Chapter 446 – Ye Hongxi's Resonance

Within the closed growing area.


Li Luo sat on the central cultivation platform, while Xi Chan and Yu Hongxi sat on the futons on either side of the cultivation field.


"Mentor Xi Chan, President Ye, I'll start." Li Luo looked at the two and gave them a reminder.


They both nodded, but it was clear that there was a bit of curiosity in their gazes; After all, they also wanted to know what Li Luo was up to by making such a spectacle.


Not caring about their gazes, Li Luo ran his palm across the spatial sphere on his wrist, and golden silver scrolls emerged from his hand.


The parchment is slightly mottled, and it is not clear what material it is made of. From time to time an extremely complex and ancient light pattern appears, emanating a subtle rhythm.


Staring at the scroll, Li Luo hesitated slightly before biting the tip of his finger and causing fresh blood to drip and fall on top of the scroll.


The scroll was made with the combined efforts of Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan, and the method of opening it was simple: it required Li Luo's blood as a guide, obviously to prevent the scroll from falling into foreign hands.


A few moments later, a brilliant golden light emerged, illuminating the training ground as if it were daytime, as countless rays of light intertwined, and within a few minutes, a huge and complex hexagonal formation of golden mane was built directly in the air.


Amidst the strange formation, countless gold and silver runes danced like elves.


Li Luo looked at this splendid scene, but smiled his lips, the old father and mother engaged in this thing, but the sale is quite good.


However, while lamenting the good looks of this strange formation, the faces of Ye Hongxi and Xi Chan's tutor gradually became unusually grave at this moment. After all, Li Luo was only at the Resonance Master realm, so he could not sense the complexity and subtlety of this strange golden mane hexagonal formation, but as strong marquises, how could they have such dull eyes?


The strange formation in front of them should be considered extremely profound among the many strange formations they have seen.


"Is this the Formation Scroll that Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan left behind? Wanting to refine a Formation Scroll of this level, it shows how deep the two of them have reached in Formations." A look of astonishment flashed across tutor Xi Chan's eyes.


He was in charge of the Great Xia Golden Dragon Treasure House, and with the Treasure House behind him, his vision was, in some ways, even sharper and more sophisticated than that of mentor Xi Chan . Therefore, he clearly understood that the strange formation before him was difficult for ordinary Marquis powerhouses to refine.


If this was personally refined by Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan, then it could only mean that these two were even more powerful as well as unfathomable than she had imagined.


A golden light coalesced in front of him, transforming into a golden censer.


At the same time, a large amount of information poured into his mind, about the many wonderful uses of this strange formation.


What worried him most before was that he simply could not channel the power of the Marquis' two power houses to refine the Small Divine Wheel Without Resonance, after all, that kind of power was too vast and majestic for him, the feeling was a bit like that of a small fish guiding the course of the flowing water of two great rivers.


But as he received the numerous messages from this strange formation, his worries began to dissipate.


This was because he had discovered that the strange formation left by Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan was almost completely automated, and his role was only to execute the "Divine Forging Technique" while refining, and the strange formation would help him transform the power. of Ye Hongxi and Instructor Xi Chan into the Fire, and then begin the refinement of the Divine Wheel.


In this process, its role is equivalent to that of a transformer.


Obviously, Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan had taken Li Luo's strength and weakness into account when making this scroll.


"There are times when fathers and mothers do not face their children." Li Luo let out an exclamation in his heart.


"President Ye, Instructor Xi Chan, you only need to continuously pour your own resonance power into the Formation." He retracted his mind and said to Instructor Yu Hongxi, Xi Chan, who was sitting on both sides of the Formation.


At this moment, Ye Hongxi and Xi Chan also withdrew their complex gazes from observing the strange formation, nodding their heads in response, and the next moment, two extremely astonishing resonance forces slowly emerged from their bodies.


There were endless waves of water rippling in the space behind Tutor Xi Chan, as if it were a vast sea, and in the sea, if anything, a low tiger whistle could be heard.


This is because the first resonance of Xi Chan's tutor is the water resonance and the second is the jade tiger resonance.


The resonance power mapping void on Ye Hongxi's side, on the other hand, made Li Luo couldn't help but look twice, because it seemed to be a sea of crimson flowers, and in the center of the sea of flowers, there was a bewitching and huge swaying flower, the flower was exceptionally bright, and there were purple and gold stained lines on it, and these lines looked like a phoenix spreading its wings.


"Phoenix Blood Pink Flower."




Li Luo did identify the huge strange flower, which was a kind of floral resonance. This strange flower was said to be born where the blood of the phoenix was shed, and once it took shape, it could give birth to spiritual intelligence, and normally lived by devouring essence beasts.


He didn't expect that Ye Hongxi's first resonance was this.


Furthermore, in that sea of flowers, a vague aura of scorching heat rose, and the Rose Blood Phoenix Flower, already blood-red, seemed even brighter and hotter, so the second resonance of the Stream Fish Red is probably related to the fire resonance.




As Li Luo watched the resonance nature revealed by Tutor Xi Chan and Hongxi Fish, they had already coiled up their majestic resonance power, just like two monstrous torrents, with an earth-shaking aura, and poured it directly into the hexagonal formation. of golden mane in the middle of the crop field.




As if thunder exploded in the void, two huge energy vortexes formed directly on the cultivation ground.


However, although Ye Hongxi and Xi Chan's mentor caused a huge commotion, Li Luo did not feel half as affected when he was inside the strange formation, which was obviously because of the shelter of the strange formation.


He took out the box of materials that Ye Hongxi had brought earlier and directly poured in all the materials, before a Resonance Force enveloped them and dropped them into the golden silver cauldron at the center of the strange formation.


And along with the enormous resonance power poured out by the two of them, Ye Hongxi and Instructor Xi Chan, a brilliant light began to erupt from one of the nodes of this strange formation, just like a star lighting up.


Li Luo's heart was at peace as he executed the "Small Resonanceless Divine Forging Technique" at that moment.


A blade of fire, the size of a thumb, trembled and condensed in front of him.


Looking at this wisp of Divine Flame, Li Luo felt slightly embarrassed in his heart, if it depended on this amount of firepower, let alone refining the Divine Wheel, I'm afraid it would be difficult to even smelt these materials.


But fortunately, the power that came with the help of external forces came in like a tidal wave.


A circle of golden-silver light, like a mirror of light, appeared around Li Luo, two huge resonance forces were absorbed by these golden-silver circles, and in the next moment, the golden-silver circles trembled, and a strand of strange golden light poured out and fell on top of the fire.




In a few breaths of time, the thumb-sized fire multiplied by a thousand and a fire dragon of about thirty meters roared and, under Li Luo's trembling gaze, charged directly into the golden silver cauldron in the center of the strange formation.


A great fire burns and the refinement begins.

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