened, their other two factions would undoubtedly receive fewer cultivation resources and be bullied even more.


This was not good for them at all.




Saint Genesis Peak, Elder Lu Hong's faction.


In a certain stone pavilion, after hearing his disciple's report, Elder Lu Hong sneered and said, “This brat really doesn't know his place. “I can’t believe it sparked such a feeling the moment it came back.”


Outside the stone pavilion, Wei Youxuan, who had lost to Zhou Yuan in the cave match, said with a grave expression: "Master Lu, I heard that Zhou Yuan has become much stronger and can now fight against an opponent." eighth layer".


"If he has really become so powerful, I am afraid that Elder Shen Taiyuan will send him to participate in the next selection of core disciples."


A mocking smile emerged from the corners of Lu Hong's lips when he heard this, before he looked towards a figure sitting in front of him. The figure was tall and muscular like a metal tower, he had a cold expression of indifference on his face and a powerful pressure pulsed from his body.


He was the first disciple of Elder Lu Hong, Yuan Hong.


And also the strongest contender for the next selection of core disciples.


"Yuan Hong, what do you think?" Lu Hong asked.


Yuan Hong raised his head, his voice cold and indifferent as he replied, “Yang Xuan can barely be considered an eighth-layer Alpha-Origin expert. His Genesis Qi was unstable and can suppress people like Bai Li, Qin Hai and the rest.”


“Zhou Yuan’s victory was undoubtedly due to the advantage of his Heaven Genesis Weapon. If you dare to participate in the selection of core disciples, you will soon understand that a Heaven Genesis Weapon will not be able to protect you.” Not the slightest emotion could be detected in Lu Hong's voice. Zhou Yuan's amazing battle achievement in the sky mission was clearly not worth mentioning in his eyes.


A smile was revealed on Lu Hong's face when he heard this, evidently extremely satisfied with this first disciple whom he had dedicated all his effort in preparing. Yuan Hong had not disappointed his master. After following Elder Lu Hong to Saint Genesis Peak, Yuan Hong had become an insurmountable mountain in the hearts of the disciples of the other two factions.


“Although Zhou Yuan is talented, he still lacks experience. There's no need to worry about him."


“Yuan Hong, you absolutely cannot fail in the next selection of core disciples this year. In fact, Peak Master Ling Jun has also repeatedly reminded me about this matter. As long as our faction takes the main disciple seat, they will become the main faction of Holy Genesis Peak…”


“When that happens, we will reallocate all the cultivation resources of Saint Genesis Peak, and the other two factions will no longer have the right to compete with us. As for Zhou Yuan, what is he talented? Let's make an excuse to take away your cave dwelling and cut off your cultivation resources. Let's see what he can do then. So what if he's a genius? Hehe, that’s the only thing our Cangxuan Sect doesn’t lack anymore.” A disdainful smile appeared on Lu Hong's lips as he looked towards Yuan Hong.


"When that time comes, I'm sure you'll regret not joining our faction back then, and instead choosing that useless old man Shen Wanjin."


Lu Hong nodded, cold pride in his eyes.


“Don't worry Professor Lu, there is nothing to fear from the other two factions of Saint Genesis Peak. The head disciple seat will definitely be mine.”

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