Chapter 443 – The Bottom

It must be said that Xi Chan's instructions were precise and to the point. Shortly after Li Luo adopted his method of using the "Water Stripping Technique" to refine and separate the resonance power from his body, he felt his "Unification Realm" cultivation begin to go smoothly.


It only took him a day to get used to the adverse effects of the "Water Stripping Technique" on his body before he mastered the force and was able to clear and separate the two resonances in his body without affecting himself.


Thus, on the ninth day of his training in the crater, he finally understood the "Realm of Oneness."




Inside the crater, a loud sound suddenly came from the lava furnace and a crack spread from it.


Debris shoots sharply upward, landing in the lava below and splashing red-hot waves.


Li Luo's figure came out of the air and landed firmly on the crater cliff, his face was full of surprise at this moment.


This is the manifestation of the "Realm of Oneness" of the Power of Double Resonance!


After a long period of hard cultivation, Li Luo had finally raised the realm of his double resonance power to the Unity Realm.


Li Luo's fists clenched tightly, he could feel the power of double resonance surging within his body, although he was still only in the first transformation of the transformation stage, he could clearly feel the power of double resonance becoming stronger and stronger. majestic and surging than before.


If he was now allowed to fight that Lu Cang again, Li Luo believed that the battle would not be so deadlocked.




As Li Luo was immersed in enhancing the dual resonance power within his body, a clear clapping sound could be heard from the side.


When Li Luo looked over, he saw Bai Mengmeng and Xin Fu standing next to mentor Xi Chan, and it was Bai Mengmeng who was clapping.


Li Luo showed a smile at the two, then walked over and said to Tutor Xi Chan with some excitement, "Tutor, I've done it!"


Tutor Xi Chan calmed down and said, "You are still somewhat enlightened, if you can't understand it again, I won't continue roasting with you here."


"Captain, your miserable screams over the past few days have become an attraction in this area, with many people coming to watch and listen every day." Xin Fu gave Li Luo a smile before telling him the not-so-wonderful news.


The smile on Li Luo's face stagnated.


"Captain, don't listen to your nonsense, in fact everyone admires your drive, after all, not everyone is able to endure such tough cultivation." Bai Mengmeng, for her part, said hurriedly.


Even so, Li Luo's heart was a little heavy, and if he had known that it would have this effect, he would have tried to endure it as much as possible to create an image of an indestructible iron man in front of everyone, but unfortunately...


"Tutor, this type of cultivation is quite effective in developing a tough character, I don't think you should favor one over the other master, Xin Fu is a very promising person, I highly recommend giving him a session." Li Luo gave his advice with sincere emotion.


Xin Fu smiled, his face changed, this captain's revenge came too quickly, really small-minded as always.


“There is no need for that, right, I am also not someone who can go and compete for the strongest cadet of the One Star Academy in the Eastern Divine Region.” Xin Fu hurriedly shrugged.


Xi Chan's mentor did not care about the "humble friendship" between his classmates and said: "They have almost finished their training for this period of time, let's go back to the academy to rest."


After saying this, he walked in the direction of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy.


Behind him, the teenage girls also hurried to follow him.


After the group returned to the academy, Tutor Xi Chan ordered Li Luo to stay behind, while Xin Fu and Bai Meng Meng returned to the small dormitory building first.


"You should rest well tonight, and tomorrow, you should start your refinement. I have already arranged a place for you, it is the cultivation pavilion within the academy that only Tutor Zihui can borrow. Although I don't know exactly what you are going to refine." , the cultivation pavilion is covered by a strange formation that can hide a lot of movement." said mentor Xi Chan.


"It's still the mentor who has thought of everything." Li Luo smiled, obviously very satisfied with Mentor Xi Chan's arrangement.


Although it was the first time he made the "Little Divine Wheel", it required the power of two powerful Marquises, so it must not be too simple. Although he was safe inside the academy, it would be better if he could cover up the noise.


"You gave me such a good pay, of course I have to work hard too." Tutor Xi Chan's thin veil moved slightly and she seemed to smile.


"Go rest first, besides..."


"Congratulations, you are among the four candidates to win this Holy Grail War among the strongest students of One Star Academy, I am looking forward to seeing your performance at the peak of the Holy Grail War."




The next afternoon, after Li Luo had made all the preparations well, he heard a knock at the door.


She was wearing the school uniform of Xuanxing Sacred Academy, and her legs seemed even more slender and straight under the short skirt wrapped in white stockings.


The figure on the right is naturally Ye Hongxi, still wearing a red dress and a mature temperament, standing next to Lu Qing'er, whose mother and daughter look alike seven times, like sisters.


At this moment, Lu Qing'er was holding Ye Hongxi's arm, looked at Li Luo who opened the door, and a bright smile suddenly bloomed on her beautiful cheeks.


"President Ye is so punctual."


Li Luo was a little surprised that Ye Hongxi had come with Lu Qing'er, but when he thought about it, it was undoubtedly the best reason for him to come to Xuanxing Sacred Academy to visit his daughter so as not to attract too much attention.


Ye Hongxi swept his palm across the space ball on his wrist, and a silver-plated case instantly appeared in his hand and handed it to him. "These are the materials you need, they are all ready for you."


Li Luo caught it in surprise and gave a thumbs up: “President Ye is really doing a proper job!”


These materials were what he was most worried about before, after all, two marquis power houses had been found, and if the materials were not all there by then, it would really be a bit of a headache, but fortunately, Ye Hongxi was even sharper . than I had imagined.


"A deal is just a deal." Ye Hongxi smiled slightly, his tone serious.


On the other hand, Lu Qing'er was somewhat dissatisfied with Ye Hongxi's tone, and couldn't help but squeeze his arm.


With a slightly helpless look, Ye Hongxi said, “Are you going to stand us at the door?”


Li Luo hurriedly stepped aside and welcomed the two.


But just as Ye Hongxi and Lu Qing'er entered, he realized that behind the two of them was another person.


Even more familiar... Is that all, Mentor Cao Sheng?


Only, today's Mentor Cao Sheng obviously did not have the same wild and unrestrained spirit as in the past, and his entire body shrank back, rubbing his hands constantly, with the appearance of a street vagrant.


"Instructor Cao Sheng, what are you?" Li Luo couldn't help but ask.


"Oh, I originally came to talk to Mentor Xi Chan about something today, but I happened to run into Qing'er and President Ye on the way." Mentor Cao Sheng laughed dryly.


As he spoke, his gaze, however, looked around from Li Luo's figure to Ye Hongxi, who was entering the house.


Li Luo also realized the situation and immediately became a little taken aback. Seeing this appearance, Cao Sheng's tutor obviously came for Ye Hongxi ah, is this an old story from before? And the old man Ye Hongxi seemed to like the old man? So in a sense, Dad was still tutor Cao Sheng's love rival?


No, I'm afraid that mentor Cao Sheng is not qualified to be a love rival, because Dad has always treated Ye Hongxi like any other friend.


Most importantly, of course, judging from Ye Hongxi's attitude at the time and the fact that she was married and had a daughter, it was also clear that she had no special feelings for Cao Sheng.


So... I think Cao Sheng is madly in love, right?


And it's still the kind of thing you can't ask for.


For a moment, Li Luo looked at Instructor Cao Sheng with some sympathy.


In the complex emotional tangle of the previous generation, this one, I dare say, is at the bottom of the pile.

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