Chapter 447 – A Sudden Change of Heart

It was even easier to refine than Li Luo had imagined.


Even for a moment, there was a slight desire to snooze.


It was because Li Luo had discovered that this Refining Formation left by his old father and old mother was simply too automated, and the role he had in it was simply to execute the Small No Resonance Divine Forging Technique to condense a wisp. of Little Divine Fire.


The strange formation, on the other hand, would convert the resonance power provided by the two powerful Marquises, Ye Hongxi and Instructor Xi Chan, into a kind of special fuel, as a way to grow the blade of Li Luo's little fire, to then introduce it into the cauldron stained with gold where that pivot was located.


The numerous materials in the gold and silver cauldron stir among the flames and begin to melt.


The fusion of those materials, again, was not manipulated by Li Luo, this strange formation was like a precise machine set in motion a long time ago, and those refining steps were as methodically carried out as if they were marked on it.


It seems so easy and boring to Li Luo.


Li Luo's sleepy appearance naturally fell into Ye Hongxi's eyes, and at the same time his eyes became even more serious, as he could also see that this strange formation was automatically carrying out a kind of refinement.


"Is this... A strange formation giving birth to a 'spirit'?"


Li Luo was too short-sighted to understand the special features of this strange formation, while Ye Hongxi was a Marquis powerhouse, so he was able to know more clearly how deeply strange this formation of Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan was.


This forced her to sigh inwardly.


Those two are, indeed, unconvincing.


Back then, when they were still in Great Xia, it was really the strongest of that generation who were overshadowed by them, and no one dared to call themselves Proud Heavenly in front of the two of them, because that was simply a joke.


Now that they had been missing for several years, Ye Hongxi had somewhat forgotten how dazzling they once were, but now the appearance of this strange formation has once again reminded her of the fear that had almost overcome her.


Ye Hongxi made a complicated face, and then calmed his emotions and concentrated on infusing his own power of majestic resonance.


Across the cultivation field, Tutor Xi Chan was equally astonished by the strange formation before her.


"This time, there should be no problem with the refinement." She murmured to herself, and slowly relaxed between his eyes.


Although there are quite a few enemies in the Luo Lan Mansion, this is after all within the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy, so no one should be able to sneak in. The only one who is still a problem is Shen Jinxiao, but now that Saint Tutor Cao is guarding outside, he is not likely to force his way in and cause trouble.


As he said that, an increasingly majestic resonance power emerged from Tutor Xi Chan's body, and then he rolled towards that strange formation.


However, it was at that instant that the resonance power surging within Tutor Xi Chan's body seemed to suddenly fluctuate in a violent and disorderly manner.


Tutor Xi Chan's eyes changed sharply.


Suddenly he extended his palms and covered them tightly with the gauze that covered his cheeks with pain and shock in his eyes.


"How, how?!" His voice became much hoarser at that moment.


How is it possible that problems, which have remained quiet for years, suddenly appear at this moment?


A somewhat painful moan escaped from the back of Xi Chan's throat.


At the same time, under the veil, there were black lines that spread rapidly, and then, like a small black fish, they stabbed directly into one of her pupils, and in an instant, Tutor Xi Chan's right pupil suddenly turned of an intense black color.


A disturbing and disturbing aura emanates from him.


But the pupil of his left eye was normal, with a flash of confusion and struggle in it, as if he was fighting for something.


This directly caused the majestic resonance power within Tutor Xi Chan's body to begin to shake violently at this moment, causing the surrounding space to continuously shatter.


The look of confusion in his eyes was growing stronger.


"Li, Li Luo, be careful!" With his last strength, he uttered a cry of reproach.




The moment he lowered his voice, his resonance power went completely out of control, and a torrent of resonance power shot out from his fingertips, as if it had turned into a rolling flood, crushing the void and colliding directly. against Li Luo's location.


This sudden attack caught Li Luo off guard.


Faced with that attack from the powerful Mr. Marques, he lost for a moment the ability to even dodge.


But just as that torrent of resonance power was about to go down, a red-silver resonance power suddenly burst out of the air, directly transforming into a huge flower petal, which, like a giant wall, not only blocked that majestic resonance power, but it even absorbed that resonance power quickly.


"Tutor Xi Chan?!"


On the other side, Ye Hongxi stood up, his face somewhat serious as he stared at Xi Chan's side, obviously it was his timely action that defused Xi Chan's sudden attack on Li Luo earlier.


"President Ye, what happened to Tutor Xi Chan?!" Li Luo hurriedly asked as he breathed a sigh of relief.


"It's a little out of control."


Ye Hongxi stared at the confusion and struggle flickering in Tutor Xi Chan's pupils, her willow eyebrows closing as she said, "This aura, is it the contamination of an alien, was it ever contaminated by an alien?" ".


Li Luo's heart shook as he looked at Tutor Xi Chan with some disbelief.


Mentor Xi Chan, how could she have been contaminated by an alien too? What kind of alien could contaminate even a Marquis?


By the way, mentor Xi Chan is wearing a veil, is it to hide something?


Boom boom!


As they spoke, Xi Chan's tutor gasped, her dark pupils became more and more strange, her gaze this time locked on Ye Hongxi, her jade hand raised, only to see a majestic resonance power gushing out like a long river, and in the next instant, a gigantic blue-spotted tiger jumped out of it.


Black-silver lines were still writhing on the giant tiger's body, and the fierce and monstrous aura caused Li Luo's scalp to tingle.




The giant tiger roared as its claws struck out at Ye Hongxi, and the void was directly torn apart by the terrifying force.


Ye Hongxi tilted his head as his jade fingers quickly formed a seal, which then transformed into a palm seal and was released solemnly.


"Red Flower Seal!"


The red-red resonance power swept across the sky, turning into a huge handprint, and in the center of the handprint, there was a demonic flower that seemed to be burning, with astonishing fluctuations of resonance power emanating from it, shaking. the vacuum.




When the giant tiger collided with the flower palm seal, a violent hurricane of wind erupted within the Cultivation Pavilion, sweeping in all directions, but fortunately, the Cultivation Pavilion was originally reserved for the powerful Marquises and was extremely well protected, so he was able to withstand the consequences of the battle.


The giant tiger retreated a dozen steps, but then roared again.


He couldn't really do anything to kill Xi Chan, but he could only keep dodging his opponent's attacks, and at the same time, he had to be careful when Xi Chan attacked Li Luo under the confusion. In front of the two Marquis powerhouses, Li Luo at the Resonance Master realm was undoubtedly like a mole, a small after-effect of the battle could finish him off.


Furthermore, his original purpose was to help Li Luo refine it, and now that he had fought with Xi Chan, he naturally had no more spare energy to provide Li Luo with resonance energy to refine, so if this situation continued, the purpose of the day would be ruined.


Once his core power dissipates, the formation will also disappear, and it will be impossible for Li Luo to make another formation of the same level to refine.


So suddenly the situation became problematic.


If this is not possible, we will have to call Cao Sheng, but then there will be a lot of people and it is inevitable that there will be more problems.


And just when Ye Hongxi was hesitating like this, Li Luo, who was in the strange formation, suddenly seemed slightly changed, which was a bit of information coming from the strange formation, apparently the aftermath of the battle between Ye Hongxi and Mentor Xi Chan had also affected the strange formation, which then stimulated some of the strange formation's guarding ability.


This strange formation left by Tantai Lan and Li Taixuan is actually very functional.


This moved Li Luo extraordinarily, obviously the two of them had really put their heart and soul into making this strange formation, taking into account all possible factors of instability.


So Li Luo pondered for a moment and finally quickly shouted at Ye Hongxi: “President Ye, give me your resonance power, I will subdue Mentor Xi Chan!”


This guy has a crazy tone...


But he was also a determined person and did not hesitate too much at that moment, flexing his fingers and pouring a majestic resonance power into the strange formation.


Well, let's see what you can do with this boy.

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