Chapter 45 - The Garden of the White Spirit

The White Spirit Garden is located on the outskirts of South Wind City, with White Spirit Mountain behind it, and has been the site of many exams in the Grand School Exam competition.


The next day, Li Luo and the others, led by two instructors, Lin Feng and Xu Shanyue, went to the White Spirit Garden, fully prepared.


And when they arrived at the Garden of the White Spirit, they discovered that the outside of this mansion had long been crowded, with all kinds of stalls forming long streets stretching in all directions, bustling with activity.


However, it is not surprising that the school exam is a major event in every county, and although only the best students from each school participate, this is what makes the exam even more intense, as everyone wants to see what young talent will emerge from the exam and become the number one of the new generation of Tianshu County.


That is the greatest honor a teenager can have.


When the group entered the White Spirit Garden, they only felt that the atmosphere was even hotter, with countless loud voices coming from all directions, and their appearance immediately attracted a lot of attention; After all, the name of the South Wind School was still very loud in this Tianshu County.


"Are you the top twenty of this year's class at South Wind School?"


"Wow, that pretty long-haired young lady is Lu Qing'er, right? I heard that she is the number one of the South Wind School."


"I will most likely be number one in this year's big school exam."


"It does not necessarily follow that the Shi Kon of the Eastern Abyss Academy, who is also incredibly strong, cannot be weaker than Lu Qing'er."


"Which one is Li Luo of the South Wind School? Jiang Qing'e is said to be his fiancée? Simply abominable, how dare he desecrate my goddess."


"Here, the most handsome one is Li Luo from the South Wind School."


"Hm, handsome indeed, but what else could he be other than that?"


"There is also money and power, after all, he is the young master of the Luolan House."


"Hmph, relying on family power is not a skill, my generation must be self-sufficient."


"I heard that he forced a tie with the second-ranked Song Yunfeng in the South Wind School preliminary exam."


"Fuck, you're so annoying, will you shut up?"




Many discussions along the way filled the ears of the South Wind College crowd, but it was clear that Lu Qing'er and Li Luo were the two most talked about, the former for his strength and the latter for his special reputation.


Not far away, in the highland stone pavilion, there were also three figures standing, their eyes fixed on the group of the South Wind School entering the White Spirit Garden.


Two minors and a girl.


One of the teenagers is tall and strong, with long red hair that shines brightly in the daylight, while the other has a kind face and is somewhat thin and fragile.


The last girl was dressed in green, with a beautiful, delicate body and quite pretty features, especially on the back of her hands, which seemed to have green vine-shaped tattoos.


These three were not nameless people. The red-haired boy named Xiang Liang came from the Morning Glory Academy of Tianshu County and was number one in the class, and he was strong.


The slender and thin young man named Zong Fu is the number one of Zhongyang Academy.


The little girl in green named Chi Su is the first person in the Yu School of Optics.


These three, all of them, are strong contenders for the top ten positions in this academic exam.


"Is that Lu Qing'er? He seems like a strong enemy." Xiang Liang's voice was loud and clear, and his eyes were filled with fiery battle intent as he locked onto Lu Qing'er.


"From his body, I sense a dangerous aura." Zong Fu frowned slightly and said in a low voice.


"The number one of the South Wind School has never been easy, but we have to be glad that we are not in Jiang Qing'e's class, otherwise we would wash away." Chi Su Jiao laughed.


Xiang Liang and Zong Fu nodded deeply and sighed: "That Jiang Qing'e is too terrifying, a ninth grade Brilliant Resonance, she is simply terrifying, people of her class are really pitiful."


"However, among this term of the South Wind School, only Lu Qing'er and Song Yunfeng are to be feared, the others are not fearsome enough." Xiang Liang said confidently.


Although the academy he was in was not as good as the South Wind School, thanks to that, that academy was able to pile a lot of resources into him.


And although people like him are not common among the large universities in Tianshu County, he is not the only one, as all the schools are willing to spend a large amount of money to recruit these talented students.


"What about that Li Luo? I heard that he fought Song Yunfeng to a draw in the preliminaries." Chi Su said.


Xiang Liang snorted at his words and said, "That's because he relied on some kind of special means to lengthen the time of the competition, and in the end, his Resonance power was also exhausted, if we give Song Yunfeng one more second , then Li Luo would have to be sadly out of the competition."


"It's just speculation, it won't be used in the big exam."


When Chi Su smiled, it dawned on him and he said with some regret, "What a waste of such a pretty look."


The slender Zong Fu, across the room, said in a low voice, “It is a big mistake to be gullible, and the fact that Li Luo was able to force Song Yunfeng to level is enough to show that he has some eccentricities of his own.” , so for the sake of safety, it is necessary to test your true abilities, which will be able to deactivate all unstable factors."


"That's something you should leave alone, I'll figure it out."


Xiang Liang brushed his lips and said, "Whatever you want."


With a gleam in his eyes, Chi Su said, "You all received a message from Shi Kon, right? He wants us to meet in the evening to discuss some matters."


Xiang Liang nodded, facing that governor's son and considered the only one who could fight Lu Qing'er of the South Wind School head-on, he was also full of scruples.


"He still has to show his face."


Zong Fu also nodded gently and said, "Their goal, I think, is to target the South Wind School, which is kind of a coincidence with us, after all, the South Wind School has dominated the number one school poster." "In Tian Shu County for too long, getting the most admissions every time, if we can suppress it, it will be beneficial for our respective schools."


Chi Su laughed: "And without him, a heavyweight, I'm afraid it's unlikely we would have joined forces."


Although the different schools will target the South Wind School, after all, they will have a lot of competition between them, so without a strong figure among them, it is basically difficult to form a joint force.


So this time Shi Kon was able to get ahead, which made them happy.




Guided by Lin Feng, Xu Shanyue, Li Luo and his group checked into their dormitories in the White Spirit Garden, which Li Luo shared with Zhao Gao.


While the two of them were tidying up their bedroom, there was a sudden knock on the door of the room, and as soon as Li Luo opened the door, a very wavy face appeared, while revealing a corner of the page of a book in his arms.


"Brother, buy material or not?"


As soon as these words reached his ears, they immediately reminded Li Luo of those lascivious vendors who used to hang around the entrance of the South Wind School selling all kinds of insane books.


"Yu Lang, when did you change careers?" Li Luo asked with a smile.


The man before him was none other than Yu Lang, who had previously fought with Li Luo and lost due to an exaggerated amount of blood spit.


Yu Lang said dissatisfiedly: "I have first-hand information about the top students of the various university mansions and I have used it to project the top ten of the grand exam."


"Oh?" Li Luo raised an eyebrow, this guy really had a big brain, he even knew how to sell this kind of information, and it seemed like he had been preparing for this for a long time.


"Not a bad way to make money, you know."


Li Luo gave a compliment and then bought a copy to support him.


"That's essential, all this information is made with my heart and soul, keep what it's worth." Yu Lang swore.


Li Luo flipped the page nonchalantly, and then the smile on his lips froze as he saw her name right away.


Li Luo, South Wind School, the young master of the Luo Lan House, once a waste, rising genius, suspect of the fifth grade Water Resonance, characteristics: very handsome, but unfortunately good looks have no bonus to win a place, and the probability of winning the top ten in the final estimation of the Grand Exam is extremely low.


Li Luo laughed angrily and raised his head to curse angrily, when that Yu Lang spread like a gust of wind, while a voice came from afar.


"I'm all for protecting your information!"


'I believe you, jerk, don't let me see you next time.'

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