Chapter 434 – Pei Hao who is suffering

"Well, I have covered several layers of light resonance power outside that single poison bubble of yours, and the purifying power contained in my resonance power will nullify the poison gas, so safety should be guaranteed."


In Li Luo's bedroom, Jiang Qing'e clapped her hands, somewhat relieved.


After all, this so-called light covering was not as simple as paying lip service, as it was not within his own body, but rather invading the light resonance power in Li Luo's body, and then carefully covering the surface of that bubble of resonance power, which was actually considered quite fragile, with a layer of light.


This requires extremely subtle mastery of resonance power.


After all, what Li Luo's resonance power bubble contained was the strange double poison poison gas, in case the resonance power bubble was messed up, the poison gas would disperse and that would cause extremely strong trauma. to Li Luo.


So for these layers, Jiang Qing'e spent an entire night.


"It's hard work for Sister Qing'e."


Li Luo laughed, in fact, it was an extremely taboo thing to let someone else's resonance power enter his body and leave an imprint, like these brilliant resonance powers of Jiang Qing'e. As soon as his mind moved, these brilliant resonance powers would explode directly within him, causing unimaginable heavy damage to him.


So, in general, it is unlikely that anyone would be willing to allow another person's resonance power to invade the inside of their own body.


However, neither Li Luo nor Jiang Qing'e believed that there was any danger in this matter.


When Li Luo said so, Jiang Qing'e did the same.


"Also... I know what you are trying to do by collecting this double foreign poisonous poison gas, but you must understand that this is a double-edged sword, there is no way for you to actually convert this poisonous gas into your own use, so when you are using that, you yourself are going to suffer a backlash as a result. Jiang Qing'e's beautiful and delicate face warned with some seriousness at this moment.


He understands that Li Luo is hungry for the power of this "double foreign poison", but this tyrannical double foreign poison is not a pet that can be easily tamed, it is a cold-blooded viper, and when it is released, there is a high chance that it will be broken. turn against her.


Li Luo nodded solemnly upon hearing the words.


"Don't worry, Sister Qing'e, I have a sense of proportion, and I still value my small life."


Jiang Qing'e nodded and said nothing more. She covered her small mouth and yawned: "I'm sleepy, I'll catch up first."


And then it was time to lie down on the bed, turning slightly on one side and pulling the thin quilt over her body.


Li Luo froze and looked at the slender and delicate curves of the bed, which were still visible under the thin blankets. "This is my bed".


"I don't mind." Jiang Qing'e's lazy voice came from under the covers.


Li Luo got into bed and said in a tired tone: "Then I'll go to sleep too, I'm tired too."


Just as he climbed up, a heavy dark gold sword appeared above the bed, its blade sheathed and a faint hiss of sword qi.


Li Luo's body stiffened and he stopped climbing up, saying indignantly: "You are also very bossy, this is my room, my bed."


However, Jiang Qing'e didn't pay attention to him, wrapped herself in the blanket and went to rest with her eyes closed.


Seeing this, Li Luo could only crawl out of bed resentfully: "Then I will go to the Golden Dragon Treasure House."


“Oh? Get frustrated here and go to Lu Qing'er?" Jiang Qing'e's smiling voice came from under the covers.


Li Luo rolled his eyes and decided to go to the Golden Dragon Treasure House today to see what his old man and mother had left for him. After all, he needed to start getting in touch with the numerous preparations regarding the treasure house. third resonance.


"You rest first."


He fixed himself up a bit and walked out the door.


Closing the door, he heard Jiang Qing'e's voice.


"Take Uncle Yuan with you when you go out, so that Pei Hao won't get into the car."




A tavern on the street in front of the House Luolan headquarters.


Pei Hao's gaze was fixed on the door of the headquarters as he said with a smile on his face, "The foreign double poison has been transferred, and this young house lord is truly as expected, he can't wait to do a favor." in front of Yuan Qing and solidify it completely."


He stretched.


"This young lord of the house is considered, for the moment, null."


"Although Li Luo is endowed with the dual resonances of water and wood and possesses excellent self-detoxification abilities, the dual poisons I have encountered only restrict him, and for the next time, he will be tormented by the poisons, but he has no choice but to continue." using the power of water and wood resonances to dissolve and the more you do it, the closer you will be to death."


"It's unbeatable."


"I think that Xuanxing Academy's Holy Grail Battle, I am afraid that Li Luo will not have the opportunity to attend it."


"Jiang Qing'e will inevitably be there by then, and once the two of them separate, it might be our chance too."


In front of Pei Hao, Mo Chen's face also revealed a smile, this time Pei Hao's design was indeed quite perfect, Yuan Qing, Li Luo, were like pawns in his hands, at his mercy.


"Pei Hao, no wonder your nobleman chose you, you are undoubtedly a very good candidate." Mo Chen laughed.


"It is also thanks to Confessor Mo Chen's full support." Pei Hao raised his wine glass and smiled.


"Everything is at your command." Mo Chen's parched face twitched slightly, revealing an ugly smile.


"The House Festival is not far away, and at that time, you will be the new Lord of House Luo Lan."


Hearing this, the smile on Pei Hao's mouth became thicker and thicker, his eyes closed slightly, that was something he dreamed of, in fact, back in those years when he first entered the Luo Lan House, had the idea to guard this place, he also had sincere respect for those two House Masters.


He even respected them as if they were his parents.


However, when did your mindset start to change?


It was the time of Li Luo's birth.


He could remember the joy that appeared on his face that night, when he saw Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan carrying that newborn in their arms.


Then he felt unspeakable jealousy.


He was jealous of Li Luo, who had everything in his life.


There is also anger.


Pei Hao could clearly feel that House Luo Lan, which was as heavy as a mountain in his eyes, could not even compare to a hair of that baby in the eyes of Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan, I'm afraid.


Is the place I hold so dear so insignificant in the eyes of others?


Then Pei Hao felt himself start to squirm a little.




Pei Hao exhaled heavily.


A breath of air, a haze swept the bottom of his eyes.


If you don't care about this place, don't blame me for taking it away from you.


"Hey?" And it was at that moment that Pei Hao suddenly heard Mo Chen, in front of him, utter an astonished voice.


So he frowned and turned his head, his eyes following Mo Chen's line of sight.


He then saw Li Luo, with his hands behind his back, walking out from inside the Luo Lan House headquarters in a walking posture.


In addition to Li Luo, Yuan Qing is also next.


Pei Hao's eyes were fixed on Li Luo, the latter's steps were light and fast, the smile emanating from the corners of his lips was as if he had taken a cake for nothing, his complexion was also rosy and calm, not He seemed to have the painful appearance of being entangled in the poisonous gas, his whole person... He seemed to be a little more energetic than yesterday.


An eerie silence took over the table.


A long time passed before Mo Chen slowly asked, "What's going on? He doesn't seem to be in any kind of pain."


The corner of Pei Hao's mouth twitched slightly as he said, "Is this a strong pretense?"


Mo Chen shook his head: "Not like this."


Both of them looked at each other, their faces turned dark, although the scene in front of them was incredible, they couldn't deceive themselves, that Li Luo, it really seemed as if nothing was wrong.


"Was it a transfer error?" Murchen asked.


Pei Hao shook his head and said, "I had someone do something on that double foreign poison, the only way it will go wrong is if it encounters the two forces of water and wood resonances at the same time, and inside the Mansion Luo Lan, only Li Luo meets this condition."


Such a precious foreign poison, he couldn't possibly use it against some insignificant people, and in his calculations, even if Li Luo didn't end up helping Guo Ling cure the poison, then he could retreat and still choose to use Guo Ling to threaten Yuan Qing. , which would hardly be gratifying.


But the problem now is that the double poison has been transferred from Guo Ling's body, but Li Luo, who is supposed to be transferred, is in good health.


At this moment, even Pei Hao couldn't help but curse, damn it!


Mo Chen's eyes were cold as he said, "Should we attack Li Luo directly?"


Pei Hao took a deep breath, forcing himself to regain his composure, and said: "To directly attack and kill Li Luo at this time, I am afraid it will cause the Xuanxing Sacred Academy to counterattack, although they have always been neutral, the Holy Grail War is too much." important to them, and the current Li Luo is highly valued by them."


"It's okay for us to attack and kill Yuan Qing and poison Guo Ling, after all, it's not really a direct target on Li Luo, if he ends up infected by the foreign poison, then we can only say that he himself is stupid."


“But if we brazenly confronted him within Great Xia City, that would be of a somewhat different nature.”


Pei Hao sighed.


"In the end, it was an oversight at the beginning, no one expected that this empty resonance waste of a Young House Master would shine so brightly in the Xuanxing Sacred Academy that even the academy admired him."


Finally, Pei Hao waved his hand.


"Forget it, it was just supposed to be a test, it seems that this Li Luo still has a little luck, but that's it, the House Festival is not far away..."


"When the time comes, everything will end with him."


It was just that Pei Hao, who said this, inevitably still had some stinging in his heart.


Because, that double poison, it's fucking expensive!

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