Chapter 442 - Li Luo's Troubles

Li Luo's training this time was hellish.


Throughout the week, Li Luo's pitiful cries continued to echo in the crater.


And Xin Fu and Bai Meng Meng, who were cultivating in the mountains around the crater, were finally alerted, and then the two of them went up to the crater, where they saw Tutor Xi Chan, who was drinking tea at the tea table on the top of the mountain, and also Li Luo, who had been thrown into the lava cauldron.


And the miserable cries of misery.


At that moment the two looked at each other and did not dare to greet mentor Xi Chan as they hurriedly turned around and ran away.


They had previously felt that their recent cultivation had been too harsh, but when they saw Li Luo's miserable sight, they instantly felt that Tutor Xi Chan was still very kind to them.


Captain, let's hope they don't cook you.




Once again, Li Luo was enveloped in a bubble of blue-silver water and slowly walked out of the cauldron to land on the steep crater wall.


At this moment, his body was as red as a boiled prawn, and his skin was oozing in large stripes, even with a faint scorched black color, his flesh and blood looked extraordinarily miserable, but at that moment the water bubble that It enveloped him and emitted a powerful healing power, quickly repairing his skin damaged by the singeing.


That was the power of Tutor Xi Chan's aquatic resonance.


The restorative effect that a Marquis' water resonance power possessed clearly surpassed that of Li Luo's water light resonance.


So within a few minutes, the bloodied and fleshless Li Luo returned to his original form.


But instead of getting up immediately, he lay on his back and let out a long sigh. Although he had paid a high price for this week, his double resonance power had never reached the realm of Oneness.


Somehow, his dual resonance power was always somewhat lower than that fusion level.


"Mentor, what is this all about?" He turned his head and looked at the tutor Xi Chan next to the volcano crater, who was leisurely drinking tea, enjoying the mountain breeze and looking at the view of the mountains.


Hearing Li Luo's question, tutor Xi Chan put down the tea cup in her hand and said, "Come here."


Li Luo fought through the aches and pains he felt all over his body and crawled to sit at the small tea table.


"Put on your clothes first." Tutor Xi Chan said a little helplessly.


At this time, the clothes on Li Luo's upper body had long been burned in the oven, the pants were prepared with heat-resistant material, but even so, the topless look was not too elegant, although the Li Luo's body was not bad, although there was no gnarled muscle mass, but he had a line full of power.


Li Luo gave a dry laugh and took out his clothes from inside the space sphere and put them on.


Tutor Xi Chan stretched out her slender white palm: "Give me your hand."


When Li Luo smiled, he also reached out and placed his hand on Xi Chan's palm, which felt slightly cold to the touch.


"Run resonance energy."


Li Luo complied by pouring in his own resonance power, which was a mass of water resonance, a resonance power formed by the convergence of Wood Resonance.


Mentor Xi Chan looked at him, his eyes smirking, "And hiding it from me?"


Li Luo was dumbfounded, then smiled sarcastically: “Has the tutor found out?”


"I had some suspicions before, after all, some of your resonance techniques are a little more powerful than normal, as well as a little more changeable in their nature, and these past few days you have been cultivating inside the furnace I made, so "that I have been able to perceive your situation more clearly." Tutor Xi Chan said indifferently.


With a helpless smile, Li Luo's mind moved, and two more resonances appeared again in the mass of resonance power in his palm, which were the Light resonance as well as the Earth resonance in his body.


"You have hidden it quite well, not only are you double resonance, but you also have the very rare attribute of having primary and secondary attributes."


Mentor Xi Chan gazed at that mass of resonance power, and although she was somewhat astonished, she was far from shocked: "In fact, some special top celestial treasures will also give birth to supplementary resonance within one's body, so your case is not." "It's unique, so there's no need to feel like you're a special case."


Li Luo laughed dryly and said, "I don't think so, I just hide a little out of habit so that I can get some unexpected results when I fight with people."


Mentor Xi Chan shook her head: "What a sinister and cunning guy."


However, she really knew that this was not exactly what Li Luo had in mind, he also had reasons to hide like this, after all, he was the young master of the Luo Lan Mansion, and today the Luo Lan Mansion was surrounded by wolves within the Great Xia, but Jiang Qing'e within the Mansion was already dazzling, if it was exposed that he, the young master, was not only a double resonance, but also a double resonance with double auxiliary resonances. , then he would certainly attract countless eyes, although the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy would have a lot of protection for him, it would be extremely uneconomical to exchange lives for lives if someone got into a fish death battle.


Instructor Xi Chan did not worry too much about this issue, but returned to the main topic at hand: "The existence of the double auxiliary resonance provides you with a considerable increase, as well as a change of flexible nature, but in the same way, also It brings you some problems."


"In the past, your dual resonance power was only at the most superficial stage, so you didn't need to fuse it too delicately, but the Unification Realm is different, this fusion of dual resonance power becomes deeper and subtler, "At this time, the existence of auxiliary resonance in your body becomes an obstacle."


Li Luo's heart stirred and said, "What my mentor means is that my dual resonance force has never been able to truly reach the 'Unification Realm' because my dual resonance powers were interfered with by the dual resonance powers." "When did Light and Earth merge?"


Mentor Xi Chan nodded his head.


"But when I fused the two resonance powers, I had already separated the light resonance and earth resonance powers." Li Luo said.


"Although you have consciously allowed the other two power resonances to separate, it is not complete, after all, your primary and auxiliary dual resonances have me in them and me in you, with your consciousness of a master realm of resonance, How can you separate them cleanly?" said mentor Xi Chan.


"And then?" Li Luo said with a bitter face.


"Actually, it's not a difficult question, as long as you can enter the General Realm, this is not even a problem." Mentor Xi Chan laughed.


"Of course I know that you can't meet that condition now, so if you can't do it yourself, then let's use outside help."


"What external force?" Li Luo asked in surprise.


Tutor Xi Chan thought for a moment and said, “You must have practiced the Water Stripping Technique resonance art, right?”


“Water Stripping Technique?”


Li Luo blinked and then nodded, of course he had practiced this resonance technique, when he had encountered that human skin alien, as well as the blood and flesh alien in the dark cave before, he had relied on this resonance technique. to rip them out of their merged state.


"Why don't you try to create a "Water Stripping Technique" in your body and use its power to cleanse your water resonance and Wood Resonance power to make it more pure, then maybe you can enter the "Unification Realm" more easily?" Tutor Xi Chan gave the advice.


Li Luo's eyes lit up upon hearing these words.


"And do that?"


Mentor Xi Chan nodded and said, "But you must be careful when performing the "Water Stripping Technique" inside your body, don't lose your internal organs, otherwise, even with my Water Resonance recovery power, I may not be able to help you recover."


Li Luo: "..."


"But in that case, wouldn't my auxiliary resonance powers, instead of being of little use, become a liability? Couldn't I use the power of these auxiliary resonances to increase and improve my dual resonance power?" Again, Li Luo was a little reluctant.


Tutor Xi Chan said indifferently: "What are we learning now?"


"Ah, the power of double resonance."


"What does double resonance power mean?"


"A fusion of two resonance forces?"


Mentor Xi Chan said with an expressionless face, “Then you still want to fuse in the third resonance power as well, what is that called?” Sorry, that's called the power of three resonances, even I haven't mastered that level of power yet, what are you lamenting here? You should have a limit to your ambition, right? Furthermore, the power of your auxiliary resonance is too weak compared to the power of the two main resonances, and it is unlikely to form a balanced fusion and true power of the three resonances."


"The fusion of the double resonance power is profound as well as subtle, it is as if two unstable and violent substances are trying to connect, if the third resonance power is rashly injected also under such circumstances, those three powers are out of control and They will become extremely violent."


Li Luo's eyes lit up: "That means that even if the fusion fails, it will produce a powerful surge of energy."


Tutor Xi Chan's eyes became a little dangerous: "Is that what I mean? If you want to die, wouldn't it be drier to jump into the lava now?"


Li Luo's face fell and he said, "Then I will try the Water Stripping Technique first, I feel like I have a clue to the Unification Realm!"


After saying this he closed his eyes and entered a state of cultivation, beginning to recover his previously depleted resonance power.


When Tutor Xi Chan saw this, he exhaled softly, followed by a slight headache.


This Li Luo is very smart, but having so many dangerous things inside such a smart guy is as scary as a child playing with gunpowder.

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