Chapter 448 – Black Fish

When Ye Hongxi's enormous resonance power poured into the strange formation, it suddenly emitted a violent roar.


A golden circle of light formed in front of Li Luo's body, like the mouth of a cannon, and aimed directly at Tutor Xi Chan.


The chaos in Tutor Xi Chan's pupils continued at this moment, and she seemed to have sensed a dangerous aura, her chaotic gaze instantly swept towards where Li Luo was, and with a flex of her fingers, the gigantic blue tiger of splendid color He was already stepping into the void and pounced on Li Luo to kill him.


"Be careful!" Ye Hongxi hurriedly warned, that at least he was a strong marquis, he could break mountains and rivers with the raising of his hand, Li Luo's small body, he would really die if he applied himself.


At this moment, Li Luo looked serious, but surprisingly he did not feel the dangerous aura brought by the giant tiger's claw. He understood that this must be the reason for the strange formation, otherwise, with his strength at the Resonance Master realm, he would have been suppressed by Mentor Xi Chan's powerful resonance power to the point of being unable to even move, so not to mention trying to fight him head on.


With his mind at rest, he gave an order to this strange formation with a thought.




At that instant, Little Fire suddenly became furious with the enormous resonance power provided by Ye Hongxi as fuel, and then flames roared, weaving through that golden circle of light.


The golden circle of light seemed to have some kind of special effect, as the seemingly vast and majestic flames passed by, but they were constantly shrinking, and a few breaths later, when the scorching fire came out of the last circle of light, only It was the size of a fist.


The flame is a radiant golden color and flows sinuously, as if it were a small fire dragon.




The small golden fire dragon collided with the gleaming giant tiger, and in that instant, the gleaming giant tiger instantly dissolved before pounced directly towards Tutor Xi Chan.


Although Tutor Xi Chan was in a state of confusion, the sharp instincts of a powerful Marques made her reflexively operate her resonance power, which continued to merge and compress at her fingertips, finally forming a drop of blue-colored water. intense.


As soon as the water droplet appeared, the void around it showed signs of collapsing, as if the droplet contained a black hole.




Drops of dark blue water shot out and collided again with the approaching golden line of fire.




However, although Tutor Xi Chan had already used her own considerable skills, the result was still not very effective, as the golden line of fire passed by and the mysterious black hole-like water droplets melted once again. .


In the next instant, golden flames shot straight towards Mentor Xi Chan's cheek.


At that moment, the veil instantly shrank into nothingness.


Perhaps due to her own watery resonance, Tutor Xi Chan's skin glowed with a watery luster, with her nose straight and her red lips pursed, she had a slight aura of cold beauty.


But the most interesting thing was that on Tutor Xi Chan's right cheek there was a small tattoo of a black fish.


The little fish tattoo is extraordinarily strange, as if possessed of life, with its tail gently swaying from time to time, and the pupils of the black fish's eyes glowing white, with a vaguely ominous aura of extreme evil, chaos and strangeness emanating from it. of him, easily making the mind reel and giving rise to all kinds of negative emotions just by looking at him.


On her clean white face, a small black fish was born, which inexplicably gave tutor Xi Chan a slightly demonic appearance.


And at that moment, a jet of black water came out of that little black fish, which swam up and continued piercing Tutor Xi Chan's right eye.


Clearly, this little black fish was the source of Tutor Xi Chan's chaos.


"What intense alien pollution!"


Ye Hongxi looked at the strange little black fish on Tutor Xi Chan's cheek, and her face suddenly changed, because that little black fish, even she felt a strong dangerous aura, and she could barely imagine what level of alien the contamination of that little fish had left. black.


Could it be the Extraterrestrial King? Did Xi Chan meet the Extraterrestrial King?


If you look closely, the thin circle of light appears to be a burning fire dragon with its mouth and tail forming a circle.


A faint golden circle of light surrounds the black fish, as if forming a seal, gradually enclosing all the black aura escaping from the black fish.


The circle of light was clearly the golden line of fire that had erupted from Li Luo's strange formation before.


The confusion in Tutor Xi Chan's right eye also began to fade rapidly at this moment, and after ten breaths, her eyes regained their watery clarity.


As soon as he recovered, the first thing he did was raise his palm and cover the small black fish tattoo on the right side of his cheek, and his pale face clouded over.


Ye Hongxi's figure appeared in front of Mentor Xi Chan as he stared at the latter and asked, "Mentor Xi Chan, are you okay?"


The emerging Resonance Force did not dissipate from his body, and it was evident that he still maintained some caution towards it.


How could Mentor Xi Chan not detect Ye Hongxi's defensive attitude, she immediately put on a bitter smile and shook her head somewhat gloomily before looking towards Li Luo in the formation and said, "Li Luo, I'm sorry that I almost ruined your lives." things."


Li Luo shook his head hurriedly and said, “Mentor, there is no need to worry, you have also caused health problems by helping me.”


Tutor Xi Chan was silent for a moment, took out a new veil to cover her cheeks and said: "The blow you just made seems to have sealed him temporarily, this seal is quite special, I think it will keep him still for a while."


"Shall we continue?" Asked.


Ye Hongxi looked at Li Luo, mentor Xi Chan obviously didn't want to explain the "black fish" on her cheek, so there must be some story about it, but since she wasn't willing to talk about it, they obviously couldn't ask any more questions. .


Regarding the issue of security, I think the top management of the academy should be aware of this. Although this kind of alien pollution has hidden dangers, Tutor Xi Chan is after all a powerful Marquis and can still suppress it under normal circumstances.


"If tutor Xi Chan has no problem, then let's continue." Li Luo smiled.


Seeing this, Ye Hongxi didn't say anything more and continued to return to his original position.


Tutor Xi Chan's eyes were slightly downcast, and it could be seen that after the previous turn of events, her mood had also become much lower, but at this moment, for the sake of Li Luo's refinement, He still forced himself to get up and ran his own resonance power to start the previous infusion again.


The refinement, meanwhile, continued after a terrifying turn of events.


And the rest of the refining process was lackluster, the process was as simple as it was boring, and Li Luo watched the entire performance of this strange formation in complete silence like a man possessed.


But he had no problem with this, after all, it was his father and mother's wish, and as a son, he had to behave and enjoy it.


Thus, when a ray of morning light broke through the clouds and cast its light on this immense school.


The refinement is finally over.


The enormous glow of the formation began to quickly disappear, and the golden cauldron in front of Li Luo also dissipated as a thread of golden light slowly flew out from it and finally landed in front of Li Luo.


It was a triangular-shaped golden object, covered in dark and ancient drawings that intertwined with each other, giving a feeling of mystery just by looking at it.


Li Luo did not look at it in detail, but instead put it away at the first opportunity and threw it into the space sphere, then stood up and stretched.


He seemed as calm as water on the outside, but only he could know how excited he was.


If the Small Divine Wheel Without Resonance was successfully refined, then it would be one big step closer to its third resonance.

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